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7 vs Wild beginnt! 😳 Letzte Storie vor der Insel 😱 Knossi-Stories

Sep 05, 2022

7 vs Wild beginnt! 😳 Letzte Storie vor der Insel 😱 Knossi-Stories

i've seen a lot but compare a spider with your hand something like that an old boy something in our latitude never seen yeah caught what's up because i'm with you yeah and i need your last tips for the island what's it supposed to be Daddy do when a crocodile sees destroy tail body step is daddy there yes and snake what do I do with a snake on a neck and what should daddy eat spaghetti that doesn't grow on the tree what should I eat then if I don't have anything I drink rainwater so I spend the last few hours with my beloved family with my son, right with your son or what is your name, exactly I'm going what I noticed I'm already going Bubi I'm going to take a few pictures on the island yes that's exactly the way it is there and yes but there is still a cool youtube video from my departure here please if you still hear it


hang in there and if you feel shit think of funny things then you also have it from time to time d what to laugh about you know angel camp one where Yoshi sat on the surfboard and kept falling on his face come on hold on and if you can't take it no more then you can't take it anymore then you press the button then the helicopter should come with me and say here it is now folks that's it for me say goodbye I'm gone thanks for everything I love you very much I'm really gone now I have feelings that I didn't know at all it's crazy it's sick I'll give everything