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AKW als Notreserve? Betreiber von Isar 2 erteilt Absage | BR24

Sep 08, 2022

AKW als Notreserve? Betreiber von Isar 2 erteilt Absage | BR24

The operators of


2, one of the last miles that is still connected to the network, consider the nuclear plans of the Minister of Economy and Energy Habeck technically unfeasible, as is clear from a letter that has been made available to Bavarian radio and that has caused a lot of fuss since this afternoon anyway war calls plan to keep two of the last mile on standby as an emergency reserve so controversial and now that


nuclear power plant 2 1 mile down the stretch will still be on active operation for about four months, then there will be four more months on standby with the opposition, but also within the traffic light itself, the plans of the federal economics minister habeck have now come under severe criticism, the operating company preussen elektra has also given to the proposal a clear rejection to the Bavarian broadcasting service has received the corresponding letter indicating that two of the three systems in operation must be sent to the cold reserve at the turn of the year please raise it is technically nic the feasible that the management of the preussen elektra had yesterday with a corresponding letter to the federal ministry responsible for economics tunic shaking his head at the bavarian minister of economics and in the federation nothing falls brothers gone so now half a year nothing to do and then to say yes if necessary we do the rope but we only operate on demand if we need it absolutely urgently. the federal economy minister defends the plans in advance. they had been in close contact with the power plant operators. first of all, the concept was obviously not understood because, as explained several times, the operating reserve is not about making nuclear power plants go up and down, but about deciding how the specific supply situation in Germany in Europe will develop. , if the plans of the federal government can be implemented so easily, there are also independent bodies such as the society of reactors and plants safety questions questions to steffi traffic jams have just been heard in berlin robert habeck accuses the operators of not having understood his plan because the The Ministry of Economy and the operators have not spoken in detail Steffi Well, the Ministry of Economy is very irritated because they are not conversations between the operators and it is said that the Minister gave and it is also said that there were different scenarios, so both the operator and the Prussia elektra subsidiary should have known what to expect now that everything is coming back. back to square one so maybe it's company snooty robert robert habeck had a lot to explain in the last few days and always said there will be a lead time which means ideally you can already decide in december if the plants will be needed nuke at all in the next year and then you could continue to run in january an eidung decision only falls in january but then you would really give them plenty of lead time to start again so stop going up and down multiple times that's not it is the case, robert habeck was the favorite in the ranking of politicians, how much is he under pressure now? robert habeck is damaged because it gives the impression that he had made a decision such as the distribution of gas that simply was not thought out now he will have to explain and clarify many things again and it is clear to the opposition that alexander found doubly what he was looking for the CSU, for example, talks about a subdued economics minister thanks steffi staus in berlin
akw als notreserve betreiber von isar 2 erteilt absage br24