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AMUNKUN (PART 2)- Latest 2022 Yoruba Movie Starring; Jide Awobona | Oyebade Adebimpe |Peter Ijagbemi

Oct 29, 2022

AMUNKUN (PART 2)- Latest 2022 Yoruba Movie Starring; Jide Awobona | Oyebade Adebimpe |Peter Ijagbemi

foreigner thank you everything happens for a reason foreigner foreigner especially our leaders in politics who house the potter of fabul may ajabiji agility was a fearless warrior his place of origin the legendary of ibarubala foreigner foreigner who is there puppet she is so much i think PA, Now, who sent the messages, are you okay? I'm fine, what do I care? We have to stop it. We have to stop it. seeing each other no no no no no no that's it I don't see I can't stop seeing you I'm in love with you we have to stop no we can't stop what are you saying now we can see it now you know now don't destroy what we've built together no come on we both need be happy, okay, you're not happy, look how beautiful you are now, eh, come on, you see me, come on, calm down, I see you're married. you may not be married, can you stop this maritime?
amunkun part 2   latest 2022 yoruba movie starring jide awobona oyebade adebimpe peter ijagbemi
I'm sorry, I know I'm married and you're married, but we're not happy. py in this marriage I see you and I have been happy together oh as we know images to change can you stop this is two minutes I changed man this man can never change he is a beast he can never change anything come on come on he doesn't love you and about my wife you know that I don't love her she loves me neither and your husband doesn't love you it's you my love come on calm down actually he advised more foreigner foreigner he wasn't there for me when i needed him but look at me he's my husband oh he's still my husband I love him to keep my home, Timmy please, we have to finish this week, we can get away, I'll leave my family, I'll leave him.
amunkun part 2   latest 2022 yoruba movie starring jide awobona oyebade adebimpe peter ijagbemi
I'm leaving this company because of you no no no no I'm not going anywhere with you look at me I'm not going anywhere with you I'm a married woman come on please let me take my bag please just listen to me like Great so I don't know. I have come to love you. I don't see myself. I do not can. I do not can. I can't do anything without you. ilding oh okay this man doesn't love you do this for me please joe look at me no please ah i have to go i need to go timmy are you serious i'm serious you don't love me anymore i don't love my husband yes Gina can kill your husband what are you saying yeah look at me I'm serious man to you how can you Lisa please can I I can do anything just to have you please I just said please I'll do anything so happy foreigner congratulations are you serious?
amunkun part 2   latest 2022 yoruba movie starring jide awobona oyebade adebimpe peter ijagbemi
Hey, what's today? People should call me so happy for you of course thank you baby foreign foreign foreign Benny my boss ES foreign foreign her hi happy birthday hi hi Google I mean but God knows what's up with our parents, she's a foreigner. sorry apparently im swooning from your foreign family but what happened i will change from what i know sorry just find a place you forgive me let's make a new leaf let's make this married thing work demos love another chance peace i have always loved you since our wedding day and eh i want this all to work out.
amunkun part 2   latest 2022 yoruba movie starring jide awobona oyebade adebimpe peter ijagbemi
I want us to be happy together to protect us from our mistakes. Oh, I guess it's not too late to retrace my steps. I want to be more engaged with this song that affects marriage work. if you don't know let me bring you down just find a place in your heart to forgive me i'm sorry i treated you so much i promise to be a better husband just to keep me well i will it's up to you. I just realized how much it means to me. Foreign. Let's see who I'm dancing and my


ners. We are here for Mr.
amunkun part 2   latest 2022 yoruba movie starring jide awobona oyebade adebimpe peter ijagbemi
Simi Vanoss. Coming soon. Sir um you might need some help so we need to collect information from you special about I don't understand the invitation why my friend talks to my lawyer formula? Don't defer your right here you get it but when you get to our station you get what we're trying to say here you have everyone to call your lawyer commit suicide foreign foreign how we don't care Mr badmos please respect yourself please tell me what sir badmus please how can we go is outside please come on sir badmos respect yourself please go thank you thank you foreign community barrier and um foreigner peacefully we see trouble learning one i am confused cause i know he is not wrong foreigner oh nonsense in the cell phone like him so foreign foreign everywhere like a puppy what happened to daddy I'm fine voila this is talk to me we just could save me from going to jail yeah okay what happened thank you myself foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign oh now um so soon only police station office of course yes so i just have to grow on the beautiful horse you have to sug Hurting myself oh god when I'm learning something about uh but let me tell you something no matter what I'll always be there for you thank you thank you.
amunkun part 2   latest 2022 yoruba movie starring jide awobona oyebade adebimpe peter ijagbemi
Thank you very much Hassan because it's ok ok ok yeah uh kabiru kabiru kabiru kabiru foreigner you know um with a cash you're very careful and please anytime but feel like confirming just call me tomorrow if you say join me you know ok i'm sorry next monday ah i have to go i have to go i'm serious no no no my husband yes what do you say if you see me foreigner let me talk to my lawyer you refuse you know normally you shouldn't stop me for more than 24 hours I've been here for weeks. Can I speak to my lawyer please so feel free to make an appointment on Monday?
There are only chances to win well. Anyway, we have a court order to detain him for three months because we are investigating a model case and his release may be in jeopardy. our investigation so it shut me up i hope so because i didn't. your mind on my questions just answer more years no oh ok we are um i dont know where you guys are so what are you saying ok please just let me talk to my lawyer ok hello listen to this do you recognize this voice look at me where did you get this please can i speak to my lawyer?
Please, he's trying. She is yes. Just think about it. She can not. She can not. together foreigners to retrace my steps i want to be more committed to this song that affects marriage while i work i love you you know or would you know um yes the investigation continues my brother believe me because believe me we are going to mess it up so i need how take it all easy complicated, foreigner, no, no, foreigner, actually it will become foreigner, so no problem, kill some, yes, it's good, thank you, foreigner like that, huh, so I love you. space we have to be very careful yes i love you so much bye come on it's ok foreigner foreigner really humble everyone is blood is thicker than water no you're kidding so don't feel what i'm feeling here i'm hungry don't you want to drink nothing is taking care of me i mean very good if you don't like to command really really you're going to sleep around cheating on me sleeping with your training and you come here to give me a stupid explanation look at your volume interesting to know but more like balance is why didn't you talk ?
Why didn't you trust me? I really want to want to go home at this time of day please don't even get me started trying to control my hunger yes I'm going to make this record what's going on here who is this man who is this man in the first place thank you ring yes greetings oh hello that reminds me foreign foreign foreign haramide look what a life in your body later um foreign believe me the number is not even available she will get that important foreign foreign but now we have complete evidence of the foreign justification for that so you are Ok, I don't understand how yes, we have seen evidence of how they have been fighting, having problems from time to time, I forgot the main doctor of the chassis, the family doctor, and he made me understand that there have been several occasions. what i want to be who to join the people for yes foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign so you need to cooperate right now whatever electricity is good um from the looks of things now um because of your sugar boy yes that's all bye in new york then why should we pay well, what's your mistake?
Instead, you just want to inherit your husband's estate so you can enjoy everything with your sugar boy, yes he's mine, yes so there's nothing to inherit. marriage automatically mother everyone might be 100 under so don't tell us what it's not i didn't do well um sorry sorry fine do you have any plans to leave your husband's house nothing to leave this marriage do you have any plans soon as the leader of the economy because the muscle you said two differences, one that is the change of the community in the future house. I see, so, um, you're getting it now. is help me um you read a good sex oh good sex I know but even sharing here you're saying I'll link you know yeah yeah just stop he can't stop caring about it I will link them all foreigners. that almost simple he already warned me let me send a picture yes wow really she just wants happiness oh my queen depression is real yes she just wants to be awake she just wants happiness please yes I'm sorry it's like my middle name happiness and joy yes me i chose you to be happy so its just me during my life you see after sa satisfying them all in a row at the end of the day this is the end of Breaking My Heart yeah so all about family bible article yeah no just sure oh no it's ok it's ok everything will be ok everything will be ok like I said happiness and joy it's ok sorry foreign cats what if you black women foreign oh who's my father, they will never forgive me in his grave and for a son, he is only there to satisfy my social need and that is so. service foreign foreign is ok courier she is just an iron girl face thank you very much foreign foreign foreign foreign here you know say you will be my number one asking only forever foreign foreign let's be real about this matter because life all nose foreign my life can never be the same again what are you talking about well bravo foreign foreigner oh sorry uh actually a mistake of emotion I mean your friend misses a badmos though i need you to help me yeah yeah uh just the


Journey so I'm going for this year it's okay oh well unfortunately yeah let me discuss that nearby station for what leaves your life anything excuse me ok foreign guys yeah it's not a crime until tomorrow. he's a suspect ok normal relations normal relationship ok give me some interesting questions so blackmail me i would say madam badmos maybe you saw something people jump.
Center the question, question, question, what about education? you that im suing all of you guys foreign investigation to make it easy as a gun see the camera in the living room want my record look could it be Hotel yes foreign foreign problem yes whats the new problem Jesus TV there must be a camera somewhere frosted place you know what happened you'll understand real soon quote you know literally i like to be watching when i would download, smart boy it's alright out of your mind or you're c azy or you're stupid or you're mad Mom love me oh my god married you know what i will delete everything is just let's do this let's be back as friends i love penny he is a man he is foreign how do you have my peace me i need space.
I haven't been able to reach you for three days. foreign foreign hello yes ok oh ok ok changing a station letter tony likes the stations um foreign hey ma'am yes we shut up oh yes um ma'am cherry organization yes are you surprised yes oh blackmailing yes why do they talk like that now remember why first time in my life i sincerely fell in love with a lady a strictly rich young girl for that matter yes ten bucks suffering with me we know tell me something cute foreign foreign anyway but two very simple and moderate benefits our nun and she is the only daughter oh wow guys I didn't know how I was doing again so multiply so now we're good um there was a day I insisted. the office and that was the day you caught them together um Timo was my spy the office here but he found out but that was not enough you know proof to blackmail you because um office foreign foreign for him just thank you very much he will know foreign so bye foreign foreign ah all beautiful um thank you god i am now happily married with two children foreign foreign foreign thank you so much otherwise i would have been convicted of a crime i knew nothing about.
Yeah, we're just doing our job. come on foreign foreign why free today yesterday tobacco foreign foreign foreign look how you are i am a lady i have a date and the date is very important for my work for my mother thanks ok google whatever do you have any of these pictures foreign crap i have turned foreigner