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Ausblick 2023: schlimmer, bevor es besser wird (Währungsreform)

Jan 05, 2023

Ausblick 2023: schlimmer, bevor es besser wird (Währungsreform)

Where is the system of practical tests that we are currently familiar with for all eternity? The best is nowhere. Look back. 100 or 200 years. We had the monarchy in Germany. Meanwhile, we had the dictatorship. Yes, something is constantly changing and humanity is constantly changing. everything is changing from the weather to the monetary system and I am right in the middle of this pivotal point you have several cycles coming to an end and a new cycle is beginning and that of course is incredibly exciting but it is accompanied by major upheavals and guarantees. damage, but still gigantic opportunities for each brand that is on an extremely successful YouTube channel, he is known as a non-fiction author in the field of economics and finance in a penultimate book, he predicted the greatest collapse of all time, but hasn't done it yet happened what's the schedule now you haven't arrived yet it's not over he has it's already started but it's not over it will play out over the next few years we see ok i'm not just talking about an ordinary stock market crash we see which is happening in many areas, so socially we have experienced a collapse, society is more divided than ever. due to the corona measures due to the corona crisis of course we also see that the financial situation is becoming more and more difficult, we have high inflation all over the world, people are running out of money, so we see political stress, that the extreme parties on the left and the right are suddenly gaining trust all over the world of the people in the institutions in the parallel eroded monetary system also world go there the collapse is still taking place only started with 2019/ 20 I would say now regarding the repo crisis and 2020 with Corona and now for the next few years we will be the live endgame experience sitting in the front rows are allowed to pay for that why do you think there was a big financial collapse? ibt I just have to look at the data, facts, Ronny and of course also parallels and our life has always been determined by cycles so both your life and mine come and go, day and night, summer and winter , and we have had cycles for 5000 years that you can understand can and so the current monetary system is also mathematically in the end we inflate it like never before we inflate it through speculation through greed because my last 20 30 years no longer allowed the normal trains central banks have pushed every recession every financial crisis moved away because they are afraid of the consequences you didn't want to face the truth and then you preferred to do a kind of delay in bankruptcy so you didn't solve the problems but just covered with money you lowered the interest rates started the money press and thus the problem was initially postponed to the future where the problems that were ahead grow like a cancer and now they become huge monsters rn they have accumulated and will unleash huge collateral damage even if they collapse, so we are already seeing in the form of inflation that people are deprived of their purchasing power, we are seeing more and more stress on the financial system, so just bring it up but we also see repo only us bonds have problems The bond market is at its worst for over 200 years in England.
ausblick 2023 schlimmer bevor es besser wird w hrungsreform
The pension funds have almost been annulled. The Bank of England actually had to go from cutie to Qi to buy coins and online again. during the night and smoke screen then we see stress in the system we see ourselves in the Niles, then we are in the bond markets, we see the volatility in the system in general and there we are going to prepare a lot and we will see this collapse will be completed in the next few years and, therefore, mathematically, as I said, it is not solvable record levels of debt we have record public debt private debt and why bitte at 3 five six percent interest that is sustainable and above all with a multipolar world with one with the end of globalization with wars in Europe with incompetent politicians who is actually homemade and this procrastination really just means that people haven't experienced a meltdown most people don't know an accident we talk to each other before I get tell about your experiences in Argentina, can you perhaps describe it again because I had the feeling that I had a strong influence on that, of course, it was evident and the crises were are they always part?
ausblick 2023 schlimmer bevor es besser wird w hrungsreform
Even if you look at your own biography, when was the biggest learning effect for you? Probably the important thing. Know the top five in Germany in mathematics. Disappointed first love. The first failure at work. the evolution of history is characterized by crises and um, there is no healing without pain, it always works accompanied by pain, but we have always let the pain out in recent years and we have also developed a generation that still does not recognize Kris, so much on stock exchanges like of course in general and all generations born after 45 things are just gone I got richer and richer in the West and in Europe and each generation has to carry its own baggage and now we will just experience a crises that we had never consciously experienced before and I was privileged to be lucky or unlucky whatever you call it.
ausblick 2023 schlimmer bevor es besser wird w hrungsreform
So I want something wicked that actually sounds like a good time to me because it revealed so much to me. They allowed me to experience this state bankruptcy in Argentina in 2001, where I realized that in a few hours the system of lies collapses. and that too The monetary system is dying and you could tomorrow at 8 a.m. you still bought one hundred percent K balsa from the argentinian stock market, then the wallet and at 12 o'clock it was worthless and if you had 5000 people no one would accept them anymore and for me it was time to wake up, AHA time worked, so after that I changed everything in the long term and went with it Money and crises occupied me immediately afterwards so when the crisis happened I was of course out of my head because of course you are not prepared not at all, you come from a working world and you don't expect to have such a flex-one of your own I was attacked twice I wanted that To leave the country I had to go to the embassy to get a new ID card where they noticed it had been stolen and so on and then I tried to leave the country as quickly as possible because there was anarchy and chaos in the streets there was death there were riots if there was violence and also reproduce this famous image then the president of laura flies from the t I throw the hollyw from the presidential palace bad tires with the helicopter because the people only wanted to kill because they only said three days before don't worry dear Argentine if the state finances are like this people everything is fine and we live these lies in politics everywhere no only with the finances with the debts or also with Corona we are constantly lied to and people will notice at some point and then I think they will wake up and take consequences but most people say everything is under control now it is ok there is a little inflation that is somehow up to ten percent but now you can see that it is going down or we have also reacted to the central banks they have raised interest rates that you tell these people the bigger the more they see it exactly that way but there are several saying that only dead fish go with the current and if you want to reach the source you have to swim against the current Act in an anticyclical way and also act in a fact: we're going to see waves of inflation, so of course the interest rate hikes did something, but they also put more stress on the system, so see you in the bond markets, see you in the interventions, we're in the repo and the spotlines the us central bank we see ourselves with the problems that the banking institutes and also the pension funds have again and it will be a liquidation it may give them a bit of a breather again in the short term but I think


will be even more violent to 22 and we will see waves of inflation, maybe until the summer.
ausblick 2023 schlimmer bevor es besser wird w hrungsreform
Please go down to 5 6 percent but we won't get to 2 percent so I can't imagine so even if we don't see deflation anymore and then it goes back up next year to 5 to 10 percent and we'll also have the whole decade until this system finally collapses We will also see national bankruptcies, we will see currency reforms, we will experience financial repression, digital money, of course, the protagonists who have now seized the levers of power will, of course, try to keep the system alive artificially and , of course, will also intervene. and take your time buy but you can't stop the math any tipping point where the system might go down of course many people are asleep for example if there is a power failure in a large area or even a black out if a big bank goes down a big pension if the bond market turns around because it has in the past I also pointed out in the book that every time we had a rate hike cycle something in the financial system would break and we would have Lehman Brothers and then Japan and so on so we always have something that seems to break this time is that bond product to your bond market be it could break and if it breaks that's the issue of size like the capitalization of all corporations is of a trillion yes then it will be exciting trade is interesting is the debt market or where the US has now also reached 130% of gross domestic product you see there is also a tipping point , of course, I tried to say that in the book there is an empirical study that showed that as soon as a country has a nation with more than 130% of GDP, I mean gross domestic product, then there is actually a, uh, there is no going back anymore it always ends in disaster so currency reform or our national bankruptcy we had in the last 150 years we had a total of 53 examples and 52 of them were bankrupt only one is not owner it is Japan, but this experiment is still going on and i am very very sure japan will also take off their wings at some point, that too is a historical ban. k-experiment Park excellent Weildorf pyramid scheme or like FTX because Japan has to buy 100% of its own government bonds because there really isn't a market for them anymore because who wants to support a country that is somehow in debt from the 270% government now and a bad one But demographics and inflation also make debts start to sing, many states because the numerator is nominal debt before it stays the same, the denominator is gross domestic product but it grows with inflation which is not good news that is exactly what i tried in my third pointing out capital errors which are just four ways to reduce debt in the system the first possibility is that economic growth is stronger than growth of the debt that they agree with us in the deglobalized world in the multipolar world where supply chains are broken and China always remains the biggest economic engine at zerovit m no matter what lockdowns it won't happen anymore the second possibility is of course inflation and you are trying to pull the states through that means inflation means but we all foot the bill through rising prices prices we are all getting poorer unfortunately this usually ends in social unrest and in parallel still add up in the past monetary systems have always died in inflation never in deflation so again there is a danger that the whole system collapses.
ausblick 2023 schlimmer bevor es besser wird w hrungsreform
The third possibility is, of course, currency reform or national bankruptcy which one would also like to avoid. there but we are again the victims because we are empirical again The numbers in the past have 95 at least 98 percent of the broad masses lost between 50 and 100 percent of purchasing power in such events were completely expropriated because we are the state not of somehow pays the bill in Bern, any politician, but we and the fourth possibility is war, which are the only poss. possibilities of how the debt problem can be solved in the past and now I can only hope that two inflations work; otherwise there will be three or worst case 4 but there are always chances of one player so all chances are there now we have to look at war is quite possible War is always welcome when someone from somehow you have your back to the tape when the monetary system is screwed when the debts are too high etc. government bonds that the markets were still buying and holding these government bonds that didn't do well in the UK for a few weeks nobody bought them, not a single buyer left, so you had to go into the bank on percentage because there were no buyers because I just couldn't believe that UK government bonds still have the highest rate grade g of triple-A because the listing is confident that the government said we'll cut taxes, raise debts and yet we want to sell you law 20, 30 year old girls, and they said we don't believe them, you are the factor that is really going broke. or go bust and we don't buy now and if your whole market crashes that is of course a sign oflack of trust erodes trust, that's why a bank has to get involved in England because otherwise we would have seen a domino effect in the pension fund sector, the three biggest pension funds were de facto insulting and that it would have also caused a rat tail problem because then we probably would have also seen American and Dutch pension funds, which would then have gone into the glasses and it was such life at the time that it also crashed is this FX kryptooberse which was one of the biggest kryptooberse in the world also lost money nope so i never recommended FTX for the sake of it i would have never done anything there it was always too fraudulent for me and the founder was a bit dodgy for me too he was also a financial backer of the Forum Economic there, where I was then I'm very careful with such things, no, I don't really have and people who have money there I'm sorry too, but there are u There is a rule in the bitcoin space that is not turquoise or your coins and that of course you can use all these stocks and exchanges to buy bitcoins, but you should definitely withdraw them because it is the same as with Money in the account. money in the account does not matter at UBS at Deutsche Bank or at Kredit Swiss does not belong to me but belongs to the bank.
ausblick 2023 schlimmer bevor es besser wird w hrungsreform
I only gave the bank a cheap loan, but risk responsibility goes hand in hand if the bank bets when the bankruptcy coal went well now there is deposit insurance backup 100,000 and so yes but if it is already turning around ask me if it really continues there or if the pot is enough or if it says save it again and the same with bitcoin if i buy bitcoin on an exchange and leave it there in the exchange wallet then the exchange has access to the bitcoin key in the block chain and not me and if it goes through the wupper through the jordan then we'll see what happens in the FTX or I no longer have access or they make a scam with that, yes, go there, you should minimize the risk of a party risk, yes yes I have myself my Bitcoin in my management then actually they belong to me, I am my own bank and I have no risk that a third party will somehow interfere or manage and that is also the case with you, you have the partner is the first deflationary currency in the world , but in Actually, the media and politicians always speak well of inflation.
Deflation somehow always looks so bad. Bad system. Good for us. It's bad for the system because you said correctly before that politicians want inflation. us not only for life but also for purchasing power and of course because the states are at the expense of the guarantors r to be able to excuse and in a deflationary system it would be good for the broad masses for us because we could buy more and more goods and goods with money , so flexing is not popular in the current system and our current monetary system has to constantly create the new debts grow because it has this fiat scam system is it actually needs this constant growth these growths were almost want one but a system deflationary doesn't want to grow doesn't need to grow and it's comfortable and bitcoin is limited it's decentralized it's deflation is unlimited isn't it?
For the free and democratic money humanity has ever seen and therefore it is also the greatest opportunity for us as humanity to free ourselves from this horse fraud system and yet Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are always thrown in the same boat. What is the difference between Bitcoin for you and everything else? Bitcoin is vastly superior and discreet. ral in bitcoin there is no company or private person or stock market or retirement foundation yes like ethereum for example and everything else they express themselves a bit disrespectfully shitcoins these are projects to earn quick money to get rich quickly behind them are individuals who have direct access who can manipulate the blockchain in this currency also has a vector these are companies behind it like with ripple or just foundations like with ethereum and most forget that because most of them are new to the cryptus foundation we also had a big hit in 2014 and they just said ok we want to bring the whole blockchain back to something new and that's why there are two here on the coins namely the original and it's a series so that you are actually already ripping off, so to speak, yes and that is why you would be careful. because then you have nothing else actually the horse trap system has both stops on the digital plane again there are some people who can manipulate at any time and it will become clear that all old coins will once again outperform bitcoin in the next run of bulls but there is always the danger of being scanned, hacked, that you will somehow be expropriated and that is why to me there is no real alternative to Bitcoin bitcoin is vastly superior because it has no single manufacturer and no address and because it's really decentralized and deflation is limited in its supply and yeah I would focus on Bitcoin and I'd like to bet that I can even go to the casino, just like we did.
Entrepreneur Michael sailor said that he believes that Bitcoin will become the leading monetary network, it is also clearly written in the last book when we find ourselves at this crossroads of freedom or The Fall and if of course the core digital currencies were to come now the digital franc into digital wrist euro etc then it would actually be dystopian if we really became digital slaves so bitcoin is the only alternative the only alternative I hope but of course they will be the protagonists in the monetary system current are doing everything they can to stop bitcoin, discredit it and give people alternatives to say yes in a way that's so much better than bitcoin because you can call the hotline which is safe etc. you dont have to have self hosted wallets somehow and immediately but yeah we will see i can only hope bitcoin wins because then we would have a golden future exactly the states are yes and central banks are now developing their own alternatives to bitcoin the central bank cbdc digital currency, how do you feel about them? yes, terrible, I think it's just the Fiat system imprinted on the digital level helps to make us completely dependent and truly enslave us.
I disrespectfully called it the digital dictatorship in the book and here again China is the dictatorship in China the great model to follow because they already have Juan digital and we also have them Corona copied a lot and without asking and the first pilot projects are already running and , of course there is GEPA with the creditsocial program or even with the co2 account yes so everyone from Klaus Schwab to Bill Gates is happy it is not always about alternatives bitcoin is now an alternative when it comes to money , how do you really feel about projects like free private cities or something like that or standing projects where they try to offer an alternative to the state judiciary very positively because I think we all feel very good we see very much that the current system is out of control that no longer works we all know that we will never use the Ze on return before Corona, we see how politics gasps from one crisis to the next and n or can offer any real sustainable solution and I also believe that our party system, our form of society, currently living, doing business, working, etc.
Paying is old school, you can put it aside, it is no longer contemporary, it is a new era that we are living in these times at the moment, even though it is very busy, but it is a paradigm shift that we are experiencing and it is always difficult for people to leave their zone. of comfort to get out of a comfort zone and break new ground that's why you always try to do the same thing over and over again, you can probably do that from many failed relationships, no you really turn the key and then it hurts if you don't . t that is so uncomfortable that it is just a problem and people want to avoid conflicts and we have had that for years seen for 20 30 years we see hal How all crises are not solved but only by printing money or even more tax breaks through of the redistribution of the distribution.
In some ways, there is an attempt to temporarily shut down socialism, but it simply does not offer any sustainable solution and for that reason, we will have to find new ways. of society and people have land As already mentioned first failure means we probably have to be fully on the ground first and then really ready to break new ground and that will happen and then we will consider how we want to be governed at all when the grassroots democracy will be something completely new because where is that? Pretty much the system we know right now for all eternity.
The best is nowhere. Look back 100 years or 200 years. We had it there in Germany, the monarchy. Meanwhile, I had a dictatorship, yes, so something is constantly changing and humanity is constant. Instead, everything is changing, from the weather to the monetary system, and I'm right in the middle of this pivotal point that has several cycles coming to an end and a new cycle beginning and that, of course, is incredibly exciting, but it's accompanied of great disruption and collateral damage but all Opportunities for each individual both for us as a society but also for us as investors as private individuals what do you see most?
How will 20 25 or 20 30 live together in some form of state? We think most people need it if maybe the police get mugged now or you think there are solutions on one side yes the best case scenario is we will be catapulted through this looming crisis as humanity at a level of completely new consciousness that may seem a bit spiritual, but I believe in it because these nodes in human history have always been r then, so to speak, the Renaissance or culture, etc. was proclaimed. pp these are always springboards for the development of mankind in the Middle Ages, etc., then there were romantic painters, or there was some kind of book printing, etc. but I actually think that then through this crisis, this experience, we just question everything and take a new path that we haven't taken before and then I think, um, everything will become more small-scale and become more human, it will be very , very, very different and, as usual, it was not there at the time, it could not be imagined, this whole matrix will collapse, it will realize everything, only illusion lies, and there humanity will be the focus and will come closer . again because crises have always brought people closer, so at the moment we live before Ten years ago we lived next to each other superficially cell phone and so on, then in the corona crisis also against each other, yes , and now we have to live with each other and they will just come, there are also cycles in the worst case, it will be very dystopian, then we will just be shot in the direction without a clue the Middle Ages we were yes already windmills again but jokes apart yes then we will lose a prosperity there will be more social unrest more envy more hate so if the current system stays on the lever of power it will not be better for all of us it will mean more socialism more planned economy more financial repression more state dependency unconditional basic income everyone has a digital stock market digital central bank money and so on so i see a duty between headquarters and control l and more and more people stopping with the decentralized system instead of trying to get that decentralized is also key to something like this for everything we see but decentralized things always work better than centralized, for example in the cantons , so what you do then is mostly bullshit, yes, and the cantons work excellent, yes, or just as well with garbage, yes, everything that is decentralized in Germany, garbage disposal, water supply, communities, everything is being removed centrally Berlin is coming or coming from Brussels Shit doesn't work too bureaucratic too complex too unrealistic and people notice it and I mean Paris has proven it didn't work work like the Sun King said back then all power goes from here and such that he has it The people in the image are not interested in what he said, yes, and that is why we have to move away from the centralist, planned, communist model economy towards a free order and self-responsibility of people and citizens, we need responsible citizens, that's what we lack, we have made ourselves dependent on Bernd von Brussels from Berlin wi We must listen to ourselves because we believe that states will solve everything.
No, he will not. We saw it last year. He is a bad health manager. He is a gender entrepreneur. He can't handle money. He is structurally greedy. shit later on the other hand we have seen historically wrong decisions in recent years that have divided society that will cost us prosperity has sunk the car further into the ground and that is why we need decentralized systems but the people who are now in power they are in a wide variety of positions well today's society is actually doing well for them they certainly wouldn't give up their prosperity and position without a fight, courage or German eggs in theirpants then say people now we really do politics for the people and tell the truth but then we know he will no longer be elected and first he will be butchered by the tabloids because no one wants to hear the truth we all want to be lied to that's why we want watch Netflix series.
Game of Thrones and running from any glitter and digital worlds but we need you now to have to face the truth so to speak b now and finally accept the truth and then go into the pain because like I said only pain heals and the longer we wait, the bigger the pain becomes and that's why we should say it now, okay, what about the monetary system? What's up with that? the political system is wrong and we need politicians who really tell us the truth, who always say that we are charging badly. successful channel yes i only have one but it's also a twitter channel 60,000 so exactly subscribe to twitter instagram youtube of course if you do it soon 600,000 after the video comes out and yes i've mostly sold books almost a million of course yes and what else you do in life so i bring the fee council fee council where i for individuals and companies is Family Office creates bespoke strategies for asset protection with exactly the mindset of what what awaits us now based on the cycles because i'm sure we are now uh yes of the decision regarding who can now actively take care of their money even with little money in achieving incredible wealth in the new world because the cards they have to be fully shuffled now set the course for those who do nothing who will lose their fortune and those who do something will either protect their wealth or create so much wealth that the genera post ration will appreciate a statue here in zurich will expand what question about switzerland how do you actually see switzerland in this whole terminal there and if that actually happens how does that affect switzerland it was definitely unpopular yes please we like that i like the swiss a little brothers in spirit and we are very very close culturally we should connect anyway we will also v connected to this, I am convinced that the borders in the head, but also other borders will enter, erm, I believe in karma and Switzerland has accumulated a lot negative karma in the last decades through black money through a broken and perverted financial society and most of them know it and I think the former ubssche said that Switzerland's wealth comes from black money and he is not entirely wrong there ne and we have united the worst institution that has ever existed we have the WHO here we have the UN here we are fed up with the international bank so the central bank the central banks tral we have the Swiss National Bank of course we do and of course we have all the banking houses but of course also the world economic forum and some say yes but then they protect Switzerland because they won't shoot themselves in the foot in the other side i say nee this is the den of evil not the people around god yes and bad for me oh god the video will cause trouble.
I know there's a shit storm coming. My name is Andreas Meier, no, and in that sense, I think Switzerland will of course be caught in the same way from a purely economic point of view. The Swiss National Bank has packed almost 500 billion euros, for example, with the euro capsizing and my only euro capsizing that's a matter of time, Switzerland will have massive problems because the balance sheet of the Swiss National Bank is also above 100 24% of Swiss GDP we have already seen that through the losses in the stock markets, the swiss nation had lost 150 billion francs now of course you can say it will go back up with the next wave, maybe at some point the stock market is or will be off because of a power outage or war or something, the big bank is collapsing and the monetary system is restarting and then everything has no value on paper, so I see d in the short term I see positive francs and everything if in the medium-long term I see it quite desolate and I also think it is a law ka rmica, it just comes back like a boomerang and then it takes a catharsis like that and then Switzerland can rebuild itself Switzerland will invent it will survive great companies innovative spirits great people so I notice it over and over again when I'm in Switzerland at conferences everyone is smart everyone they are smart they are all critical and you have to keep it up and then we have to have the motives of the Alemannic Nation sincerely thanks for visiting