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Britney Spears Reacts to Son Discussing Strained Relationship in New Interview

Sep 10, 2022

Britney Spears Reacts to Son Discussing Strained Relationship in New Interview

What's up man so what are we doing right here what we doing here seems the fractured Featherline family is falling further apart as



' son Jaden opens up about his and brother Preston's



with their mother and Brittany , she claims they decided against the boys you know they're not seeing her right now it's been a few months since they've even seen her they made the decision not to go to her wedding, in In a new


to be aired on ITV on Friday, the News Daily Mail reports that fifteen-year-old Jaden tells Daphne Barrick why he and Preston Brit are taking the room, promising there is no hate and adding that he will one day would love to see again lots of time and effort i just want her mentally better when she gets better i really want to see her again a big problem for jaden and preston the way brit social media uses jaden says he understands social media helps britt so don't hate her for it but adds it has been for years and years and years and there is a high probability this will never stop but I hope for myself that she will stop. I can't imagine what it feels like, a teenager who has to go to high school, who knows how many people are asking her about it or talking to her about it, and I'm trying to explain to them, like, you know, look, maybe that's just another way she's trying to express herself, or else it doesn't' aside from the fact that what it does to them, you know it's difficult, the teenager also explains why he and his
britney spears reacts to son discussing strained relationship in new interview
brother have decided to skip Britt's June wedding to Samaskari. Jaden explains that she didn't invite the whole family and then if it was fair Me and Preston I just don't see how this situation could have ended on good terms, nevertheless he says he is very happy for the newlyweds, but it wasn't long before news of Jaden's


reached Brittany, who shared her feelings with a lengthy Instagram post that first mentioned her 13-year rvatorship, which she calls being essentially held hostage, they literally killed me they threw me away that's how i felt like my family threw me away says the pop star after being under her father's care for over a decade she hopes her kids will one day understand As to why she likes it so much Be playful on social media, she also speaks directly to jaden and tells him she will love him and his brother every day for the rest of their lives on Mom and Lots Maybe one day we can meet face to face and talk openly about it