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Sep 26, 2022


order themselves, yes, that's very stubborn, but she let me come, what did you do, thanks for you. your concern cleo as i said before we don't involve third parties in our problems that's ok upstairs in case you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to lean on you can use mine i will always be here for you , thank you I appreciate it. thanks you sent me abroad to find you are moving too slow i'm just being careful isn't that what you wanted? Harry is cheating on me with his colleague at work and he is lying about it, he is also lying about his other girls there. there have been many students like this and he lies to cover it up it makes me question my sanity about things i see so i need something to confront him with and i am counting on you for that i will try ok if you know you cant do this job , save it now, there are much more attractive girls that are ready to do this job, listen, it is not easy to break into your husband, you are an escort, breaking through men should never be a problem, isn't that what you? guys make strides men i will do my best abroad how can i be of help The wife of the great truth.
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I met you the other day in her office. You must be Emily. Yes. Nice to see you again. Harry's lover. about now the pictures of you in your bathing suit and the fluffy text messages hope this helps you remember you need another slap to help you how dare you raise your funeral shut up shut up before i shoot you this is the last warning from me to you stay away from my husband stay away from Harry because my coming back here next time you won't like it stupid what are you looking at complete i mean what are you doing here your dog came oh no they don't own a dog the dog you have in your house your wife you need to keep her in chains she just embarrassed me in the reception area she really works for you is all you have to say she just slapped me the dog you married is fine all right hey look at him look at him you ain't talking about me wife how do you see it now is this the game you're trying to play harry get out of my office okay great so potato what is this now you can't keep harassing people in public without a good a reason? cry that was a piece of cake next time it will be messy so messy you look where to hide your face just stop there you can't go on bullying innocent people with some unfounded suspicion you don't understand what she did oh me I see you enjoy the fact that she is giving you sending her nude photos, right?
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I was going to stop by, you know what I'm not going to have this conversation with you, yeah, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, we can't keep ignoring each other. another one like this can we at least have a conversation like mature adults? I just said that I'm not going to have this conversation with you foreigner. You look tired, yes. I've been working all morning. You need help of course if you tell me what to do I can try I'm a very fast learner ok just read this while I'm high king ok um where do I start from the third paragraph the second page Harry?
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Did? She accused me of cheating on her with my colleague. You did it? a mistake a mistake i leave to regret to this day did we just see oh my god ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha foreign thank you foreign foreign you seem to be in very high spirits yes its not personal I saw you at Harry last night he seems to be warming up to you isn't that what you've always wanted huh you have two weeks to complete your homework I need a result as soon as possible foreigner no it's not right hey there's only law foreigner I don't know what's wrong sorry cleo what passed between us was a haze i think it was a costly mistake and i'm sorry my wife should never know you have nothing to worry about. yes, i saw him order this beautiful necklace for you and she begged me not to tell you so as not to ruin her surprise. you said on the phone what is this and of course it's not going to be fun if your wife finds out you can't be pregnant why we had sex yes yes one time was one time was a mistake a constant mistake that is ruining my marriage of course everything is a joke to you or a mistake you never take responsibility for anything you do we were both drunk and you took advantage you took advantage of me that's what it was it's very interesting how you feel everyone is taking advantage of you that's why you play innocent baby bo and it's okay okay how much of this report isn't false we can go to the hospital for another test right now you can't do this do what I'm doing I'm pregnant with you this is going to this is going to ruin my marriage you have to get rid of it get rid of what you lie hurry up you lie look i think you should tell your wife she deserves to know that another woman is giving birth to your first child are you ok oh yes i am ok are you sure?
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You failed in your homework you said I didn't touch you when you cried well you told your mother he is a good man so why do I keep you here so that you serve me less someone else unfortunately I have a hard time understanding things hurry up we have a strong connection right ? What happened the other nights was a magical lack of fire that can only lead to compatible souls you felt you didn't feel rushed I need you and I know you need me because I know it's not right I don't want you I don't need you I'm sorry if I gave you the impression I'm wrong.
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I'm sorry about that, but I don't love you. I love Cheetah, my wife. I love her with everything I didn't tell her and I won't tell her, in fact, if I want her to ever know a little space in your heart and me. I'll show you that I can be a better woman for you Harry, you deserve better, okay, I like you so much, you know you're crazy, right? Let's see you, let me be, please let me go, you don't know what your wife is, do you mean that she is not a good person? If you know what she did, you will kill her with your own hands.
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You are talking? I will not give you an answer easily. You have to work for it. You're hiding something from me, Jada, I'm talking to you, what are you hiding, Harry, please leave me alone? The fact that you have too many skeletons in your closet no I don't mean the others Cleo said you're hiding something from me if I find out what it is I want to murder you said that and you believe her yes I believe it she has no reason to lie to me she has nothing to There's nothing to win, to lose, you're screwing her, sorry if you heard me, you're sleeping with her, that's how little you think of me, Jada, I believe this, yes, if you're here to talk about pregnancy, I'm not interested.
I'm here for something else. Seriously, are you going to move in with me or am I going to move in with you because I'm a boy? She's taking good care of me, like I just said. all i know you've been with someone else i'm the only one in this office you've slept with this is your balance you can start packing i'm going upstairs to get dressed i want to go to the mall make sure you're out of my house by the time what are you I'm doing and what does it look like I'm doing I'm here to stay I don't think I heard you right come on again you heard me right I'm here to stay is this a joke or something?
Does it look like I'm kidding? my husband myself i won't let you blackmail me go ahead run alone Jenna go ahead go ahead tell your husband how you hired an escort just to test his loyalty let's see who gets kicked out first okay foreigner I dare you you know I I'm so sorry for you, my God, you're so pathetic. Me, you know I'm still surprised why Harry ended up being a bitter person like you. You deserve better. He deserves me. Shut. First, the only reason he has gotten his hands dirty on me. Hate you. You worry.
You worry about it. Leave away. She said no. I didn't say a word to him. Your wife is just a drama queen. she likes you you know about that no no why would I know that she insulted me today you give her the room or disrespect me Jada I haven't done anything just sleeping no she told me to my face that I don't deserve you that she yes why would she say something like that It's okay between you two I don't know why she said that, but I don't swear, Ari, I swear, I swear on your life that you shouldn't have anything to do with her, I swear, Jade, I swear, please, listen, you need to calm down, there's nothing to worry about, eh, I want to. let him leave my house so here he will go he will leave in the morning it's too late now first thing in the morning he will leave i promise i promise it's ok it's ok i don't want to lose my husband after that i warned him you made a big mistake no you can put a dog in a fight and hope to find it the same way your only way out right now is to tell your husband the truth i'm scared listen girl harry loves you so much i know he'll understand it's ok just someone have courage and tell the truth, please trust me, everything will be alright, it's alright. and Jada thinks it's better to move out I don't know why but I think it's the best thing to do she wants to get rid of me after what happened between us hurry you sleep well here this is what I'll do I'll get you an apartment nearby of the House of Assembly.
I will also give you enough money to support yourself. What if you think I mean I can't afford those things myself? Harry we got something ok we've teamed up listen no I don't want your money and all those luxuries you mentioned ok I want you I want to be with you and if you can't do that then you leave me no choice but to tell each other another don't you dare threaten me then you won't get rid of me okay great please I beg you I beg you with everything I love don't tell Jada anything about us please stay with me and I won't say a word about what's going to happen.
It's not possible just go away please I'm not going anywhere I have something to tell us um no I also have something to do here I am I am so sorry I feel so ashamed of myself. You're saying I don't understand what you're talking about. Tell me. What's happening? Cleo, she's not my cousin. Who is she? Why did you lie to me? She was suspecting that you were cheating on me, but I wasn't sure about my suspicions, so he is an escort of hers and I hired her to test. you to her room I'm so sorry I asked her to leave and she started blackmailing me it was you all along Jada you had it all planned against the man you married the man you swore you'd never lie to say sorry I'm sorry, she told him yes.
I told him that you hoped he would kick me out and welcome you Harry. You can't forgive her after what she did. Enter the guest room. Did she not she tell you she too she that she slept with me the night you asked me to log into my bed? oom tv oh that's a lie Harry what is he talking about that's in life oh he didn't tell you so badly because I'm a weak pregnant for him she is lying how dare you are you how dare you fool me you are you I will believe him for on top of me this oh my god that's not gonna be a dream oh listen listen listen listen listen listen to me baby she's just trying to wake up can't you see that's what she's trying to do?
Destroy our house if anyone please wake me up and here we are one Circle the queen her king the rook and the pound Now it scores equal in such an average situation towards the end of this game I'm hardly as valuable as they are alright Harry no he told your wife Emily tell me what he left me with no choice when he stopped answering my calls and even fighting for my job ma'am I'm pregnant with your husband here and he's refusing to take responsibility hey foreigner it's ok Listen please just go away I don't want to talk to you just go away it's a serious misunderstanding just believe me I'll fix it.
I don't want to leave right now, not now, it's time. I'm going out of jail. Okay, wait Jada, wait, you can take the bed. I will sleep on the floor. You don't have to leave your rooms. your room you can stay in the bed i will sleep on the floor she seems to understand the damage you have caused in this marriage i can't bear to look at your face let alone be in the same bed or in the same room with you now please wait let me take responsibility for my actions, how can I fix this if we don't even talk?
This marriage is screwed up, completely screwed up and it's all his fault so there's really nothing to talk about. you two get your stupid asses out of my kitchen right now hurry up hur hurry up oh can you get your lovers out of my kitchen and out of my life or call the authorities and you won't like the publicity so this might give you 10 minutes to remove them from my property where are you? going I'm giving you early You're leaving your house from Mexico Contribute to Who is the only brother that comes into our lives? Do you ever regret anything you've messed up?
You swore to me that you never cheated on me with Emily, you swore to me that you never touched me, of course, it's all okay, let's talk about it, when you stopped touching me, I thought it was me, I questioned myself as a woman, I suspected you, but I kept my call, not until you told me. i got tired you pushed me you're the reason i opted for a loyalty test it's all your fault harry it's your fault you're up it's all your fault sorry ok let's listen sorry uh i apologize for everything sorry ok there are things so we can fix my life everything I've worked for will fall apart Jada leave us alone please don't leave your house so now excuse me yes it's okay okay at least tell me where you're going please let me know where you're going together here here thank you Jeddah you have to go back oh I don't exactly have anything left in that house it has two womenpregnant for him something I couldn't give him in all our years together you're so boring you're also wrong when you say there's nothing left for you in that house he's your king so you should go be his queen he cheated on me they lied to me he betrayed me di that he did nothing worse than you did well you lied to him too you put him in temptation yes the other one is completely his fault come on Jeddah you must go home don't let those girls who don't know how they built their Home together, I mean you. and harry has come a long way and you suffered to build this house together don't let those g irls win come on come on jedi please excuse me foreigner oh haha ​​darlings here's your food go on fried rice with planting just a little bit she must be trouble baby i know you like good food it's ok so just go away it's ok she's just a witch come and eat thanks foreigner what are you doing here?
I should ask you if you want to go out you have no right to be here you are dumb listen i said get up listen you can back all you want. don't touch me even by mistake i was here before you and i am the one who deserves to be with harry and not you say who and what is your wife title and harry will be married soon oh my god girl you are such a good dreamer in your wildest dream baby baby foreign baby I'm going to call you sorry Jeddah had to really told you to talk okay okay let's get out of my hand sorry sorry sorry all true please home hasn't been the same without you you have two women in that house i'm no use to you jada wait i'm sorry i'm sorry for everything i'm sorry for all the pain i made you feel you said i made you feel there was something wrong with you there's nothing wrong with you jita it wasn't you it was me i broke up your trust yes yes I had an affair with Emily but it was only once and we were both drunk I didn't dare tell you because I didn't want to lose you my life is nothing without you I'm a mess I need you the house needs you please you're done you can go now and never bother me again e Jada Jada Jake I'm sorry don't worry she's very angry right now when she's calm she'll come to you okay thank you okay thank you have a good day because he is Sovereign you two are suffering you need to go to his house and fix his house fix that house i'm not a building builder the house is damaged ya see that until he manages to get those two women out of the house i'll never go there again but he can't fight them without you please.
I don't think he can. what are you doing back here and look at these two you said you were pregnant by my husband true yes yes so don't mind a test no this is so bad and unethical i bought a lot of it i won't allow it i want it the easy way or the the hard way so sit down foreign foreign i want you to go there quietly pack your things and get out of my house or do you want jack to help you all would you hear the last from me who i will take care of y'all hi y'all it's your turn wait we go no you can't do this no foreigner thanks for what you did for me emily is still pregnant take care to hide your son but don't expect anything from me don't expect anything Wi-Fi Duty tell me I understand that you are here is enough for me we were both already wrong i should have had a conversation with you when i suspected you were cheating on me you shouldn't have tried yourself on a woman i was wrong i was wrong so much i should have been better really sorry foreigner come on going to the hospital today to


in for premature care I was wondering if you could take me there ok sorry for keeping you waiting you look beautiful thank you how did I get so lucky thank you my love I didn't make this mistake alone, hello please all I'm asking is just a little care hurry foreigner Jada. take care of me you didn't let me die please can you find it in your heart to forgive me i'm sorry i lost your baby i guess that's the price i had to pay for trying to kill you i'm so sorry you didn't i deserve to be treated the way my husband treated you.
No woman deserves to be treated like this. He is just as guilty. I understand that the anger came from a place of pain. I have nothing against you. Thank you very much. I'm sorry about everything too, um, I hope you don't mind if he left you here. It would be very kind, thank you very much, foreigner, are you pregnant, thank you, every man needs his wife when his life was in many troubles, in the end, she is the one who stays to hold your hand, supports you, cries with you, Serie. with you and pray with you and for you she is the master of foreign foreign game