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Cheryl Burke Calls Out Cheating Ex In Cryptic TikTok | E! News

Aug 27, 2022

Cheryl Burke Calls Out Cheating Ex In Cryptic TikTok | E! News



doesn't dance around the truth, the pro dances with the stars drops a bombastic revelation as she re


how one of her ex-girlfriends caught her


with another woman were young plays the lyrics in the background the screen reads quote as he said he would never speak to her again but i found text messages viagra and a necklace hidden in a pair of shoes she adds in the caption quote last time is absolutely right goodbye for Always hashtag x sucks while


doesn't name the x in question, fans speculate she was referring to her ex-husband Matthew Lawrence, from whom she filed for divorce in February. The couple called it quits after three years of marriage, and


later opened up about the breakup on the Tamron Hall show in May, you know, Matt and I, we were definitely in couples therapy before we got married. I mean it wasn't my gosh there's a problem but I really think it's very healthy to have that third person there that isn't biased and we definitely tried. People evolve and people grow and sometimes they grow together and sometimes unfortunately you grow apart