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Comedian Jordan Conley Brings His Funniest Performance Yet | AGT 2022

Sep 10, 2022

Comedian Jordan Conley Brings His Funniest Performance Yet | AGT 2022

yo what's up hey ok lets just fix this i'm not a tough guy and i'm not a fighter you could probably hear it in my voice cause god told me i sound like i sound like cat williams but i look like I would name my cat Williams I thought his name was Oliver Okay now here's the thing I may not be a fighter but I've never lost a fight I've never lost a fight I've just never been in a fight one okay , so I'm undefeated that's okay I'll be a protector when I have to I'm married when my wife needs me to protect her I'll do it when I feel safe I'll protect her when the time comes The odds are in my favor as if you were born after 2020 okay. I don't care if you're a babe but if you're over 6ft and it seems like you've never missed a leg day and you like hey that's your girl not if you want a man if you taller are than me i keep this ring warm for you and here's the thing i know why i'm not tough you know how hard it is to be a thug if you were born and raised on the street of disneyland you can't be a thug and have a theme park brain like i can't cry over mufasa's death and then rob a liquor store how i imagine right if i wanted to be a thug feel like my thug phrases would have theme park references, right I'm in my hood, someone coming at me I'm like hey fam I'll never make it to the prom, he's like, what did you say? I am as you heard me beauty but you turn me into a beast and me and my space rangers are about to throw you into infinity and beyond that you think someone cares about you
comedian jordan conley brings his funniest performance yet agt 2022
don't worry fam .hakuna matata now comes the crazy part my wife will ask me sometimes to protect her in unrealistic situations this one time we looked at dracula right in the movie where this guy sees dracu la he run away, his girl don't make it i say out loud good for him he's a survivor right my wife gets mad she's leaving cuz that's dracula just like i don't fight vampires put yourself in my shoes when i'm dracula in the see real life i run away turn around and my lady is not with me on my mind this is jesus telling me she is not right it may sound mean to me but i serve him first. Thank you sir hey my name is



thank you very much