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Aug 23, 2022


here we go again we get performance-hostile united as cd and video youtube so friends next blog playing late on the block today against sperber first game of the season playing on the lawn this really cool stadium how i think i actually am a bit i'm already there are also again a few viewers definitely at the start is film the team use the cabinets electricity a little well i hope you like the whole thing how are today first away game is missing a few we still have a very good squad i think games are on vacation yes also district league so they can take their vacations that like leykauf the video subscribe to the channel if you didn't do it would be happy to see me by the way I can actually play again in two three weeks hopefully I'm just taking a break because of my vacation had when I that is too early to enter into me at that time mostly very big nonsense so yes an hour before the start of the game we expect again to the 1000 spectators he will not be exposed either of the


cars i'm curious how that will develop over the season i think the first games nerdy keeper that's 1 p.m. but i think that we will always have a nice community at the start who will porten us in the water but i always think 1000 2000 the star of the day was paulo what does he have to wait for young to warm up exhibition will be announced soon the boys the opponents have been making themselves up since i know for sure i think when i arrived it was already outside 12:50 p.m. or something like that they were already at the start it is important now very big boys how many kilometers run today that is 3 ten and 30 90 kilometers what run today yes that’s finally from you so really every shit posture 6 o'clock you get up voluntarily at 6 o'clock and there are running 19 kilometers everything you just said about this sentence is wrong get up at 6 o'clock if you can 90 kilometers so let's talk about the worst nice game no injured and they line up in defense makes under full-back paul for the baptism six say a little bit better luca is in the center of the midfield is the midfield is up to date are more than central tell and from veldenz then play like that today in the first league the opponent has been playing for two weeks or excited to learn that because of and was playing I am with the exchange they have set up everything to organize the grill and so they put a lot of effort into it I think maybe also have a two players from their first what now but it doesn't matter i'm a plastic box so it shouldn't be about that now fusion of the students play from the defensive a little less of this these thoughtless long will clarify then you have to know how for example also a game more from you play the ball long if possible not in the foot but a I'd rather you play 10 again in advance for the two so that he can follow his rush of speed against the sound of his weapon and just lag behind the ball the lawn should be relatively high there are no lines yet but the solution lawn naturally makes you a bit lonely as a flat picture should fit bit of dollar kick against so but was not starved but also always you in hardware from midfield back to the market to the goalkeeper play against kick gentlemen arrive with the main brand and not lie somewhere and you can jump between have a little bit we also recommend that completely a little bit the fire was a bit hoarse last week because that's the way relationships there i'm on the pitch see if we go out now really comes 90minutes to deliver the fifth players who are there will also finally get income from that too even to hear the whole games that away games substitute actors already deliver 15 minutes because wi rd will play from the beginning is the whole season everyone will play mannheim ahead even an ali will sit outside because i didn’t like his world what the content of the interview was that we all let everything play somewhere that everyone is bockhahn and that yes you also feel like delivering what we want the boss the guys they are called exaggerated and the chief developer doesn't presume to assume you're mostly light eyes which is so bad indirectly so straight out the front shout happy like the münster stand clean yourself if they score a goal shoot and look don't just go around the police arise when i shave again a cry and water jump no matter what together what together in front when you see what born again as roma from the second row join in on your teammates you really


they will play in a frenzy there are doubts are again both sit down also someone words now at the end maybe the surfaces I have that means you need the teams so we should actually win we have to win we'll make our chances properly this time there we can be a bit nervous fired up in the berlin football association officially the league schavan yes that it was predicted the man would come namely always for training dennis kremer for training friends so co and very unsure that's important because he's going to be a little bit bedroom is also lukas manka is going faster and faster demands to quickly forward I think the games a bit in the tenth minute defensive but somehow it's not quite here yet we always have such weird chances if this were a bit better you might not be able to celebrate a I want my people but where do you see looking for at the same time you want to have a camera angle I think the district league that's like that also wrong decisions for us in favor of he also for the so doesn't take that i think i don't have an update what's the point of that no longer played a role shooting past the left were held well i didn't need i told you 30 40 goals of the season he can make them if he made his things out of torture is this but it's the fourth time we played properly and we got access but about the horniness that means a few chances missed the boys do we had a lot more than 30 I had to make sense of thousands of students was yesterday is the maker than nerves were 30 awarded for me i drive a second one on the paris tunnel right in front of the but complex are mostly that would be very very good and it was pretty much all one thing but that playfully you can of course do even more we have now for the end a few attacks were okay, they were also good from two three chances to score, which we of course missed when it was clear especially against such an opponent but many will have all the key points if that time I reveal then once the time to sit again surprises the city was completely free I was inside what you so but something with the football from about the outside also relatively late in the end only a side jagged with purely again been dangerous just a game just visit the three because not these long passes close but just simply run the ball that of course here and there I also follow says rush up a little dollar lie kick that third leagues was something more to come in such cases under the front in front of the goal harjus also had a bit of bad luck could also be higher one two unnecessary chance for them we have to prevent that especially with standards boys older that is you feeling 50 meters taller overall in terms of body size, the greatest dangers to a standard of a forest in our city are the traders, namely to one r station it is important that things have to go up when we get close to whoever so that they go up with our big new one and that the ball stays almost on the spot that means war could come and they are there again to put it briefly I don't even know what else he has to do with it even in the 10 you don't want to do it like that but you can also be a clear no later then really tasty so you have such a bang the culprit is especially with environmental protection well and then a bit more what I researched earlier as I said I have this joy joy of playing to be able to just stand a little more fun on the pitch it is not a matter of course as I said that we have just started that can also be in the next game start differently than other eleven or something like that so that's why he's just keen on it mean something to deliver that's again no idea 56 700 people you come to want to show you a bit what football can do and that's too piecemeal I was against the opponent who maybe didn't like it the field is always a bit heavier and after that the level has always improved a bit that's it but seems because of and our climate said a bit of money also scoring goals celebrating doubles together scoring goals plays better these games don't hit that much more fun stressful because if you get lost we don't have to do everything with the lenses amber goes the ball wasted this chance not under but shows next chance luca and captured somehow relationship lings the market i will always continue you said nice fought everything was great next time it will be out we can also substitute again is not exactly when ortrud comes first come out and that's the way it comes out for now jonas rhein and main come and pulled to the right outside and jonas en the change of provider is his then comes with me on the train here can another prince is looking angry we are sure that should do you don't have to look at the bidder here that would be a two games how it can do the test should just not play football again really crack 23 to my saying out what has already been said that's true the boys play well could also play higher they don't let burn so much on the other hand had a little more before a little more that because I'm missing a bit of work here the boys plays nevertheless very well let's see what they are doing now we will take turns looking at how the young sleepy but three times as a limbo a bit cautious already parties maybe on 1 58 22 hours analysis of the first single so I would say quite well done but I must also say the opponent isn't that bad either, actually expected, we're already attacked, I've got two people who are running, that's a bit of a saying t the bite is still missing that's a bit hoarse for him the second service must be i'm actually satisfied but i had a few more done said michael is doing another booth and i think do that and my tip is 70 we just don't do standard horrendous ones first game the two of us don't think we have a standard euro anymore a pity a pity a pity it's actually my physically told me but that's how a game has to go not so safe women so i don't know what's going on i have the boys like that i didn't have the feeling they have october to the high they are not so great last time what better the longbond loses there works great with you super park if you throw me too little on standard but that was great pauli finally got it i got our film I would have started tomorrow like rubber 125 almost cautious 90 119 kilos he already has to my friends and I say it to two of them 1990 then call en the whole drum corps of the third league and then little and then the president says the slides 78 and also already inquiries consequently something else has to be done about the warship because his head at an angle to hertha the face almost 1000 that lukas look in the eye like, for example, we were a bit difficult towards the end I'm really great game the first league game didn't deliver a backdrop the boys delivered and I think you can continue the season very well a nice result 19 years a bit again exploit the chances if you drive the son attends the exploitation of chances but a good start in the league compulsory tasks 90 second half we could have shot a few more but i wasn't quite happy with it too complicated too cumbersome must improve the boys will train properly with it next week let's fix a few mistakes these questions now 30 minutes right right everything stayed fair believe e i not germany took noticeably bad conscience i try i can with a what do you say too difficult even if we were very close easy that we did well but that depends on the other hand is not that was cool was a cool experience and has it was fun that was it from the game first game of the season won nine to zero was quite good first half i didn't think it was so good second half we played very well in my opinion we can let the opponent run well were a very cool game the boys had fun even really still a lot missing even the regular players potential many goals i think that's what the spectators always want to see the most the goals of the voices after the game we criticized each other and of course we wanted more and more voices between the games and after the games that were now only my we then had to go it's real can so of course you try to accommodate as many as possible thank you for the s port again have around 1000 spectators there it's actually to everyone at the stand you have the video and joint those were our first three points in the club's history a very clear victory the man next week we our next game yes we got that get a little distracted or let go
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