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Ein japanischer LUXUSSCHLITTEN! - Prüfstandstag Halle77 - MARCO nimmt EURE Autos ran!

Aug 28, 2022

Ein japanischer LUXUSSCHLITTEN! - Prüfstandstag Halle77 - MARCO nimmt EURE Autos ran!

welcome to a new tight dyno video coming this is a new style of wearing two dogs on top of each other but i think you got it better because it fits you well and pushes up your bra now people say step on the swing up yes today in heaven but let's close that too they are always like this lying here above all things i think it will look good on him but he would be too cute for that so unfortunately i would like to look fancy for you now , but unfortunately it's not possible. Aren't you as hot as I am today?
ein japanischer luxusschlitten   pr fstandstag halle77   marco nimmt eure autos ran
Why am I completely depressed? I must tell you something new. The first. I laughed. You see news behind the vehicles. You see ours. Now there is filter coffee in front. apple spritzer water and this morning i saw it and sandwiches who does it all my mother and her girlfriend according to the man


i saw that there is always a lot going on here on fridays on saturdays that means from now on iter saturdays the bar table filter coffee etcetera pp that when you stay here the first thing that comes to mind is being overweight have you ever seen a real car that we should catch we have in the lexus that's why the lexus now has what you notice first hello not quite at first, those are the sister model japanese seat covers he was there as a right hand drive so yeah what you hear is sensio always says there on the side in the middle and those are the original seat covers from i have japanese japanese culture, it's actually just one for förstl the music was like that and you had to get it extra back then and then you had it for the rear and front because you don't want to dirty the seats yourself understands its a nexus which is exactly lexus ls 400 cfc specifically so with a 94 and lexus actually started with it was 1990 to 94 the car was built to the facelift body shape what came after it has d oh short headlights and you didn't see and that founded the lexus brand actually what kind of engine is the four liter v8 because the liter v8 is supposed to have exactly 245 hp the supposed x 440 gave so we'll see right now full blog actually is and contains a lot of things, it is said to have been installed from it, it is also on airplanes, have you ever moved it correctly, january, the gas valve, I see the automatic transmission, tried it, if you can? being offline at full load isn't a problem we'll just try to make it a nice transition but at breakfast we gauge she hates it when she and the viewers walk into the club room after school as the awesome 794 knows we're in too up to something you see these teams catching up first there's a certain depth and now if I turn the ignition off yeah I don't think I've never heard a 48 this quiet either nothing has been done yet so on the course no you did it. know why a lot of things were slightly off of them and let's push this first of all can be measured surprisingly well tolerating car stands out black headlining is always a chicane yes i don't even know there is definitely such a light roof looks good in that case I think it's perfect that it wouldn't be here but dark what catches my attention thank you also seems to have run out a bit small 111 10,000 started as possible everything possible from the team is available on sportova no doubt because we measure the opponent without a top and the traction control is of course also why you have here the curtains sometimes they don't want mine either they don't want me in the car neither the car is more so it's probably a luxury boat I think the christian europe curtain i used to have it seems to be something japanese but i want it don't put it in my car now we also have it in germany or what do you do very directly and speedometer against then or we see at what speed level we are moving weisband can give full throttle directly because it stubbornly does not change back because the computer has released the converter at 4,500 revs when it needs 400 revs but otherwise it measures very well and what is right is hear with nothing has no engine from the front can't hear an exhaust pipe just hear rolling noises tires or dyno so really very very comfortable special shows touring car 25 now so comfortable that's how it all looks now admit i said 400 revs converter sticks on it let's trim it down a bit rectors it led but that's top performance a bit newer i would say but i tell myself you can tolerate it but it looks like a big rep at almost 300 newton meters 245 should apply supposedly that feels like 250 p.d. you will have to say that the overdrive is out, so it already feels clean, clean, it's rich tig that we already turn almost everything in braunau newtonmeter and it has 210 hp so it's automatic but and now automatic it doesn't matter because you can disengage the clutch very well and the engine is what I like the most about the engine it is so super quiet, the three is on 500 tours, but also turned at full load from January to 6, you can hardly hear anything from the engine, it hardly comes out of the exhaust, it is You'll get sick of the rolling noise, so even then I think it was the absolute luxury bomber, there's the hype. video where you can put on the champagne glasses and that allegedly at full speed the champagne glasses are standing, alex, everything is available set the page so that it can be like this for us here it was unusually quiet now you may well be satisfied against automatic like i said it might be good for that too change don't go back all good ok thank you very much thank you for coming two liter dual spark alpha no noise herrmann that means german Expression store is definitely broken bavarian from behind.
ein japanischer luxusschlitten   pr fstandstag halle77   marco nimmt eure autos ran
I know the streets and an Italian purchase was brought in in July. from 95 to 2004 and that's a second here at spa klingholz 3 liter twin spark is now known for the fact that his company is going up alexandrow climbed one last time there he stands laughing happily the same car would have had a release date try the motor unfortunately not really stm it loses that sensitivity you have to take care of it thats only when you do a timing belt correctly if you where yes the bearing shells have to be done regularly and you have to have a little thermal problem from time to time but if drives the thing right it's actually pretty reliable mate terry had an engine failure eg someone has a timing belt replace he had no idea ok ok i stopped that too but she's aware that we're driving the thing right now because you say we're shooting right here it should get a new motor but I'm the medium we have here but it's also just ext so enthusing when the brain just needs its jerk plate no problem he was a bit driving now on his own axis gladly on his own axis as a partner also back realizes that he is standing on the repair first run driven without indicator lights donate except for the rbs indicator light nothing here lights up he survived i think its always sad when people talk about this car or this 2 liter twin spark 150hp engine has by the way i meet the exception of two hours in In terms of design I like extreme I think it's cool and that's not easy to take with humor He says that the owner has been forced to say that this is a car that is vulnerable and Mr.
ein japanischer luxusschlitten   pr fstandstag halle77   marco nimmt eure autos ran
Sabio himself and his friend have experienced it firsthand hand and hopefully we can get through now fans so the owner has done that too let's take it true may have survived and what he wants to talk about here not just because of that you just said r that the door could not be opened right away, that I also had to look twice to see if there was something I wanted in this niche that I was also looking at. because it wasn't found pressed a glory gate button that because we gave it all we gave it looks good we ain't there no zappler and no crossover either so i figured where i survived just a little faster like this and no controller no you got nothing.
ein japanischer luxusschlitten   pr fstandstag halle77   marco nimmt eure autos ran
I saw the first race or a little life equipped with riesling, otherwise I already got 100 sets of layout of these cars, but not everyone understands it, only the sven ho program. Definitely not but it's a secret camp you come so advertised power actually yes even 140hp 163 meter clean corner top power but also with 6007 and govt so you have to move the pointer to the quote and you will see that you have it now it looks like this when you watch the video we have a nice animation that fits perfectly I think it is great that you take everything with humor because I am not throwing you around with the car but you still are not me Realized that the engines are not susceptible but not at the moment and that I sold the car when I already had the 156 truck I think I returned everything It was an amazing car I think I managed four weeks like this and then I had damage, unfortunately God make these engines that has just when it makes camp love bearing damage and treat them properly then they love a bit of r length and since you don't have a glitch on the highway for that long and otherwise you can go out to the garden my which color has a silver on the outside in completely red the sport is all red but if you become flower reimann you watch the program as much as I do thank you welcome good luck that in good health everyone got it first I just received a gift from alpha evolution driver the issue put real pressure on his age i have to get fat as well as 75 but these prices have also skyrocketed now we take care that the volvo everything falls into place for me on the long journey it is exactly my husband yes work with us at the mill in the preparation of used cars you will get the full 100 points because here it already shines correctly as the very first we also want to prepare now the 100 points are full burn everything that should shine the co2 what you imported v70 2016 from holland yes with total damage cut out rusty effect what the whole car actually was not as seen i flew there and yet it has been fixed over and over again z in recent years to different hands determined so this driving decal must already be broken and then but said once correctly then it's mother now cylinder head new piston bearing rings so once the state is complete engine recovery stay exactly updated oil cooler and air curve changed christa thoben in bud bigger injectors mass air flow meter so köhler villa episode 7 the problem is but when voting we have to have roads and that's why web safe now i would like but temperatures don't allow it like many personal currently 1.4 bar but because it was so hot it can hold and that goes back to a bad 1.1 you say bigger charger with 240hp right here with a 16 counter that's a 19t well that would have been for the question i think the most powerful volvo v70 we have ten was from giuliano however he really just a job in his video he had so 293 92 hp saved then the similar yes i say now with the used map can really be used for the last 280 plus-minus would be happy then who will? anyway i replied we will see what you are doing then give me gas since 2000 please perfect we are going to do that now suppressed by them we dont want anything we have already had it ourselves actually we have measured a lot.
ein japanischer luxusschlitten   pr fstandstag halle77   marco nimmt eure autos ran
And you felt it in the first sentence, but there are spectacular starts, so I would say that it is often felt and the car is also seen in the statements. screen I find everything very sober press us don't expect that in eight years and whatever we're going to show ok start loading you need to show in eight years by the way I have a bit of being he has sat for that please don't come in unless from 2000rpm but rev it up a bit and we have 1 freiburg next to mid and saw its going up a bit so i think from the outside everything sounds wilder than you i see the problem do i look like this first tuned turbo thinking organ but i think they were across the street i think i look at an old volvo truck but i heard they are safe because they have a thicker appearance that's what of course also often said that too i think it's so because of the stats of accidents the vehicles at the time were better but I don't think many people say one of them got it right even though there are choices now but a big truck certainly luxurious 280+hp measured at 40 degrees or tuned at 40 degrees os it's really very very negative of course it's very hard to control that's right we have 3 again today. 0 degrees and let's see what's going on here I'll get exciting that's exciting for me too so the timing of the first test and the second is maybe a little bit colder and hopefully there's more paper not much going on really hardly measurable but cleanly coordinated No nothing to complain about so far turned six and a half as you can see it runs monotonously from a mountain of performance torque of course once these 1.3 were straight then it goes down on a banner torque drops but Performance Mountain Debt will stay straight on the road. not exactly.
ein japanischer luxusschlitten   pr fstandstag halle77   marco nimmt eure autos ran
Do you have 280 hp or do you have just under 270 and 440 newton meters? I have a very clean grave in front of me. It doesn't feel so wild in the car. I know somewhich unfortunately drive in series and squeeze. all the original situation is especially true for older models until v hermann krissig the white lights up a little more but fades quickly and with you you notice the hero pulling cleanly powerful with 270 hp over the whole band and I tell you that Definitely still fun ne so give it a try security one or the other driver wondering whats going on with the van you already got the packages i cant even imagine that so cool i think its good and if its getting done winter could take care of itself a little more thank you thank you there is still something in the trunk this time there was no beer the same for my figure also better pumpkin seed oil from styria jam liqueurs and from my mother as it also makes you very very good thank you we are happy to that we outside and of course also in the 4 x I know why it's daniel's head and he always needs to be open he already has a lot of community users here you can say a lot Thank you chas and I wish you a safe trip home afterwards, yes, that was exactly my taste.
Usually I'm full of guys races. and from optics and tell me almost one of my favorites not to say ours so just seen a hanger worried if it looks like there are seats on it after our last few experiences here but he is just a times too much but al reverse so it's a bit of sport for both of us it's good for us but if it doesn't fit it doesn't fit I look real sharp and yeah then the original is built on the five gtx on campus motto audience small a little faster a little different that the motor is not completely rebuilt with different technology with all the wires 1 with all the trimmings in the idea in the last six months converted to it already did it here a few weeks ago but I don't know if everything it goes well so i have a feeling it's not really good out there what should be yes we have good hard ska-p there is somehow 100 105 hp and 110 hp maybe like a fool where can i turn it on it says so what I do what I report you want to remember at 6 506 something like that starts anyway but somehow he would like to have a little more air a little more fuel but he doesn't really understand it he actually talks about it i have k i have another problem age you know my problems often i like to have conversations in front to 400,000 people here you know that because when you get older it hangs longer and then falls to the sides you know you know in your underpants i hope i wait for you i just understand people and that's the problem and over 40 with annoying that doesn't necessarily report if it's missing here people look at the smell tuning then it's also with Peter this car here has 600 amazing colors converted amazing of everything Nice steering wheel, new leather sports steering wheel , I really like this car, I'm happy for these days on the bench tests so that's fun to me again a bit of variety and I like the audience like today it's just not everyone's mood many of course are in xtremely excited but believe people I'm so excited I'm in this now just look back where I'm so scared of the wrong word I'll answer it with the utmost respect and don't worry we've gone through everything you think is also funny i think that would be the most disgusting thing i have to say which we absolutely have to repeat when i see i look at the camera and i see cell phones 6 7 looking at them pretty much and the cameras there all there thats the most disgusting thing to me how can i contribute most of the concept is definitely good for you that sometimes with the movie but just such a conversation with the client and 6 7 mobile phones aimed at definitely for me it is completely very difficult and it confuses me a lot our internet too usually usually nothing behind the feeling that you will get a youtube 4k version of the conversation later so it all did not start let's say now we hit the tachometer and l to stove. said yes we realized that if you don't feel like it and work is happy and speaking clean doesn't always work now something has to be clear until on the first run you only get a one you can hear it in the frames of this green apa red that you got in the museum ok and there was like in the speed limiter but it didn't fit power tweaking what was too skinny now would have felt much better three little ones now i'll show you the first dyno run and the second of course i told you about the dropouts in the first test and cooperated in the first place, i should have more and hopefully more ideas.
We're here on the mountain and then I didn't. the radical which of course could mean that now I'm usually weaker and down here I only add two parts and I've read that sometimes I break the suspense arc because I talk too much about the first run when I get in the car with you or me and then i'll break the cliffhanger arc but it was now i should do that it was but it has more but look that doesn't belong so clearly but i don't like novell anyway there is an overlap it really can be anything but of course i would start now with a long tool ie measure fuel ignition see what it can do depending on what it can do so there is a lot of potential but the problem is not all in the test. bank at home that's why you can't do it that easy either but if it's not bad there is a clear potential for improvement as you can see it's still on the way so it doesn't like something but due to the fact that 490 hp is somehow triple digits now yes its a cup version we heard he had a build like that with 105 110hp and i tell you it will work if it all fits right i got it like i did more on the first run clearly we noticed he already joked twice ringer knows because what basically solves the problem is a full measurement to see what's actually there, if that means potential and I've already heard a bit if possible.
In any case, he's 260, he 262 is loose, the brussels throttle is there, celebrities traded headers, there are little things and I can't imagine that the basic version of the engine is this 94 PR story, it does not appear at all. mostly ok standard 662 then arts cap board is shipped imagine like the control unit electronics maybe it still regulates not really because another reporter also made a completely different mug and that should be enough I don't want wait so much in torture you are already at 100 hp but still on the uphill branch and then you see everything breaks also belongs to what too much fuel too much ignition too little ignition the lambert tool always helps already took what not percent so you meanwhile you can fix yourself in the glove box I just keep in mind that you have it in the glove box because I also don't want it to be visible to the public I with the optics will actually fit quite well too and I have the same thing that you also have as a manual and because that's the way it is as you see her wiping it down so it's like that that's good in any case a really good car too also built with the recaro seats and engine it had to be enough if you say that they are combined with what color is nagano it is also in the video the normal man said that the cold is better he is right but also cool not somehow he started to chrome everything and none except the parts that just finished explode, it was probably set up like the net, the yellow one, but there is no check or money anymore, it has certainly been folded, the beautiful wrapped, a beautiful color, dissected of course, a subtle black strut, not in red as was done in the Lastly, this car is nice and understated. the funny thing is that the petrol engine is correct because the market and the region had it at the beginning i think lambert ulan led bavaria there look if you then see the mouse power over the less too much fuel i guess here with the name of the turn then immediately and I'll tell you 100 me very realistic 110 115 hp I would like to have that worth it I think again such a car with the basic version of 90 hp and see how it is not expected at half past five the slightly dotted red area begins here and at 6 the motorcycle is not fully developed he is reading a book and I can imagine the interior the electronics, for example, intervenes and still generates it because he wants to limit that later this performance goes down like this, what do you say about it?
That was why I just noticed that the deep beds came in. I find it so suitable in the immediate solution or bonds. It should be that I already had it at that time Shortly after, on the fourth floor, it was really a bit open, so we know which speech has more patches on Ronaldo I probably felt safe 100 times on him the cuddly turbo are too similar to what that we have just to be honest i have never seen the gti brought with us how long firmly how long have you had him i am 33 he was once five years old somewhere in a barn he was standing then i got ready again then he broke again the stock then took nine years and at some point I wanted to sell it but then I wanted to give myself 500 euros because I don't do that so I prepared myself and I welded it around for almost a year and so on 33 yes all you learn is 34 years I bought it from my sister-in-law after a year and it has been in my possession ever since it is real to me and an amazing story what interests me now you can tell it first hand that was already 33 34 years ago and that was a small part of the commercials with the gun and actually ran every stall achieved what of m the year it was built is exactly 88 market power i don't want to be 88 exactly we have it too so i'm out of politics and with 94 hp You were still in the small car segment at the time.
I gave it a lot of 24s, you got 96 hp and I'm pretty sure the big ones were quicker, in any case, they were there. you're attached to it like i said i've had one for so long and i wouldn't keep it either and now we've lowered it even more four centimeters at the back at the front different edges at the top it's funny what used to be the series and you didn't to the end ultimately just say yes it made my head dizzy and then i implemented it i actually wanted to. I no longer leave the original, but that explains the fact that you look really cool and we really fell I haven't seen it on a renault 5 either since Yesterday that was brought for the exam date, everything was done correctly here in Dortmund, it's Say, put in all you can drive too, save, yeah 490hp I already got it, engine don't want to go that high. not at all, with your baby, in any case, in terms of time now and I will not completely torment him, but I am curious if he is doing enough, that would be good because he is already 205 8 236,000 don't worry about your inner serenity, acquire these stories like unbelievable you really feel this car the owner of this car is not so easy to let go and said in the curve that is no longer so high, carefully and it is a little touching for me it is touching how much actually, you can merge your car as much as you can with the car.
No, I probably can, is this today with the car or is it just using something in between, I'd say because I can't figure it out right now, for example. ellen that i'll be driving my polo for 33 years but that's a lot more than what we put in there but then you understand my audi 80 that's in there yeah that's half the story of my life it's been with me since i was 20 my dad lived there so that there are still so many stories in the car, so many people know so many amazed faces and for me there is no option to sell this car, there is simply no such as with this law, there is no, so let's go. going back to the tach here and here we can change a lot through granted the engine felt the power was high old also dont give up now already in fourth gear at 13 3 now go full throttle the little action the rev counter makes it so easy straight because i know that Yeah, I just want respect from the cars and I want their owners to say that's important to me and we'll stick to that, but also the feel of it. uto at the same time to go back to see the diagram where we stop is really correct and the book together below grabbed nonsense cheers all the strength said good manners good manners which is actually as prevalent as the books we all take is not very new Yes, not in all schools either, more so in any case and that is also part of the good manners here for us and that is also what we want, so you don't always have to think that sometimes I make fun of people because They're young and they don't make fun of me I'm old 490 hp the car has 236,000 running what do you think I really wish it still had power? that too and that's you I think it's maybe a little more than a car for you I have we just got in the car then it melts a bit do you think a car has a soul and you can feel it when it's treated well had this anyway there back here with 690 because it really runs like paint 140 newton meters 2p more than stock and at half past five where the red zone starts also performance is lacking makes everything right after your years how you drive it great story really always performs yes that gets me i'm glad you with your condition it must have been hard to give up a car like that in puccini you should drive but that's the way the expert thanks anyway forcome and good comparison with the other choice of renault we wanted that very well I liked it a lot and it can also be seen clearly thank you bmw e30 painted with bbs in black very nice car like the rev counter somehow I don't think there is a series in the series e-30 I don't think there's a 7000 and we know these cars were often brought in before and often converted and a little bit of info was given right away about your baby 30 if that's what I have since 2011 was that original 318 and now it's a 3.5 liter m 30 35 35 liter or winter chassis m3 e36 front compact rear brakes from the ki so the 5 holes eye that f It used to be said that these 3.5 liter engines are too heavy for millions of excessive torque , that you can't do that by driving, I've been in the ring many times and I can confirm that, so the horse will. say yes that was the torque itself already way up there so you can easily be in 5th place on the city train running yes how fast does the engine rev?
I've seen the tach up to seven. I'm so wrong so it's specified with 57 the shark 211 hp and 350 newton meters at 4000 so I think at 6 it won't say anything anyway because you look at it right away but they have that now I would like to convert three and a half liters with longing if before you always have the boss with you, but even then there was not so much here, not this three-liter biturbo inline six-cylinder, it is also great, the find was made, we are not going there yet, you ask? link before says slightly different brake system around built because the rims are an inch larger than most 30 holds ok it also looks like 16 or 17 inch he's right i'm going but i also thought right away down here , you don't need it there you will get something soon beautiful we see at 13 revolutions people that very well because I saw that we would go up a little 211 hp you should know the arc of tension because the turn does not bring anything else it is also a plateau after it runs without problems, but then the performance no longer increases to 57 with the highest point yes specified for bmw thereafter you can see stable the torque drops significantly if I'm something 300 jewish meters higher very far from the performance it's not that far but torque us It's a long way off really a long way off but the thirty I'm telling you makes that strong 305 boxer engine there but they have to be removed ok so the torque is way off we're d to 23 6 newton meters in the entire speed range and why the ticking is weaker in terms of performance 2 11 196 hp I think it is completely prohibited justifiable but I really raised them this time almost to 6000 7 or almost 1000 wheels so there is still a coming little ron have fun engine 1 saying what you built is a dream the original inspection lamp is looming that was misused for a bypass flash yeah yeah I rebuilt perfect start it was sorted and then the service screen no one really needs can be there is a schalk blinks sensible finally possible it would be just bock it looks like original than me that's original it's not original the inspection I think if the transport agency made the green lights just five o'clock if the inspection was overdue yellow it would be overdue it was so it is How is nobody there and nobody can tell me that the five shine shine when The inspection of fresh fish is carried out so that it later changes to sport fish or or no yes yes yes of course you're absolutely right for the conversions it's perfect so thank you for coming here with the great car and thank you I still have something in the trunk then we go on discreetly that's really awesome because we do the conversion.
I really like that yes it is and I know you guys yes you think that too cyclists and otherwise yes that's why yes sometimes too fast less straight Didn't have no no what Do you want only alcoholic drinks without alcohol? I don't believe what I secretly drank in the corner again. No, thanks to many Porsche models lately. No, only for the first time on reflex makes you almost on the wrong side. car almost every porsche every researcher's brain closed left i mean they didn't fall left our new 24 today another porsche which is a porsche porsc he did yes the model this time without wings i think its better in minsk a turbo actually has no real it does me great and does no where but i think the wings are just amazing what we told you here is really nice at first the terrain you, as the original us model would have been, yes, you have opted for the German standard where possible, you have put a different light package front and rear, or technically it is a 3 2 race, there It has a different air filter and otherwise the engine is additional original.
I don't know if you just saw it. It is definitely a magic number. The whole car already has 189,100 miles on the odometer and the engine was still not good. so maybe I don't know if it was sealed or something, ne maybe one day they sealed it but previous owners I know of haven't accordingly maybe Americans but before that I definitely didn't have it here with you bought german papers and bought the halls is yes, we are one. I bought this here with the German papers. It was basically about six years ago. yes, it was always like that.
The car was cared for as a child. Are you 200 percent satisfied with the car then is it your dream car that has come true and the dream car has held up so I'm pretty honest I used to search for many cars over and over again now I have done and after i bought this car it was done somehow these searches disappeared so you have your dream i have my dream it is coming and you are also 100 percent happy with the drivers he what he what he expects him to do too what he definitely does from four and a half revs this sound is just amazing with the car yes and that's what I like so much about this car and this cornering behavior that was only converted by the customer so practical is the original combination of bike tires is basically original they are semi slicks on it would be really great to drive looks classy again in depth how high range can you make it six and a half perfect then v Let's see what it should have performances so I'm pretty honest if it still brings 200 with the mileage then I'm very proud of the exact series a of the 2324 the 32 has no model change 231 after an American reporter says something else again a Sometimes we will also have reduced exhaust emissions performance so I'm curious we have to have this porsche unfortunately we can only measure it once because it's so low that's not the problem but due to changes and publishers I give a lamp a lot of you always ask how cars hold up once you see of course it gradually takes shape and then at the rear on the shock absorber and from the virus take and look there you can see the rest and there is the our at home yes that happens then of course it melts and we have no other possibility to add music to this car and here this heat protection sheet is missing so unfortunately so we have it is here the possibility to make this measurement because it is too dangerous now only with a tension we will also hold it because we do not want the thing to rush right now towards the crowd that in no way despite everything we have a usable a result and I hope which I probably won't say but it looks great and out of four and a half the power was heard the sound also works increases the high performance torque works very well the 911 porsche yes again unfortunately we were able to measure it once idiot and very good result the safety definitely comes first if the heat protection would have been there and if it was a little higher if winter was different we would be there not a problem but we want to risk the thing happening in the crowd here and i want to have a car healed there all the same 204 hp and 2,137 newton meters and it curves very, very slowly and I said that on the street with a headwind you have it again d i'll go which is 34 5 percent more because you have to simulate it now but not reinterpret it through the blower so far and i said yes on the road there is still a little more power on the road so you got a nice car thank you for this story satisfied i'm super satisfied that we wanted something thank you very much if you have that in the tone but not broken red the episode reminds me a little bit of stern recently where he might have built a cornerstone but that's true in principle since he was like that also the engine is from the manual transmissions are easy to win you have us now a 90 degree correct we have exactly what is there something very small 118 109 hp yes why we have now just before 300,000 km yes but no that thomson cushion what else we bring more it says mercedes sport downstairs that's not my feeling it says three digits you say 30 still so the biggest help is it took most of the 109 we measured there we already had this We went there, the small engines were about 100, but they were efficient, safe and something like that.
How long have you had the car? Because he's had it for seven years. Are you satisfied with the mileage? Yes, I bought it in good condition. very good condition so this is a vehicle that he drove on page 6 and at 7 p.m. Sunday Meeting Yes I used them as an everyday vehicle of course it also reminded me of a permanent parking space and watched the happy mechanics. Did you see the videos of the star? us garage looking first there is a choice red 190 converted to 230 compressor tech from newer vehicles slk or from the wii 2 0 3 let's see 109 hp is promised could be because of this it was exposed well hope it was on the market yes yes you take the protection it actually came here and it comes that the automaker bought daimler and then you don't learn the exposure sometimes it also slows down like you I can see it's improved significantly but sometimes it's also very very Difficult to expose in a country where the sun shines.
Someone is standing in the shadow. Now you have to decide. It's important to me that my individual work is too bright, so it's not always that easy. I also know how things are now. What do you say about the team? I like this expensive. I think that's what caro really likes to hear. just drop the golf down to 190 so i can get it in anyway but like that smaller engine it has to be and no air yeah but i've learned this is already possible with the car five weeks earlier we envision this yeah , really yes, automatic here.
Definitely fa League-wide, we keep an eye out where one of the best diesels and da 91 today know that I have previously traded without in the car something like this before. I have traded cars endlessly. You can't tell many people


wants to trade in if you have a car you'd like to trade in, then send your offers to the following email address. dream of a party makes the games so much fun speed through the ones that have already been on the board says don't speed up slowly 60 or be paco every law needs your thumbs and it's just let it get down just now war i got i have never been on the road here in the region that was taken from the giant country once raised i would love to drive so many cars that is real a disease of mine gives me everything we drive everything but i cant do everything i was and is relaxed i already drive a whole company with their old cars and I'm happy if they are happy too now look what we have it says three digit numbers let's see if it's true 190 diesel with 190 and the worst is somewhere in the office I don't know if it's still hanging there I know we have on ebay so i would love to explain show mail ad someone has their car another and that was a 190 ride offers all the amazing car and i think it had bps too or at least this objective rm everyone I don't know what they are called real or something like that it is the turbodiesels that have these cracks in the front I don't know if it is also a 190 and I say yes credible it is also a small one of these although in two and a half with diesel 90 hp 190 already runs not bad why gasoline wouldn't be there either no matter what engine yes it wouldn't really matter but it has to be involved as a charity it shouldn't be so typically black and typically karlstadter has to drop too so we'll definitely be important or do the 90s with a special interior or solo color before so yeah you can leave it like that speaking of meters I'm right that means up to 105 104 107 since 540 it has lost little in newton meters yes definitely and probably the furthest lifts if you ask it to do that or do you drive pretty cool with it i ask for some highways what does a speedometer do you know sprints go so i have i have no but the instrument cluster outside had lowered I ate the table, now I buckled or something, but now from 160 fields, suddenly, after two tours of Europe, I got the turbo, it is more likely that a ground once again seems a noise as if blowing like a super clean and make a speedometer.
In any case, full and then it sits at 290 and I think on the rev limiter they go to just over 200. I think that would never have happened to Ingrid Heckner.I know nothing. I don't think I'll make it. but we were both real just under 100 in 1997 to 6000 thanks to you you definitely came this far and we fixed our two again with 190 euro mercedes each other and so on plates but do oh man im happy for our capri too when it comes back yeah , I am happy that the community now comes to us with their tricks caretaker fell now frame looks much better everyone has their own taste I personally are also cool but with us someone built it once so I thought it was perfect with the bbs movie and that's why i decided to keep it tuned and it even comes from the original factory combo spoiler on the back you may have already seen it in the video with markus yes and i usually bring it with me i told him a What I have now, 20 years old, is the truth, because on ebay I auction only the photos at that time for almost 3000 euros, it was almost where we are now and since it was built I have documented each screw which means I have three voller file folder documenting everything that has been done to it is a 23 meanwhile colleges not even that a two liter with 90 hp yes and the first engine broke then the 23 liter engine with 140hp got to me in frankfurt on the highway broke out in the left lane then went back in unknown mileage runs like clockwork has a modified five speed gearbox it's great to drive but tell me if you're driving 15 on the highway now and look where i'm from speed that's what happens first i don't know or you have to go up and trick them real good and it turned out i was driving with someone with an audi 100 in the left lane and that was pretty interesting because i actually had more to eat that he was having trouble chasing it her again of course at home back then but there were already cookies at the end i had a choice of blanket or capri or was it that he always said no f for me couple to me because i just grew up with it we are ruthless when he was on a ski holiday he didn't take into account the salt and so on those were our everyday cars at home and the grappa was always weak too as a kid and that's still easy today i'm body time i'm cool too but if you ask me i have the choice so erik bukowski saw a video of us yeah i think it's cool we drove so fast i think it's cool we should also have something missing the optician and quotes we leave it like that it says at markus the viscom ag has painted welcome original factory turbo spoiler again also front shovel can say yes and then an original factory reserve spoiler should be painted white and application blue and so on the optics of the rs 2600 is so we will polish it again and you can put the blue foil under it at any time is if you have it back in its original white but of course it looks clean too 3000 euros at that time were already favorable conditions if the proportion is favorable that he did not paint it under it only grew there is nothing at all I have the first this year sometimes it is missing to smoke weed and 20 years ago 3000 euros 2012 1910 that was all well done I hope that if 115 hp should have now is that personally completely shit only interested me and that yes it works well and it works like a clock and we have to be clear on that now thank you what you have to abandon I have so it's over the bottle is full cool very very nice interior is original a glass is installed is for me with but also none let's see what I was not so excited but here you can see that now it is very dark inside this soft black leather here it is in excellent condition and the line seems have been good g I really like it here is so make it a big difference we're just sails behind what we had dual with no power steering so ours is really really e a big extra and this is supposed to have 115hp you can get a round one in 160 should have it i think its 138 or something spend better positioned gear its already there in düsseldorf so the engine when i leaned like this now it has real pressure in santa fe i hope it looks great but here everyone notices it a lot ford laughs i'm like that starts at a monastery party for 43 to coffee to slip questions we have all aboard loud so keep it up you're welcome you'll definitely get your money's worth here with us on the channel I'm pretty sure now it's a good coffee here like a 2.3 litre.
I think the styling fits right in with the '80s, but yeah, I'm the man for the 1814. The engine series should have as good torque as its name. and her capri is a bit more hazy on top but torque on ours i dont think its much stronger but it should be stronger of course we will look for it too but now we will give it to the owner so otherwise i wont did differently let's say in terms of performance 114 hp or late or 13 so it's all good number 113 hp 177 newton meters I think our capri was not caught much stronger but stronger because I think the 28 but more than 200 newton meters really again a great story that 20 years ago it was so cheap then it was repainted that's the second paint and then we always wonder at the time it was readable because the summit was repaired once after it was Painted which you can see it was.
It's not clear what the original color could be, we knew it wasn't an original Ford paint at some point, an employee at the body shop office worked on the car. in the hallway and he looks at the tank cap and it says there is the original color to paint the tank cap forgotten somehow for whatever reason and it was still in the original color which was such a dark indian red but i managed to help and still great Your car and performance is great too. Thank you for coming here. Yes, we had the right arrangement. So what were we?
A matter of the heart. Thank you for this compliment. How can I continue? and you follow me on foot discreetly to the waffles ok or maybe a van right now but definitely a mom how about happy first day? yes yes my mother her friends are doing now from fridays and saturdays there are fresh waffles filter coffee water apple spritzer and even sandwiches in the morning i heard i wanted to make them and take a look the first question will be given a gun tomorrow you were also a gun really want your gun i would also like to make it clear that in europe you can leave yes yes the richest goes fully 25 on each side i have next to the logo no i dont see from the inside out and i saw looking back and a pretzel stick that could also be on the 518 because there was also a four cylinder in the middle row but probably a 520 6 I don't even know there was already a 150hp mother or the 129 inherit I think it's an older model that's attached to the 129hp variant is in the logo i saw it but its a bit wrong yes i see so many 5 series with emblems then two tailpipes were hastily attached to the back would be exactly the type i hit 500c on on 520 on the back or 525.
I will always do it backwards. lettering all over the grill that higuita and is based on two ribs that looked like a gti only had 90hp i think i see you stack low and want more instead of stacking high and nothing a box of water just ain't experienced there per example in mercedes we often had 69g 20 the race stopped so tell me what you know its a normal 520 series it better have been changed i had it for 29 years so i drove them every day until 2004 and then i said in 2004 i will keep it he is with me elderly care in our since 2004 it has never been big in water or something it is one more valve still the old one wants that is the m50 of the valves so 150 years st how is the cartoonist m5 all the fire understood that in five signs it is real the rest is not that we were funny from me they all did but otherwise they are satisfied with the engine of the car moderately in driving performance everything is satisfactory yes so the co Tips are little be lten drove let's see what it does yes but I think the motors if you say there is always a good location I could imagine making exactly 150hp. look at the car here it's ok maybe something recognizes itself swelling done there inspection cool yellow-red these yes that was original what i notice is an achievement but not quite now at full speed july it's not about the achievements i noticed because the gas is off, that's why we set it for each fix, the owner 170, but there is no broken engine, we improve performance. so you could leave what I want to say if you had a defensive performance and since it's ok I don't want to do so much the red thread I see where you are from but you are good it meant the perfect solution we have tried to help now how to do the last measurement only with 3000 speed from idle which is the quasi pre-stressed inn it does not bring 25 150 hp should have a rollmops here chaos is a dachshund neck dachshund neck so always be with the blinds down when you don rollmops and then compare it test what I don't know what connects you with the rollmops but something went wrong in the president's childhood anyway that was connected to the rollmops back then you make me feel like me a bit like a rollmops i'm the michelin male but backwards i've realized how full throttle feels like 600,000 of the 25 little trees we know that only appears that we know but we will only take a look I will show you now the ones that perform best only when I will show you now how they to first test 1 where we noticed this and these waves got me suspicious when completely the air mass meter has a fixed characteristic and it looks like three quarters of the gas and then it just doesn't run completely clean and the performance is strictly great and I hope you will do with the test on the gas tight is what we know is still a few meters to go but you can see the clear difference which means the owner should definitely turn on the gas and where the electricity is but of course not in the country 3000 revs so maybe still upside potential owner found a little more power than before which probably didn't drive what we've heard for years only with guest it's exactly that now not even if guest is very entertaining how i would drive the car 29 years and errors get in like you and you only had very little gas where i thought it was but little in terms of re performance, again r reflected, now we have tightened it a bit, since probably as you say, this rubber has compressed over time and can not tighten it enough, it is better to want, now we are at 137 hp 117 meters before it was almost 130hp and 150 newton meters so you would realize now because the car has been stuck for so long all the stealth is gone now but there was a lot more power if you drive home right now and if you adjust the gas pressure you I will say that it will even go back to serial production, so it worked well, I hope we can help you. and people had fun here clearly managed another day on the dyno in the best weather but i don't want to convince them they need a second gun.