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EPA der britischen ARMEE | United Kingdom 24 h RATION PACK im TEST | Survival Mattin

Sep 12, 2022

EPA der britischen ARMEE | United Kingdom 24 h RATION PACK im TEST | Survival Mattin

machine system but that's all different i'd rather look my fingers around the channel they got into a fight today we would be


ing something again try and taste but before we start we'll do something for the brain because i have to concentrate but i'm hungry no one knew how to cook and if you want to go fast this is perfect a wholesome balanced trick meal with 26 vitamins minerals rich in proteins fiber lactose-free gluten-free and no added sugar in this sense you can shake well my favorite place is crazy cook and who has what other things count if he lies if he hasn't tried it but wants it to be a description and i would be happy if you simply use the code magazine it supports me in my upcoming projects and existing projects such as the unimog for example so if you bock tried it and now it starts with the video today it works again and again m epa i thought about it and looked what kind of special epa variation there is and i found one from the



i.e. form of i.e. england in europe appointment is my grandson because indian time to mainz but is not so bad we're trying out the english couple today we're opening the crate of red wine it doesn't look that unspectacular at first it looks very unspectacular i


up aside from talking about it often because a brother like that that you can't tell that is the english his are about sauce types yes what happened there i've never seen it ok when you do 18 feedback in the price it's in this feedback to look at let's have a quick look at it first and then we'll post it right away on 13 3 goes then it goes straight okay so a married couple he is meant to means translated a man


that means in case of doubt in this case, for example, there is also a 24 hour respect means that you with it 24 survived outside think that's why we also have 12 that's only breakfast or dessert also three big meals and too small all sorts of stuff explosion I'm fine with that since september 2009 10 expired yeah great that's you like it will be very strange stuff here cheddar cheese meat and bacon I really like going in there that's awesome but the glue tears everyone is like that waffles drink hot chocolate drink flavor coffee drink politburo tried it out without touching it is the Cologne way of preparing what I really miss is a jar it's both fasting so they assume you probably have something like that back at what i saw or from the guy now not in bags urgently somewhere else for the situation we called this button da has 407 calories per 100 grams it's cold water now i'm not going to do it now why was green once but seen spoon it's there what's that because it's d as is no moisture at all the drinkers head never cacau 2 because nobody can drink that what is it politically looks like they got it they are big we still have something healthy keeps his storm there look that one is summit yes also quite strange i have that everywhere too hotel café typhoid criticism clearly the english orienté non-alcoholic cloth white sugar and milk probably with powder great ok i say it is nothing that i want to drink there too but is this voice i thought well if one it times a main a main meal source cicero means translated sausage kasseroler kasse what is a kasse rolex or something like that or I go in there make everything cold are lazy now look one looks reprehensible where we play skat is a potato the light one are potatoes now the sources don't have a chance and sayings and yet cook that's my service people that tastes just like it looks isn't cool from not cool at all good i think there will be someone for not good not good at all how do you call pasta salad both bands and kidnapping spa center marcin source there are big things on it i know that the british can demand them for it I just put it away kills that's not so bad if you try it today it was a blast we have to have a chance now there's nothing I want from sco so I hope it doesn't knock me out doesn't kill templar that's the way it is seen a bottle of sirte is valid yes it also smells how good that is great but i try it by falls incoming so i like a few droplets yes because they have to yes it can be so sharp so a huge pole is so i stood a small lid myself on it louis that's four drops i don't even know how it tastes you can do it but the wish tastes once i wouldn't cost what you no longer have to pay for it n hot sauce now it's not that tasty but that makes up for it we only give a drop always checking if that's where I'm a lot mountain eyes tears higher than premiere tilting in the face less is better of me if I would like to give of out of five stars three and a half crane traffic i would definitely use the a conversation is always difficult in the swiss system but definitely over the times points is really good looking look look horn look mom definitely take a look cut but it has probably expired again no idea max can here oh what is that then what is that appearances are deceptive how can this still be preserved yes it also tastes like it i think we shouldn’t continue to eat there i have the feeling have expired 2009/10 divisions i’ll read the text 11 then we go to one it goes after the training is even worse i have something nice here and i'm in this profession or bread d as grain grain yes also exactly then it is from oat clicks is it your dream now not with now well then it’s just my ship i don’t want a level energy drink and still a high good i ask myself no matter what it is a combination with the students both there is no bread the soko bread a wooden board anywhere we have always seen at oprah style that there is now a lot of space to exaggerate the looks how tastes but they also taste in my opinion only good that on the subject but have to a lot of fat a lot of calories effects on the way officially apply until harry long was probably no longer talking cereal riehl horny she was very good for beginners really good rudebox likes bay they are these couple good season rule is that they are always good if you sesame market the good big bread we still have 12 that was the one on the left here with oliver ok but what i but why the cheese sauce for the carpenter was consensus with the goal in the schlecker are schnitzel on the other hand sometimes in i know that i'll put these songs in the studiosus put in that could be right it has to be really good but that's where you just say ok hey you suck that you're off because awesome what i mean so on the way i'm hungry yes if you have a little bit of peanut butter and from the tube look where careful could explode you can just here a little bit you're fine come out there they are good okay look that's anything but a pimple was i have to try lara is cult as a glorious martina barth and she tastes good now has now guessed at the navis but not at the we expected english max tried but already three peter käser in there and peanut butter single but i dont understand a city like that climber dirt crisis well i don't know i think i'd rather keep my hands off it from now on i'm not so keen on it so three years run cheese well maybe not peanut butter works ok this is of course an exciting game which i haven't even that much backhaus i think they fought and that's actually good yes there they knocked one hundred percent to a snail it's important about that's great for out in the field perfect for on the go I think it's good absolutely now of course we're going to try the 33 years at the end I've flown but first before that I think I just don't want to try them anymore I've definitely cramped everything you think you have the fresh ones are maybe great experience in any case still quick in the war are therefore friction surface what the heck of the strip for that with these unbelievably beautiful pictures now give the conclusion hot overall category of five stars could award two stars if at all too many because are is good and they got us good from the it was average quite if the butcher somehow but I find it exciting it was very exciting and interesting interesting to see what's up so there is in the english army and don't get a dream role there how do you get a switch like that no matter how much it has arrived i forget switzerland is dying but still loves it's good see you in the next video me think martin is crazy yes i say it through the investors is crazy and lives dangerously does things that no one else does here and in the end barely survives
epa der britischen armee united kingdom 24 h ration pack im test survival mattin