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Exclusive discounts on items designed for wellness

Aug 31, 2022

Exclusive discounts on items designed for wellness

check your watches it's 8 44 what time is it for cbs morning seals this week we have four products




in mind available at


prices just for you and could become essentials in your daily life to start shopping now scan the qr code it's right there on the screen scan you could go there you can also visit big name lifestyle host gail bass joins us now with more gail with a picture of you who we drank in the green room she looked like she was having a moment i was relaxing i wasn't sure what she was doing there yeah you could have all kinds of moments with these things that people start off with people who don't have hey well let's remember that this is a product tested by walter the wonder dog this is the call we learned about your walter last time yeah well walter tested this because when i first got this over a year ago, you could see him right there with controller in hand. d this thing has multiple settings it has heat and vibration and everyone can use this this is something you could throw over your shoulder well it's one it's like a heating pad but this heating pad vibrates so you said you wanted something for an ankle if you're doing therapy of heat on your ankle you could poke your ankle in this you could throw it over your shoulder on the bed on the couch i put on a lot of tv like cbs this morning in the morning when it's cold outside i could snuggle i'm with you on this and i just have my sore back I put it on my sore back so that's something I really liked and I really like it too the price normally is 69.99 we have it for 50 off so it's 32.50 this is fantastic it's not too early to talk about it because makes a great gift for teachers who are standing or for yourself or someone you know who needs a stocking stuffer ok this is sock this is all about warmth and comfort it's all about comfort here but it's a cooler approach tell them ok this heats up and can uh and you could put it in the freezer this is the thera ice rx air what i love about this and i'll just show you that even with my big hair can i put it on do you put it on for some self care like a woman of a certain age like me and your head gets a little hot from a flash yes it's cold it's been in the freezer it's so nice still moving come closer to me i'm here follow my voice that feels good yeah it feels good when you have a bird box like i say when you have a hot flash and you put that on i did it and i put it on i was like oh my gosh this is the relief i'm looking for and it does heat therapy so you microwave it a few seconds at a time just to get it to the warm temp you want and it's great how much is it normally 34.95 we got it for 17.50 this is great for frequent travelers businessmen or you know what mom needs a moment to herself before the kids get home from school this is really cool ok it's called thermal ice so we have clear ice yeah we have a couple of re-athlete products and this is the deep 4s pro what is this this is a massage gun if you take this thing off i'm going to use you as a model i'm going to turn this on and back to athlete how good now what it feels like you know the shoulder a little shoulder good here we go level one oh hey now you feel like yeah that's good that feels good yeah yeah yeah and the cool thing about this is you're going to get my calf nate you're on tv that feels good isn't it so good?
exclusive discounts on items designed for wellness
This is a wonderful product if you only want to target a certain area plus the head is movable so if you feel like oh my arm is too short you can reach every part of your back and I used it to scratch my back the other day. the price yes that's a great deal we got this for 149.50 that's normally 29.99 299.99 that's 150 that's a great price yes what about these? we saw you with the ones in green yeah that's what you were wearing yeah that's what i was going to explain this is the leg massager for athletes it's the sea air it's the air c pro and what i love about this is after i tried it i hiked my legs were a little stiff like yesterday i walked around the high line i did four miles around town i wanted to put this on right and its air compression so you can do it from a low to a level taller and my friends who have this use it for pain because they're all triathletes and it's one of those things that makes you feel better yes I've seen products like this in locker rooms across the country yes lactic acid inflammation oh just so you know this name oh sure not just high quality not just locker room we got it in another shot of the green room also who do we have jamie who's putting on shorts it would seem uh hooked a second pair of re-athlete how much is this this is a great price normally 29 9.99 we got it for 139.99 that's over 50 off that's 160 savings get out your credit card jamie wax that's good gail bass very nicely done and we know this is walter's favorite i like what you saw today scan that qr code on your screen just nate playing you can also visit we'll be right back they won't be right back.
exclusive discounts on items designed for wellness