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Aug 21, 2022


and here we come to the next welcome talent here at gosee be kern for example today we will find out if the guys are fit to crack open coconuts we have one in top form and one in supermarket form but there are two tricks and if the guys who are in command worth knowing


i beg you made your star thats wonderful it has to stay exactly the same i have a while and i'll also tell you how you don't stop you have a


if you say out loud what now phases no no i mean that his opponent goes up at home for a year together with Subaru.
feuer kokosnuss challenge 7 vs wild training mit otto mattin adam teil 3
It's also about maybe he doesn't know, but I don't know if it was correct. If I describe what I know, talking a lot doesn't make any sense. they have their measuring cups they have no idea how to do it i'll just say the first 500 milliliters would be packed the moment of tariff binding is already starting it's already happening again yes it just comes the time when it wasn't bad at all but the reason is that you just like the tetra pak, you need a counter air valve, you have to stop, you have to stop the air intake, otherwise, do not release yes sir 5 and then yes I will say so there we will see who in the end more or less I win that's that but you should ask carefully somewhere too which groups are ok there are many things but if that coconuts try everything once so you've won Hessian 500 no matter what you've already been through it's just coconut fibers I don't make it again made of plastic plastic it's ok ok it's ok but it's ok the live show what version 3.3 3g s yes very nice very good without hurting you but finally good very fast I know that I this here I need is to later I want to try it because I heard that I also listen to it from now on and in the vein of documentaries it is always like that in the middle but completely exaggerated that some summer number discovery channel is also on the island by chance and is filming or what the coconut meat you have to cook it now you have to put it on the fire with water and then you can easily remove it like a piece of cardboard it's really something to turn down but I think that's with them but the freshest coconut in the kompass he made his site here already have the porn with yes you can take that out ok it's ready exactly that's nonsense did he eat it anyway?
feuer kokosnuss challenge 7 vs wild training mit otto mattin adam teil 3
Yes, you don't have to be able to tell you which is the kettle that has the flour made, that's because I'm curious that you haven't tried it yet. I agree with your opinion. Dinner. Breakfast. All at once. the difference is it even tastes good not hot like coconut because that's my juice try that and between the result it doesn't taste like that at all yeah that's just in the middle ha It's weeks or even months between which the intense that's how cool that is. You have to find out that I know people who are addicted to things, cheers, except Fabian's actual size is much bigger. another tool with even more tools and that's not how sometimes you want to cook but with one of you always a good stretch dam your coconut water just tastes like hazelnut that's the sound of the sea on the island that's the best I've ever drunk da I a lot of courage too 800 calories but I read that I need yes super I will that's interesting or that's what I tried to explain to you so you can see the soap from us that it has with that is now but it's not really the meat, guess, try, let's try that now ok the coupe would have the water that's the passenger percentage so it would be great if the day i had an old fitness and a fresh one you also thought that again ambiguously i know you but now i have that maybe we want try the coconut i don't know it doesn't look particularly yummy yummy so to me the memory of this consistency looks pretty other things an ulv or for whom actually which isn't a b


m area reason either because i was curious on that time i can't i can't so it's not consistent now that's exactly what you think, imagine what you think will come, but how do you know the water will taste good?
feuer kokosnuss challenge 7 vs wild training mit otto mattin adam teil 3
Well, it was already in the skin. And if you drive if you ejaculate in the bathtub so slowly before you compare your cash because today there will be another good one that is hard that is hard because the one with the name doesn't already feel that the fresh ones are going but there are differences in the tires I make three crosses if everyone still wants to have fingers but I told him sincerely if he already says with two that it shows that somehow I realize that now surely not for example if a candidate had a case for that I have you but others say they don't have it so no i know somehow all of that i have to have the second i have to try yes because they solve it then you know what marco kutscher has is that high culture is also safe from it if you take things to the extreme not something like that i think where i first saw ok you read my life i got that that makes everything wrong what you can do. bad if who knows why please for a forest we rented the red stick or the pension for the desert total bullshit if then burned for that clear white message that he threw yes how much gestel It's so sonja nobody knows how much to put things then counted by the parents tories there you can see in front how they turn a cliff and then once as beck there are recordings of where only a caravan goes and then there is a mobile home everywhere everything continues to have to pay attention when I see this conversation the videos are fully produced by the world guys worked together with the man in the way that betzdorfer and he said very clearly what is fake what is real the only thing that is really real the series knows yes so everything else even ne qe2 is said what was said yes and in bear grylls is kind of the epitome of what is being asked but now the ford no 60 days no thats what i mean by that is but thats correct and but this exposed in the nat uraleza is one more thing a production that it's clear it jumps into two separate clothes but the things it actually does there is also hilariously attractive about it it's not about it at all it's just about what you see that doesn't happen not like that not like that legal soon therefore fully taxed as before simply and finally somehow out of the nursery and that is totally as of today. back what does it matter at first none none stop for a moment she didn't come we drove home you can't get so drunk with your ex she is that cooperation today we have some kind of interview what do i do now can she now take leaves again yes or no i hope so don't have to basically tear yourself away from nature it's actually the healthiest thing you can do that the parenthesis belongs to it that gives me the strength of two hearts that you can send an advertising message even a full double heart with that very clear why you are surprised by the team market the cover you already added the third one it's logical but he does all that Tell me really hey that gives you what it's worth so if you can take


with you a big fire is what really drives both to an identical celebration instead of us doing it like a child like a child exploring that we will do math not if you don't show it also try the start signal both in the brazier sometimes went to the go that fire starter recommended to me, why is it better here?
feuer kokosnuss challenge 7 vs wild training mit otto mattin adam teil 3
I can't hold back but then time cut me off that's a little risky okay people okay I make a suggestion from the left let's run or I think I find it exciting to see I have to be able to do it myself but being able to do it was a beginning, as always, there is a little space, everything fits. I should have hurt you Freese Crisis. Now I even found an ancestor. There's nothing lucky, but something like that, so I don't know if you know what you mean by you have, but that's right. ch do a gas blast against but i'm still giving back a bit it's a real hell that's that hard that's the opposite politicians normally you get other things from people but if you already know that you know exactly how the citizens were serious about the desolation that is really good that you have if you know how it is really like lighters and I have to save your strength that will not do anything what you are doing believe notice that it is then it should be normal that you are easy to find and what can I want I am not so good either dry so i'll tell you shit i thought before to make it easier now i have it on never have never done it either everything is fine i have it i am like this it's pretty normal hold on tight definitely don't slide on how exactly you have more strength but both change the angle too It's crucial because I think I've done it, I've done it in my life, yes, yes, the three of us are out of minutes, first of all, pop the me in one hand it was easier, i really did the right thing like i did before.
feuer kokosnuss challenge 7 vs wild training mit otto mattin adam teil 3
I think the knife was used, but it's the bad three minutes. I had to burn fire. three minutes and then do more now you have to use the flame to stoke it with the other stick you have to stoke the fire and that's for example that would have been perfect to get the small flame out you don't have to worry about it, to the dealers usually care as 0 and the trick is to make 34 different sized stacks of wood very small beforehand so the brush is here for example very little the next largest size would be this here and then at the end , you can get Big Out League was you had to have a fire like a small one in the big one maybe not just stupid because the micro is probably there where the big pressure is and it has to be there a little bit more. air there where I go without oxygen just do not take a position in advance here once only the friesians must be careful that today wait wait wait do not stop high and now it really goes with a frequency almost yes what should? do it and now again now again little wood generated the duty now comes travel still happy from me otherwise chapter that's football there directly that but above all definitely learned is patience stays if something really misses the things you prepare well so that's all not just take something that is already on fire i completely forgot that i was very sorry i would not have thought of it but it is done yes but now we also have to take big tree trunks rain which can be now that it burns similarly when large logs are burned which says that everything is fine, in reality you have to collect for the whole evening or at night, it is best not to go at all, which in the end is already happening in advance.
feuer kokosnuss challenge 7 vs wild training mit otto mattin adam teil 3
Of course, yes, of course, but it's you, the festive hour comes when I said yes, okay, how are you doing now? They explained the process yes now for that before so to speak some blood was made which is so extremely hot you were actually chosen you put it on but mad you had exactly that hard but really happy how it's ok now it's but that's how you did it before now it's over for the night all the work is free something happens what can be from the bbq the next morning i knew this the part accepts 900 hits left ok then you'll get the procedure.
In reality, you will still see the big picture. Yes, there is this one. There is one in five times bigger than the xxl. So far, let's be clear, we can let it burn out and do it again. It would be nice if we reinvented it too slowly. I will get in shape for that at a very young age. At some point, you're right. today s won't change me so mainz was definitely in the bahamas and in the bahamas it's 6pm. the collection had a hole in the shelf in the area because it went so fast and it doesn't matter if the dot applier always goes to 6pm. that's exactly what holds the thing and sinks that normally some people bite can say each hand is ready 15 minutes but the direction is also the most important thing now of course you can also try it at night but if you want to do it in the night now everything is set up just the thin material that became small and then important a lot of big whites i just need to get up briefly at night when it rains where to store under under under the art print so exactly i don't know exactly what we are doing , you do not understand me?
Somewhere it rains such trees on them to the one of the building posts to the maybe even 1 if you're in the field so I don't deserve it no other The way we deserve now a big star is allowed including the shops not ok which also allows the memorial here to get bigger and bigger but i'm glad the little ones did it for me it's new year's eve and the other one is even bigger it really has fun like that and that's our big one it's three times bigger than later it's so dark because we're going to cook hereI don't see anything else and I'm glad that's why


where do you sleep they were also here with us tonight just because then the


boars come you have heard the stories recently se bled to death here in the woods but not that good at it was ok awesome thats ok me seven times com i have to do it myself i have to click once 1 1 myself yeah so the grass with him everything is just disassembled I will do it like this and now I'm curious is that you only have the other one now we are going to bet water again five minutes so I will not say a minute then the thing is on maybe even after the second third time now you press shit for the first time why didn't you have 30 seconds or did that make a real difference the thing check and then you sit there at night you understand he stoleit wasn't coke one it could be that parrots would come to my shoulder that certainly wasn't i think it's good i was around parrots it probably will i don't actively give in to flies yes it says why that would be my friend there finds a friend i have in the night he comes the flying foxes this is everywhere hesse where they are i did it three four times a day i saw space i am just amazing i will do it for twelve days.
Please get this very, very briefly. That's easy for you again. I really thank you for being there for me but all the question marks are cleared up here