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Aug 30, 2022


hello babe babe i'm so sorry i didn't put the key in the usual place but i'm already on my way home ok no all just no no no no no no so ok this is a test for the accident yes thank you that means traumatic brain injury, just like I feared. Okay, most of the time what you do is call her doctor or Verdigo quickly, right, but Doctor, she's not on call today and she's going abroad soon. I know all this but it is an emergency we need to do this operation immediately if we save this lady alright thank you yes it was absolutely wonderful ah the result was stunning yes you should try it they were kayaking riding bikes i played with animals yes giraffes peacocks wait tell him wait oh it's from the hospital i'll call you right back hello no town is she stabilized ok now it's ok i'm changing and i'm going straight to the hospital she well she's a little better now but the bleeding is getting bad ok i gotta go get squat ok this particular patient has caused so much damage to my family tell me go on me need to hurry im already late i have to turn the sheets in 30 minutes and i still have to put chairs down at school of course you dont need to worry ok are you sure yes why not we have a Meeting.
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I'll call her. I'll try not to be a little late. I'll be fine Thank you, you are the best. I'm the best at school now. I mean, she's my daughter too. Yes, I know she's your daughter, but you're still the best. Thank you darling Look out hi we are hurrying ok so we have to leave it you have a phone with us yes of course I can't find your phone nurse this guy helped me to go to Nicole Benjamin Looking for. 128. Thanks you changed I know right I know what the fat girl used to know and you are a doctor now.
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Yes, I am a medical doctor. Nicole nice to see you oh my god nice to see you Samia W what are you doing here it's just a regular check up oh great bring me your chart when you're done all right see you soon my childhood friend we used to be neighbors really yes she came to the hospital for a check up I almost didn't recognize her because she used to be so big she has completely changed wow what's the matter with you guys known of course we knew we also have a lot of catchy thoughts so typical of the view i trust that maybe you are expecting i'm not that bad that's not i'm not okay i heard you so yeah I say that's pretty interesting, really, she didn't beat it up with old buddies.
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Yes I mean I wish I had an old picture, I showed you that she has changed, can you imagine what you? Looking like a low like you now baby no I wasn't always exactly like that so you saw someone off the premises since um not really I mean you know I haven't been in the for a while now village so it's so good to do see you here i didn't expect to see it um this is nicole my girlfriend my childhood fr iiend one i told you oh and this is my husband who hear me shall oh hi hi bro you know um let me take Jessica upstairs I'll freshen up and um some dancers for dinner maybe daddy sorry she's really tired already let's go i must confess you have a very beautiful family oh thank you wow you are very lucky because now the streets now you don't want to know tell me no you don't want to know you talk we always have still destroyed, what is it a second no she's not um she's gone she's at work this sunday yes um she's working also serves on sundays thanks can i get a glass of water please oh sure sit down i will be right back hey darling you are home i am fine nicole says she was here to see me earlier Really, what do you mean, did you really not see her when she came back?
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Oh my god oh my god oh god I'm sorry you know what that made me just get you another one I'm so sorry I'm so sweet I'm sorry um it's alright you're fine yeah i'm fine i'm fine ok we'll just drop something. oh i'm closer thanks Yes everything is clear. Are you sure you're okay? Yes I'm fine. I'm well forgotten reason I didn't tell you my bad oh ok she'll be over tomorrow she said that anyway ok ok do you need something from the kitchen I'll get some water no no alright I'll be right back see you I just have to Fix post and then use the hashtag so you can see everything, so I even saw that hair you're wearing.
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Oh wow, I didn't know it was like that. I'll do that, it's nice, ok, hey darling, how are you? Yeah, and we've got a lot of catching up to do on what's expected above, all right, then have fun, okey-dokey, um, can I get a glass of water, water, yeah, ok, I will fetch i just have to apologize ok i mean since it sounds like you did what you didn't do on purpose yeah it was on purpose ok yeah ju st let her go oh okay i noticed her coming yeah alpha who your girlfriend oh nicole yeah i think we obviously have a lot of catching up to do cause every time she comes you guys always talk uh trust ?
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Your trust Yes I don't understand no never mind it's right oh were you good okay looks like people are jealous of you shouldn't be surprised I mean you're one of the best doctors around to ask you that I mean it, that's a very loud milk, let's check it out. Yes it is, Nicole, what have you done? OK, what happened? The police came I'm so sorry I'm so sorry you have to go through this you know you can stay here as long as you want really yes thank you very much you are welcome sorry give me just a second foreigner i'm sorry i didn't tell you before i said she could stay for as long as she wants no need to apologize ok i mean you got the thing done, but shouldn't you go to work?
Yes I will get ready for work but I just want to get ready for school I'm fine I think I saw someone who is my dog ​​at your door. yes are you sure about that yes oh jessica i know the kid has always wanted to move she isn't well she's fine sure okay yes i'm fine thanks hey nicole hi how are you thanks i'm fine it's fine you're fine yeah sure right okay what are you watching an interesting


um okay let me go refresher I'll be right down okay I'll come to you did you have anything to eat yeah okay fine see you soon, oh hey, thanks.
Are you going to work today yes I am responsible for the night shift so I leave later and I will come back tomorrow really yes there is a problem oh no there is no problem at all oh ok so how do you feel you yourself now don't understand you know you gotta have flashes like ptsd about what the gum incident whats going on with you did you tell us there was a gum incident with you oh yeah yeah the mugging you know what i said to myself i would completely erase it for my memory so i don't have to think about it remind me i totally understand and i'm so sorry i brought it up its ok it's ok we'll just change the subject alright ya like it wow , Daddy, yeah, huh, Sophie, what have you done?
Do you want to talk to me about it, um, I've been thinking about it, it's hard, your girlfriend called you, left out, why did something happen that I don't know about, no, no, no, she didn't do well , I just think it's better. I don't think so, well I think it's going to be very insensitive of us to ask her to leave after everything she's been through. I mean she's still traumatized and it's obvious she's not healed baby I think we should just let her stay for a while longer if you say so I don't wonder how these people just come along with all kinds of red and green babies you know what i want to get something else ok all right hello sorry please say you dont want to see me the way i look i am american all right please stop this um im so tired im about to get undressed and shower how was your day everything ok ok huh you what took you so long i dont want to make sure if she fell asleep good video baby baby hey yeah um me went downstairs to get a glass of water and i made nicole scream just for him to come here she claimed she saw a rat he rat yes i saw he went to this corner and later to the other corner but we don't have rats in this house , just what i told her I mean we finally get this place to avoid things like that.
Mistakes me exactly, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what the decision does. I'm so sorry it's ok dear let's go we should get the communications company to come back here tomorrow. Oh ok, that's great. Um, they'll show me one more time. yes i am so sorry good night if someone saw us why did they avoid me why do you think why what was the last time you were alone? Okay so you accept that you avoided me we were together my wife almost caught us but she couldn't she could have had her and that's not what we need now look I think what's best for us is to keep your distance no nothing so uh-huh that's right i told you you wouldn't have won it thanks actually i see i don't have many moves left you can still try the scene now allow.
Um yeah i noticed i haven't seen your boyfriend since i arrived oh she left yeah she said she's fine and that her house is safe now she has to go huh Nothing happens she just said she's leaving and to be honest I think she's actually fine so I haven't seen any known issues so yeah that's all he's really fine now, so wow yeah this is really crazy i know for sure when you say that yeah oh my god can't believe that uh hello hello why are you bothering me with constant calls don't you get the note that i don't want to talk to you please call that one not directing i said sorry again for what exactly i was thinking you said you need your distance and i am fulfilling that so why are you calling me i dont care i gave you the distance you need , so please don't call me again you're done now because I have sth as have done and I would like to come back to it.
I'm sorry, it's about time, well, well, I forgive you, I can go now. I'll send you your address by so it's here I didn't think you would come considering you asked for space come on but I told you I was going to come look it does I'm sorry I told you I'm sorry should we just go backstage come on well I forgive you alright yeah so tell me you miss me I miss you oh me been waiting to hear this oh god stop that alright that's what i do no no no no no no that's how the woman passed out no not really not really it's just that I'm looking at something on my phone so what would you say I can't start over anyway so I said you remember Nicole what's up you the doctor pretend to cook that what else it's jessica which is ok so tell me what did you want to talk to me about?
Um Nicole I don't know how this is going to sound but I've been thinking about it. I look like I'm sick and tired of having to lie to my wife and family, for example the other day my daughter almost caught me doing it talked to her may i had to make up a liar and i fought with it look i'm tired my conscience is my conscience hates me i can't do this anymore i can't are you kidding oh believe you I? I'm something you can just use and throw away. Don't you think I have feelings? Yes I know you do but I just feel look I can't do this anymore I'm married I'm married Didn't you know that before you warm my bed come on please don't go there don't just go there Don't look i i i sorry i feel like it's just the best form for both of us look i'm sorry i just can't do this anymore please i'm not sorry goodbye you wanted to ask your wife why the hell cant you have more kids what are you talking about i dont understand exactly what i said look nicole i know i know your hurt understand but i mean this gives you not the right to just talk, to speak these lies about my wife, about my family, do I look like I'm lying, listen to you, don't want to have those kids again with your husband, let's just do that change topic. want