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Helga & Marianne - Der schreckliche Sommerurlaub!

Sep 01, 2022

Helga & Marianne - Der schreckliche Sommerurlaub!

it doesn't matter what's going on you're feeling better i need a vacation from vacation i'll tell you but was it nice our vacation on the platform i've been so hard i'm only fit the people called the police because of you too but it started already on the train 79 euro ticket everything was overcrowded and who also owns the children the tarpaulins yelled that only children of 12 they are no longer children from 12 o'clock in europa park the intervention they were no children i found the mood good in the to only from the helene fischer concert in munich there was a bad mood i'll tell you we want to work in the hotel and there it went straight on like that it was nice it was towards the young hotels young employees and employees it was nice that we had a balance I'm Mrs.


, a 16-year-old starts using me. We actually live in the twitter world. You're also right ture chore they have to offer me another vegan chocolate bar as a present from the hotel yes then the work will start then we went straight to the beach and that's when it happened you have a bit of your own fault i don't understand why like them the police were called moriya it wasn't a nudist beach was a hacker yes and you're only allowed in the song area or was only in more corp places so i really shouldn't have bothered the people on the beach


it just said that they were you should always undress you made a group of young men hear you yes and with old pots become her husband the sultan's daughter you learn
helga marianne   der schreckliche sommerurlaub
there traveled hackers would never have met that makes that of the places but the next day since that was vacation year better you think than we in the sports area were right in the hotel that was nice corian they put stones on my back to relax what masonry or weather is due to its mediterranean where a lot of stories and then we should have been in a tub full of the word healthy sludge from the north sea stink it has its healing powers heco i felt like pepper pots means stand up well not rinsed the only thing i felt was a the lugworm that has slowly but surely crept into my area whether he is now we are back and now against this here again and fresh torben is making another video where he tells what is going to happen in the next few centuries funny i'm rather funny you can so yes i have to sleep in my husband is hungry there is a red line a technically correct and if