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Helga & Marianne - Die Energiekrise!

Sep 07, 2022

Helga & Marianne - Die Energiekrise!

no matter what nonsense i did something really bad somehow you got a ticket to céline fischer concert in munich just much worse than the poet in the organizer also elated so i have have what you stole not so much skin otherwise that still it was stolen from the god next door I know but no thanks


for something that could happen in the lesson what did you complain about and who klippel there is also the choice of Mr. Hübner yes there is a tree that fell the storm is yes i took it with me why the energy crisis if we don't have to heat in the winter douglas boyd had that's why it's illegal because that means i'm sure glad he's not lying on his grass in the but the house is open, it's up to you.
helga marianne   die energiekrise
I'm so afraid that in winter your house will turn off the tap and I'll run out so fast. My feet do, but I have cystitis and I have to go to the hospital, but that's where they point me. true Maria the chancellor also said we will make sure that no citizen freezes in winter where and what do you not think because we are looking for petty bourgeois that is all it still pays 2.4 cents per kilometer 2.4 grams now it has 224 kilometers so we should get more numbers per year that sounds like a lot to many people an average household has 2000 kilowatt hours ever after that thats 24,000 kilowatts on station in a year and now it adds up now you have the full 24 hours that time then you have rhein nice moderately more kilowatts per year 24,000 purpose around 457 1600 more marks per year that are still in euros around 100000 euros more per year for an average family i think the incident with the queen like a ping broke here somehow sir you don't know at all i worked in my electricity factory in 97 i know how to calculate the kilos new to us yes at least for newtons done finds it much worse at lí also ss tanja's online shop sauna is closed this year because you can probably do without margraf and the shop windows don't light up at 10pm anymore so now the government up there wants to destroy us completely or in view of the bad things that other people are going through. in Europe right now so we Germans can do without a sauna and shop window lighting for once or maybe as hot as here but I still don't think it's good if Kraus talks not good then no matter where in the world it's booming says moral


as always in trees candy klaus i think so what was your gold the police called now i'm the wanted criminal it's been just a tree without a living creature i've never proven i was kidnapped where did you destroy the farmer a deep freeze next to him no one grew up thrillers


that's why the wood goes through there is still sawdust everywhere in the attic i have to see the traces of the br delete utalen dismemberment maybe that's the postman lorient i have to be the tree look i will continue to dissolve the lake for you bible through the old boy in a fitting miss him that's why you're looking back that's enough muriel but if i go to jail soon d ime do that I am very sorry but I have already done what I have to do my heart is technically very good for us and fekter everything and many and with vegetables and sauce portfolio france then be well dear and who
helga marianne   die energiekrise