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Ich überlebe 100 TAGE als GODZILLA in Minecraft Hardcore!

Sep 17, 2022

Ich überlebe 100 TAGE als GODZILLA in Minecraft Hardcore!

from his sister, but so far my armor held up. Where is the scientist? We're making splints and I don't care about mine. Questions to interest me and keep gathering I saved my way through them and monsters every attack in my arsenal the place starts to catch fire but I soon put out all the guards to go inside and see what was going on days 71 to 74 I pushed further inside the base and on the way I attacked more guards, some of them are stationed in the lobby, but as much as they tried to take me down, they didn't stand a chance as they were all destroyed.
ich berlebe 100 tage als godzilla in minecraft hardcore
I look towards the next room full of animals in the camp don't worry guys I'm supposed to get you out of there quickly I'll meet all the guards in the room and stop then I'll go to the bank and I took the opportunity that you all got free from which cages since three of my friends at that time i saw a bear had attacked another animal i realized it was a robot and no i quickly found it and forced it to surround it as soon as possible but there were a couple of robotic ducks attacking me too.
ich berlebe 100 tage als godzilla in minecraft hardcore
How could the scientist do this to the animals? Watch out and make sure they aren't robots I took out a few more and then I saw a strange object floating on top of a block What could it be? I wear neon lights. I hope it was a whirlwind attack. Brilliant. Another group of robotic animals appeared but I was surprised who directed them Arena and what they did to you the group of animals grabbed the phone it didn't work it wasn't the one that watermelon knew you and loved you they had experimented on her and turned her into a robot I concentrated on defending myself of the other animals but I couldn't.
ich berlebe 100 tage als godzilla in minecraft hardcore
It's not to go crazy fighting with Sandy. I was able to knock out some of them, but what do I do with Sandy? Sandy is me. I was so distracted that I didn't realize that another room had arrived. they were drinking the wall and then they shot me with a tranquilizer dart and on days 75 to 78 i woke up in a cage i have to get out of here i'm looking for my beak but they must have taken it away there's no way to free me are you going somewhere side? I built this cage especially for you.
ich berlebe 100 tage als godzilla in minecraft hardcore
You never want to be able to get out. You can do whatever you want. Just let go of the phone. I noticed the phone turned around and looked at me. Where are you sad for your girlfriend? I'll tell you what maybe won't destroy you maybe just turn you into a robot like her then you can play all day with a little friend you'll love me no matter what you do good always trumps evil when i said this the phone started to shake and her circuits made a crackling noise so there you are stretched out and you looked at her which overwhelmed her mind control suddenly Sandy jumped into the cage release and pushed the button to release me.
ich berlebe 100 tage als godzilla in minecraft hardcore
Now is your turn. No, the scientist gets out before I run after him. However, can I take a look? I don't want to fight without wasting another moment. I ran after the scientist. He still hadn't gotten very far because he had just run into the other room, but only because he had made it to one. send mechern train to hatch played enough i'll finish this now the scientist's grip on his weapon was much stronger than i expected but i was much stronger than that more confident i hit him with everything i had i used my weapons i swung my tail and I shot him with my fire alarm with enough force that you would make me invincible.
ich berlebe 100 tage als godzilla in minecraft hardcore
The scientist responded immediately, using every minute to make sure he was really playing. He celebrated unleashing his weapons and was able to move quickly across the room at one point. i only had a few hearts since i said goodbye at that moment i noticed he was standing next to a tnt bye i have to breathe my fire and hit the tnt that took him out of his suit he said against the wall no i have to complete my mission then i gave up notice a panel on the other side of the room labeled mind control that can free sandy i sc and i put it on to my surprise i heard a crackle sound that was because i knew i had been mind controlled so thanks sorry a lot, who did this to you, it was the mayor, he told me he was going to destroy my wife if i didn't keep working for him i refused but he did this to me and he made me lie i'm glad he got away it's not too late i can get you one health potion or something not for me it's closed late I'm allergic to potions I know it's really annoying tell my wife I'm sorry she put her head down and left I'll tell you I'm sorry it couldn't have been any other way I'll find the mayor bad and everything it will be fixed on days 79 to 84 i went back to the other room and looked for watermelon so my mind was freed you must have defeated the scientist i explained to the cell phone everything that happens it is also that the scientist was not the bad guy he was the mayor everything time, oh no, let's take a look around here.
The scientist was working on a weapon. We should find it and destroy it. Sandy and I went and met at the base. from how much it was empty now the guards must have been under mind control, as we entered one of the rooms, we approached a strange luminous object that was floating on a platform, Sandy Hopezarf, and put it in front of me for me to see. I would get closer It doesn't look like a weapon but it's definitely something powerful what do you think Sandy but before the phone could answer my husband in a suit and stopped in front of the shiny object that had to be the mayor we both really tried but i have to unfortunately tell you that you failed, this cutie has the gun almost finished and you losers can't do anything about it, people in this city tried to put me out of my job, but i'll show you who's place here, the mayor could call a gun there was a bright light and when it faded we could see it had turned into a MCH


it was like big as a building good luck stopping me now the mayor turned and ran towards the station, destroying everything I put in its way, suddenly, eyes started shooting out of their eyes as they smashed buildings. as much as you want i will find you destroy this whole city let's get out of here he is too strong he will crush us on days 85 to 89 Sandy and I went back to our base but still felt like a failure. i can't do anything right it couldn't be the scientist save and the mayor got his hands on the gun now thousands of people are going to die you shouldn't be so hard on yourself zuzu the fight isn't over it's not much but that should help make it I stole from Sandy's lab was a few days ago, thanks Sandy, this allows me to use my equipment to the fullest and you know what will come back if we finish our statue.
I made a quick stop at an anvil and used it to upgrade all my gear with netherite. Then I met Sandy in statue and we got to work finishing it I still don't know how we could defeat the mayor but my confidence grew there was only one thing I had to do but before that we finished the statue so what do you think you guessed what there isn't subject will feel safe with that if he gets close to our base then we headed to the old Wife's house, unfortunately, I just had to give her the bad news of her husband's death.
I can see from yours that you have bad news for me. It's okay, I'm sure you did the best you could. Your husband was forced to do all this work after being under the mayor's mind. control was on his last moment he was himself and he wanted me to tell you he was sorry i could see he had tears in his eyes thanks for coming and telling me i should have known the mayor was behind it all i explained the situation to her and that the mayor was wreaking havoc on the town he used it while you were away i was investigating why my husband was so interested in memorizing it i couldn't figure it out but i'm sure the weapon without his strength wouldn't have been safe now it seemed to work well regardless of my strength he seems pretty himself ch being strong you know if I knew anything about my husband it was that he was always incredibly thorough in his work he never completed a project without having a backup but Sandy and I went after everything and we couldn't find one anywhere else a lab then it occurred to me the other enclosure where the baby of choice was there could be something on days 90 to 94 in i tried to learn to walk the baby of choice i had been captive the compound was now completely empty except it had been overrun by charged vines i made my way through the fight at the base there were some skeletons and she started shooting me with her bows get your empty heads here i managed to hit them with breath of fire and defeat them after killing them i realized it was behind one of the pillars hidden switch what do you do with it?
I flipped the switch and your secret door opened. He walked over to see what was hanging on the wall. This is a backup of the weapon I made earlier and picked it up paying extra attention that it didn't trigger. hurry up and bring this back to my base on days 95 to 96 I got back to my base Sandy I found the gun backup and what do you think we're doing with this oh wow good job I think that's clear or I agree you should take this you will be the biggest squirrel the world has ever seen i'm sure everyone would love to see that except you i know it has to be you everything you did led me to this moment you were created to save the city only i can do my best I can wish more on this but a lot of animals had to die for this to be done and a lot more animals and people will die if the mayor isn't stopped they will want someone put down saving money instead of hurting them I nodded he always knew exactly what to say and here i caught something that will help you Sandy gave me enchanted books that will be perfect thanks Sandy grabbed my books and headed to the anvil then i upgraded everything.
I couldn't have been better equipped it's time to end this in days 97 to 98 mobile sponge and I'm back on shore this is the final battle if I don't win here let this be for me if you've enjoyed the ride So far please like and subscribe to our channel. I promise you that I will always do my best to win. With these words, Sandy and I jumped into the water and headed towards the city. On day 99 we walked to the outskirts as far as we could. seeing the mayor standing between the buildings so much destruction that i can see now that the mayor lost control of his own mind seeing him like this scared me it affects me too do you remember what happened for the scientists to fight the power of our friendship and me will they take out mind control this is the same technology i won't let anything happen to him i stopped in the city and got as close to the mayor as possible without putting myself in danger hey mayor why don't you find someone your size the mayor turned and looked at me I took out the secret weapon there was a flash of light and I felt it strange man but I felt power flow through me.
How is it possible? This scientist betrayed me. I waited for the madness to take over, but nothing happened. i was the user it just made me stronger your reign of terror is over the people of this town deserve better the mayor supported us and traded blows he was strong but with my new powers he still had me i never felt better do you think that makes you special you nobody can den, you couldn't even save the scientist, let alone an entire city, his words, but he knew the scientist would have wanted me to stop the mayor if it wasn't for you, no one would need saving, no one would ever have.
I have been hurt, science had recognized that what you are is a cheater, he only made the mayor more angry and launched a series of attack machines stealing almost all the life points and unleashing the strongest burst of fire that his heart has not had. The mayor fell to the ground. and i disappeared i held back sandy you did it we go home on the 100th we went back to the base it was too big to fit in the base but sandy said i still wanted to live there so muddy back and forth to the sea if the people from the city turned me to catch you need to know exactly where to find me