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John Lennon - Imagine (Tammo Förster) | Blinds | The Voice of Germany 2022

Aug 27, 2022

John Lennon - Imagine (Tammo Förster) | Blinds | The Voice of Germany 2022

2 euros he wants to put boys in july yes the boys are what's your name because i'm from the forester i'm 19 years old like tango forester camera the two points are still funny i'm 19 and i'm from tula later it really hurts was together with julia stark can i make a short cd is if i later about duderstadt it was very embarrassing i'll tell you right away water cliffhanger first how did we deserve to be able to hear you so it's been my dream to do everything with music since i was little because i love music i've been making music for the last few years and i've loved it for years and have to be there sometimes but who does he actually say music like that do you have buddies with whom you make music together i actually do most of it time when i make music with her there are my mother was actually doing gigs everywhere or singing old together so you go with your mother voluntarily, so to speak how should i


your mother and you yes yes he is practicing songs or something or do you write songs together to actually no one in front of me just together songs that already exist and what do you call the fö


s or what do you want so we usually don't have any real name we the performer weeks were usually pretty cool tell me if you come up here with a song like that why this song i mean how it probably gets everyone worried it actually always helps in difficult times or is exactly about that and i just think it moves the lyrics are brilliantly simple and also how



john lennon   imagine tammo f rster blinds the voice of germany 2022
performed it i find it incredibly remarkable that in your intention to entertain you also bring in an aspect namely the attitude you recognize you have transported political or social content in a song because it really is at the moment is appropriate and there are few who pack such content in their music and i think it was important to talk about mus ik can reach a lot of people that you can do with your art is definitely true having parents is very difficult because it means so much for so much and i have the feeling as in an older generation than yours paid not to apologize for all the shit we do built and is it really important that this song would be sung because hope is the only one that we can never give up and i'm happy when i see someone like you just 19 the knowledge and the talent to experience the fire like you my liability thank you yes you you play an instrument yourself accompanies yourself and you're still incredibly young and still i have the feeling that you have something to say and that you want to give something to the people with your music i found it incredibly great when people come as i mean that's quite a few of course points that someone coaches me that kind of connects me with peter stein myself once on the stage when i was in elementary school where he did the tabaluga festival what is tabaluga fest do you disguise yourself as tabaluga figures and then it happens or what or who but luca fest duderstadt what's up max got either we do it together or
john lennon   imagine tammo f rster blinds the voice of germany 2022
always yes factors so behind so a little more than ten years ago i think it was about ago that happened here in duderstadt and he also sang on the stage and of course there are two dressed up lukas imprecise i can add a bit if you have a foundation for traumatized children and tabaluga is the leading figure our foundation and the duderstadt there is an unbelievable institution for the benefit of traumatized children that was probably the moment when we met for the first time without being able to do it because it also tells your story what you disguised as tabaluga also at the start or at the festival or yes I think my story wouldn't quite confirm his decision for me, so I'm going to race and you again al in a quiet personal moment tells a feverish story it's really embarrassing we should sign the city's golden book and peter was standing right behind me and so every spd mayor of duderstadt 100 meters should of course also write in the book but we should first but that was no longer in tabaluga no i don't know if tabalugas were there too i don't know at least i should write now silbermond duda i've disowned myself since then i won't forget this city that's really not easy that's natural some points that someone in coaches connects me a bit but i have made a decision i'm going to 3 the winners can play thank you very much horny get okay how much his mobile phone is given immediately take care of your performance