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JP Performance - Erst jetzt ist es ein Supra!

Sep 02, 2022

JP Performance - Erst jetzt ist es ein Supra!

beautiful and welcome to another of your company geneva formans gmbh it will be fun the so the video was mixed with other things but before we really get into the topic and its workshop something very very nice here and such a vehicle a toyota


against the kerne and now i just got information where i live i was a bit over the moon because everyone said yes it is a bmw and it is not a toyota at all now some things are changing because this car is a manual transmission they are all yes then it is yes just wait and compper bmw the z4 also decides rain on this manual transmission is from toyota and also only on the totally super that will no longer exist and simply converting a car from an automatic to a switch is not at all like it is one thing that requires a few changes in parameters, i.e. steering chassis revised and as I heard earlier, differential is also still h let's know revised that means the rifle will be a lot more fun and above all I'm curious how it was implemented we also made a switch where we started we didn't know anything about it actually the gear box doesn't fit either the v10 on but still it's cool for me to watch how kills did it myself because it was made by toyota so 140 hp same car and new colors there are also the car as I think a very blatant color or we have at the start and I don't have it, I also have the information program forums so that you can take the model home with you, yes, what with a manually shifted and rear-wheel drive vehicle will be an exciting task, I know it will be difficult today, but I will get them, but the tires are fine connected yes this is a prototype that first existed at least in europe there were of course other interested parties who already had the car a Thoroughly tested ok so he hasn't seen much but we're here in Germany very early today ok and you then reacted from the audience so i think it's really cool because i know how the industry works and they are that's that an act double many people is just you now the switch but something to punch through that not you it's like that i remember it was presented as very automatic our downs had answered the questions is there also a switch first drive the automatic and then talk we continue with the automatic is also really great but yes the schalke fans were heard fire it was actually built something tailor-made tinkered together here you have about you is really so that is then an additional option this sort of then there is that is not so normal So let's get in there, we'll see how the whole thing feels, then you've really put a lot on it like the city Ergonomics is the feeling of shifting that it is really good because when I think of the center console I thought so too we converted ours it is not ideal it is high it was built by automatic reported that in the channel you're done with that i'm curious how it was implemented and you also have a sun is sounding adjustment cmt or would it be important i can still show the risk because that's exactly where everything is showing i'm still discussing with him of the year well the administration for the people who are looking for cars is great because at the moment cars are really scarce on the planet but it wasn't there was yes please be back on time by the next season because what you wrote was extra redesigned you close that leighs so you can see directly a few switches were parked the live is mainly with how systems are now here here are that is really different s borg i have to say it looks like the original 92 again so it looks like the industry is tight but really here is his story about it here tried different ships that is the best that sits best also has certain heaviness the only thing that weighs in this car now has increased in lightweight package now i got with just right so we also offer it based on the automatic with premium package so with gbl head-up display and with the live package there will be a slimmed down version so everything heavy is forbidden it is then a total of 38 kilos lighter and here it is in comparison with 17 kilos the automatic transmission is heavier 15 kilos lighter more precise comparison to the automatic and enjoy it again our new aluminum rims also brings another almost five kilograms so a switch is a lightweight package like not so around the five hessian circles i exactly 38 kilos total so the 22 ddr has in comparison to m automatic and with the lightweight package electric seats out call out so at 38 kilos added but that seems even lighter that's exactly what the 17 should drive okay well I'm really curious how that moves and don't mind the tires very much so so and so many little things touched so a bit readjusted and mostly the driving feel for the switch has to be repositioned and of course no longer relocated is considered nobler so I find the interior in connection with the outside but I still find it insofar and both the classic colors of really cool switch so I'm curious because the automatic title does the job well that's not not stupid mean that does it really well but the name of the engine where yes at the beginning I wanted to get around was now suddenly around 600 700 hp cre now the mother was good but that in connection with the automatic was just it he didn't switch the double clutch powerpoint it was it was just simple e in an automatic transmission which does its job but I can handle the emotions and now I think I should get in the emotions place here I have already seen the sound of an assistant we make it up inside is not just very short well now we really want to take a look that's how you drive nice and sideways the seat goes lower than the old one we have i sit better you need that crass is quite unusual and which is also extreme the car is hornier in sydney that's a horny guy up here on the ball this corner here you can really nice it's he fingers that's such a hook we've already made we don't want to meet want to see how it feels then drive or doesn't it quite work out as if it were a combination Wouldn't really be cool I honestly have to say that's not a bad thing but first of all it's a total loss I didn't want to be from the market anymore and first of all I didn't want to be really crazy how it should be s car then suddenly also a rather scary take your hand from the steering wheel and put the car technically seen actually more complicated to drive you would say said we yes now do that now I drive through that was that wasn’t what I kite mega train first here it passed like that there is no comparison to the completely different car so all those who were waiting underneath we don't know I don't know now is cool the question is just how and will it take a while until the first the clutch comes houses because you need it now in any case, you can no longer bang those 600 hp on the engine with the forest run because you don’t have to do anything at the company beforehand, now I’m very much assuming that you, whatever the gear ratio, is simply better yes, finally fun and again the success moves like a poem and should also turn on the engine is only now showing its full potential because with the converter it was done before not so possible you can't call up the gear so nicely with the converter now until first there you come assistants a few videos are fine and I think we haven't ridden like that before but first that's okay quite good that's not know what recently you don’t always have to go through it like that because my vehicle has a lock at the back and of course lock it in because you notice it immediately, so now do it switch change that means now he would have to double-declutch mail himself right now in the 3 and now and without stepping on the gas yourself, the 2 equals the speed at which you should have evenly passed + I think if you slowly shift up the power drops sympathetically which is practically that's a lot of fun yes I have to admit I have to admit that that was really awesome to switch to him in the grip to switch at 3 that was wrong point at the end of the aisle it was also nice that such a situation tablet just g elenkt and when it comes to steering, that's already the ass employed in situations where the converter hasn't given the power so freely, he simply did his job very well, doesn't want to badmouth the automatic transmission, but for all those who want the super for the name and for them heritage who are so attached to it because super is the norm names in car history for young people so 49 l was super and skyline and 911 aren't that many more so less these names should have these super cult names really aren't there so many but the change in character between the switch and in the automatic car so 70 percent of the banging around what we are doing here with the automatic would not have been like for example from the breakdancer then downshifting he would have pulled his hut tight and nice and good but nothing happened it took a while and now it's just really super cool also manages to line up so minimally it makes it good was dri tte then that's not bad from Sibiu can what I just said succeed this temperature window for all those who make sure it's still intact from rubber tires if the tire starts making such a bright song then it has to stop because it has to have to go down again Comes on tour believe me I'm freezing from experience I'd say it's always shot twice we're doing a few porn shots and jumping back into the workshop okay because if we don't do it for that long from the inside then we won't come far shorter aprilia had shorter final drive ratio also means 100 would be very interesting because it means shorter final drive ratio it should actually be faster if the speed fans are upset that we can do 100 km h in second gear and we have a letter about it that means we still have to I think the factory specification is somewhere around 4.4 4.3 seconds or something like that, I think I don't know the converter not we will find out 2 or wanted to turn he would also have a pattern at the moment these moments when you see these video recordings where you have to make a good swerve for a moment that's exactly what we'll do again but like I switched a bit too hard that I closed took a lot of strength with me into second gear so that the end was so exaggerated that's how it feels do it again I want to come in less than five seconds manually that still has to try hard again where we can do it differently because the engine is so well made from the exhaust housing that it really early with it even if it had happened the other way around 33 what you faster that has to go that has to go shit now come no ok 50 100 seats so we just drove super and now we have something that is very very nice club will be several points of view we got a cleaning gift from kärcher even before it would be cool if you make a video en could it be there of us without and who all the time you so yes yes yes a friend of mine an audi this lady there and i happened to see your seats and then i put one and one together that is the right moment for this show the device i know that there are videos that you just like to look at just great service are united i hope the seats are very dirty i hope that the device can do it too we can make the seats look like this yes i'll be back i'll also say that we no got an idea where we move let's go so we see it's an advantage how did you get the feeling because i've been telling the boys the whole time it would be about your son from the passenger seat i can see right now that the driver is the same your son can do it doesn't drive a car, everyone takes it, but we set ourselves the funds, we always sit here on the ones with bikinis, the information I could be very important for this video, oh ok, well, it's happy g cared for like back then when i so the tweaking the car we have this video volkswagen so we will now the twelve berlin with 12 milliliters of water natural power is for me very little of the cleaner put in 12 milliliters not 120 12 and then a liter of water in me would say it fits easily 13 let's put 36 milliliters of the stuff on it how do we measure that said a good eye says i said good end of the time yesterday would be that's too much cleaner 120 with me yes ok the salons so that's exactly what i had already used once you do first i think so then it will go on but talk about it constantly persistently we are full of dirt if we ever get such a course for he once showed us are not careful we can go over it to den hard today boiled then we'll do a few more wet we've really pushed through and now it looks like something's going to happen we say we'll do it once like how long Weilig is 33.10 there is a small spot there is one and behind this small fat one the Feldberg but I would say for the first try it was a bit tough it club we will find out again and do it more precisely but I think it still needs clean another because a bit more crass goes into the fabric but the money is
jp performance   erst jetzt ist es ein supra