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JP Performance - Wird die Bestzeit fallen ? | BMW M4 CSL auf der LaSiSe!

Aug 25, 2022

JP Performance - Wird die Bestzeit fallen ? | BMW M4 CSL auf der LaSiSe!

welcome to the wonderful you can see reforms on the channel of your choice he was slightly to the right under the canadian was in any case we will do something today where i notice how i feel and feel that a certain tension arises because i also want to do justice in the car today we drive the m4 csl on such a lake on a michelin cup 2 r a tire that causes a lot of excitement in the scene that also has very high potential that can also be very good for this route that cars are 100 kilograms lighter than a normal one in the 470 hp recommends more than a normal one has on the front axle and significantly more camber so the adjusting screws that caused the previous m4 a bit of problems have really been turned, which means before we get started here I want to talk to you again that they go through the men's record is 52 seconds i see that as unrealistic that ethos can yes that's just the go it's enough with the grip de n on the rear axle, with the tires it has and the weight distribution it had, it's already a very well-made car, second place is the mclaren 27, it's getting more interesting with 53 1, of course, has significantly more smoke, it's a lot lighter than that car then you drove the musical film with it no then the r8 v10 compressor now we come to the first car 53.8 seconds and now he comes 35 gt r with chassis and wheels is a 53 9 driven the silver one but the silver one has the same


like that has 4 wheel drive which is a bit heavier has 4 wheel drive which of course really helps but I would say 1 35 motor and now really holding on is worse and by the christian responsiveness and so I would really like that then they bucket seats mm 4 csl really made for driving fast for little else would be so back has definitely been good in itself money not like that you're a couple too sometimes 270 even his company panda 72 500 kilometers then you talk again and again i like it too so gt3 is also has bucket seats yes but they are on a long drive then i'm a bit hornier so difficult how do you see great but have to be clear be that it is a 1 csl yes so you really really have to keep that in mind but at the beginning you got all the way in there I felt super cool sitting I said yes and then only after a while you think like this and now taken care of now comes the most interesting one time and then comes after the day in detail can also be between but then comes a 4g 82 so this car doesn't recognize all these features 54 3 worries now is of course the point where i made life difficult for myself that we never exactly placed the pylons on borsigplatz the same yes that means i don't know because the time was manipulated a bit now we fixed them the pylons now they are always the same that means the times have n now all come are super comparable so 54 3 of course like to have a tip from you and from you what you think is faster so a second exactly before you have to say a different times than you probably have to say the one below it so but but but really tight but really tight so my mood is good on the field doesn't need any pressure yes also that I'm wrong no one can really recommend that that the time is almost the same as normal what I can't imagine but that that that can happen we sit down and will tie up a bit was but start with the brakes let's see how he makes this little mini jump because that's the way it is with fast cars when you come to exactly this jump we saw at the tt follows the video comes after first it can be yes then they can destroy everything then everything is in the section then then you have some borsig place in there that just sucks so let us in and there nn let's see what gm I've set everything I think I'll also all topics that in the fan age that is now just left Canada that already interpret his father after the now social tension not get through which want through or so the reason why i react like this is this this this place pulls towards the city i said i don't want to drift there but that's the asphalt towards each other great desire do you have such a kit moment which just animates to lock the rear differential and then driven at a rear car arises just let the rear axle marius holst and i was over it and the chassis scans the ground the tires are leveled only briefly mowed once nothing else wobbled the thing is just because you shouldn't underestimate when you do something like that then that the car does that, so the better the car is, the more difficult it is actually was now I and the car have to work in unison ionizing yes that can also go quite haywire i didn't think it fits very very impressive yes that was really impressive and now you have to see where is the best operative window for the tire too when we see what it does when you welcome the gas power plant is very easy to weaken very powerful everyday so folks the engine is small compared to the recommendation the hatred that this colleague builds up here when he goes into the pressure in the titanium exhaust system rehearses that's it's a lot of fun and at the same time real it's been a long time since a car is so beguiling more because it also makes a bit of a ship so just so that's where I had to say now it was just put across and then you hit the gas again and again at the beginning you really propelled yes yes only really propelled Was there then the acceleration, you already need that by shit, it's going to be very, very social, or isn't it quite, I really have to hold on tight en this shouted everyone at work ready we are all there to work guest author i expected a lot sonova csl and so logo on it and so special model but he ok i still have a bit of air pressure to make fun of it tension increases i want a start and then it starts then you can also let them become wider 450 2 first laps 450 2 first laps the abs that you can't imagine 53 9 come after and then that's the constellation is really high for me especially and also no job that's really terrible so we didn't have a job was tire pressure I did about it under of 23 was in front 53 ok so I have the times here I want to see for myself so we drove caspers 353 7 53 7 year only a rash than the r8 v10 compressor joy of driving mclaren was 53 1 and gt3 still with 52 companies but it is also due to the drive concept because the engine at the front is the driven axle at the rear and with the porsche that is simply accurate the other way around and just like when you come out somewhere you simply have the driver's confidence and the feeling that you can do more and harder if you can you step on the gas because the motor is on top of the axle and the power is propelled and you have it here you always have a lot of torque but you always have this slip this time this slipping moment looks like the correction on the lap so we have a camera we put the camera on the steering wheel so what I can do now is this is what I have planned where already what you get it is for a halfway opel driver he can make very fast pace very cool with the car it is not as dangerous as you think the 3s the 250 fans go to the organizer than that i would like to know about the bmw people on another other aps in here is another abs tuning or something because like the aws in connection with the grip the 1 1 was the best like me so was really very good what did ger wisely and wisely the animal approaches that it starts to regulate but it never bothered me here regulated as you need it or if you want the tire because if it is generally very important to normal and heated up the abs says it is rated for this what is allowed in the shit he knows but that's super cool working together as you can see i'm really full so sky the risk of throwing away is only minimal at 12 points but i would say much much much much faster if you look at it now you get the idea from the tire you could see the ground you can see the bonuses underneath that is states people stamp this a few times to numerous we do the lap in cycling and you look at the ground so i cant believe the front tire is worn wrong but we have 0.4 with tires due to pressure built up on the small laps and we are already standing have left that power here it looks on the ground look at how we'll get out of the undercarriage you have to think about it you come here then it lifts off here once and you see that the undercarriage is working and also the abs there is a stronger trace of the weaker trace of the stronger trace of the weaker trace and that deduct you live here that means the tire has less bureaucracy the mass of the vehicle the tire needs the power he just doesn't have plus 1 abs regulations i'll tell you there would be nine tips and the other cars at the pace the young ones are coming will you go straight through them and then he had to go forward we also go and in any case click on the level in the normal m4 and say yes yes then you will get there and then you will still get him every bend you come in yes, still in and see what tracks he pulls in the normal cornering the outside and there when accelerating out even with one I know I was very behind with the left door was the last tenth lap I think I said ok now I definitely greet the red devil there he is then in the the door a joke but you still fit really cool what this route demands of the car you can tire pressure 0.4 bar and I I've already lowered it was already down and this here on this small course for three laps for three laps is really really nice but unfortunately we can do that quite a lot of correction and then it's over and also the front axle holder has unfortunately never been a bit barkenberg after he got out you were full of energy so it's super fun for me too if you if the g-forces i also love driving a slow car maximum here but it's just for you as a driver then you do it in the car together and get out and everything is cool but here is already so you really critical the lemon is right up anyway we'll try that it comes down further over time j now it's getting difficult because you need a car that's so well tuned good ingredients in the west ingredients definitely where do we start or are we already there we're right in the middle of it and then we're back from the situation see man I was sweating while driving that was really exhausting but super car bomb handling is really fun we ironed a 53 7 on the asphalt and thus the bmw m 4 csl occupies third place on our ranking list i would have almost said right behind mclaren 27 but it was 0.6 seconds there there's still a little bit left, we'll see where the journey is going with the vehicle
jp performance   wird die bestzeit fallen bmw m4 csl auf der lasise