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Klaas eskaliert im Sommer 2022 (Layla, Haftbefehl, Lehmann) | Late Night Berlin

Sep 07, 2022

Klaas eskaliert im Sommer 2022 (Layla, Haftbefehl, Lehmann) | Late Night Berlin

said don't trigger old grandpa names so everything will find a second term otherwise it would have to go down well in front of the world press if they let some trick show juice help telefonica come that's a mood here what it's worth in money backstage area for one use round pot knocks ok now he has to sell the constantly spinning top you'll never find it before it's on stage shit so now she would borrow a chainsaw here to cut the grass yeah really annoying but not crazy so if you go crazy in the uefa cup game before behind the balls dennis aogo gets racially insulted but that gives me a completely serious impression, i'm already upset, the chainsaw demolished the reason obviously felt his view of lake starnberg, that's not possible cht's liver is quite untested there could be a psych exam atric because


has been performed more often you have to act a little more human all of germany thinks you are a nasty idiot nobody loves you almost six weeks wants to practice this dance i did it again the poor thing so yes with soy and i don't forget there he came for me now you saw friedrich merz at the cdu summer party of the dance mix c-3po and more a lot of stromberg so it's really the danced energy crisis so it has to be very deep how deep why yes true how many meters because I don't belong to any cool farmer from germany make holes in my stomach he asked but it should be in the ground yes how deep exactly is it straight but first of all here i stop i say yes i can do that in chile a hole has been opened in the ground the mysterious sample has a diameter of about 25 meters and must be 200 meters deep it is completely frozen I have been so busy trying to figure out what led to the appearance of the hole that once u na warm welcome to mallorca i just wanted to fill a mini bar for a moment this particular void we have gotten past world wars since june drink your distrust and something like that goes to the balcony and you leave here i have a box of cigarettes for you maybe Maybe you also have an ashtray, just support them, then the cigarette will practically go out in the flight against the wind and nothing will happen, you will have a great time, that would be 13 are in force the young people of münster are accused of having set fire to a restaurant in arenal eyewitness reports of cigarette butts falling into the bamboo over there and said to have started the fire i just played a bit with the mouse here you can't do anything else right now the song comes to mind once i wrote my cat you love yourself and that's what happens before i have my house my cat's name is laila she is sweeter and softer little anna unfortunately we have to promise that i shouldn't do such a wicked malle take it out e that ok great german charts mega vibe there are banned but the city thinks it's too sexist wurzburg trees should lead the mainstream mood again now it seems even more like the schlesinger woman here let's hang some flowers on the wall there below that really does what he will also be representative how you have 1000 here you get the chemist more than 20 it's the same a bit of a freelance journalist you have to have a bad life working here at rbb you have to experiment like a church mouse and the width is strong we are but we are public law we are going to make a good bottle for now it is really nice that is yes finally a working lunch here and then we talk about italy parquet has to be heard the new wedding in the office of patricia schlesinger almost 16,000 a wall green with plants 7500 euros several sofas 22,000 euros patricia schlesinger i said let's rock let's start something new patricia schlesinger she is fired without notice the army will probably not recover from this crisis accusations of nepotism, waste and taking advantage every day there are new revelations that I maintain a terrible state of mind that we are all living in this house today is a very sad day for rbb and believe me and they hit and then it gets the same
klaas eskaliert im sommer 2022 layla haftbefehl lehmann late night berlin