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Krasser als 7 vs.WILD?🕷10 Tage im berüchtigtsten Dschungel der Welt. Die große Veränderung dan

Nov 01, 2022

Krasser als 7 vs.WILD?🕷10 Tage im berüchtigtsten Dschungel der Welt. Die große Veränderung dan

I'm Yvonne and I spent ten days in the most notorious jungle in the world on a route no one else has traveled before through mud, rain and poisonous animals and plants it seems as if the jungle is going to swallow you and never let you go When and if we would all come out healthy again, in some cases no one knew, in addition to countless tiredness, illnesses and fears, there were also feelings that I had never felt before, how I have changed as a result, you can see at the end of the video the last night in Panama City.
krasser als 7 vs wild 10 tage im ber chtigtsten dschungel der welt die gro e ver nderung dan
The expedition starts early in the morning. We went deeper and deeper into the jungle first by car and then by boat until we reached a small village for the last time. time in civilization before we disappear deep into the jungle here we learn our token and our hammock for the first time hanging it is very important that nothing touches the ground it is not an easy task for me to think at every step thousands of thoughts cursing in my head my son almost nothing starts in the middle of the night I can hardly open an eye my stomach is going crazy suddenly it clears up because we are so close to the equator the weakest link in the group is always ahead and sets the pace the s


of every day starts early in the morning and goes until just before sunrise you get wet all the time because the paths are muddy and it goes up and down all the time i am learning to filter my water for the first time our guide explains everything about the animals and plants poisonous because it is very hot and muggy, the first one overheats and we cool off a bit in the water it stays dry and then the hammock is ready, which we always c We ate hot, we had a cook with us and so it was relatively early to bed we were asleep at 8 p.m. m. at the latest and then we usually woke up before dawn around 5am. m.
krasser als 7 vs wild 10 tage im ber chtigtsten dschungel der welt die gro e ver nderung dan
Rick, our guide, always planned the route and indicated the way in some way I also miss having to trust a stranger 100% usually ten of us plus the guides the jungle is so dense a few meters further and hardly any more the group was seen, so it was always very important to stay together on the fourth day we went to a small tribe that lives with a stupid here. then we replenish our food supplies and we can relax and rest a bit about 200 residents live here who even have their own school their own soccer field and mostly spend their whole life here the people there were very curious and already waiting for us looking forward to and cannot understand at all that we came up with such an idea k Some of us voluntarily went to the jungle.
krasser als 7 vs wild 10 tage im ber chtigtsten dschungel der welt die gro e ver nderung dan
They checked our feet for this jungle fungus that can come on very quickly due to humidity and is extremely painful. happy people are here with so little so we distributed the new food everyone had seven kilos to carry then we also photographed the food so that the cook would find it in the respective backpack having a roof over your head felt like a luxury here Cockroaches for me a minor matter, but unfortunately they were in my cosmetic bag and also on my toothbrush. I didn't see that directly and brushed my teeth with the roach shit. it was on a route that no one else had traveled before in the area which was simply because we were now the first group to be away from home in the rainy season and all the rivers were correspondingly extremely turbulent so we had no chance of to be on the usual route and we simply had to find a completely new route, as you can see, yes, already here, how much power the rivers had, so there are really some disturbed on the river, of course, they were also the best, for what one or the other cut his knee, yes, in general, he just had to be careful many had also been infected meanwhile one had a fever, had terrible diarrhea, the other vomited, so you can't imagine all this weather in the jungle , it's something completely different, we rarely saw the sun among the dense vegetation, and Ben, I tried to catch some rays, it was often very calm, everyone was very alone in their own thoughts.
krasser als 7 vs wild 10 tage im ber chtigtsten dschungel der welt die gro e ver nderung dan
On the way, you had many hours of walking every day to think, although somewhere you just let your thoughts wander a bit because somehow you didn't really have the strength to think deeply about basic human needs. drink something to eat at night and then camp you just have to make sure you don't get thrown in your face or stepped on or laced into some poisonous animal and then there were even poisonous plants everywhere so man don't have time to think of anything else anywhere the animals in the jungle can hardly be seen also here in this video i don't even know anymore they look they are so high here was what is this that's why i decided on this expedition because i was extremely dissatisfied at the time and just I wanted something completely new, I just needed a draft As a new challenge, of course, it was always my dream to be in the jungle and feel the jungle, really perceive the noises, smells and all that in real life, thanks to my camera equipment, my backpack was even heavier than most. another age plus three kilos of water 26 however, it was a nice feeling to know that you can survive for so many days with only one backpack even in the jungle, that also changed my perspective extremely afterwards, but of course I was happy when it was slowly reaching its end and our most accomplished goal is hard to describe the feeling during the expedition i felt stronger day by day this energy in the jungle was enormous and the more the jungle demanded of me the stronger and more autonomous sure i felt the rain and nature and not dating, not being available, it all felt so magical even though it was crowded It was mud and it stank like I had no idea what was good just thinking about surviving or living and you just lived in the here and now Of course, the tour alone was not the trigger for all my subsequent changes, but the exposure made sure that I see myself better and clearer and recognize who I really am and what makes me. it comes and what not and that I can be the person I want to be today and not the person I was yesterday, hello dear ones back home the The jungle tour was a few weeks ago and I have to tell you something because some things have just changed and I wanted to tell you now, I have divided these changes into eight categories, after that Joey will come and something like that. tell it from your point of view and then we will answer some of your questions which are really very interesting.
krasser als 7 vs wild 10 tage im ber chtigtsten dschungel der welt die gro e ver nderung dan
Also, my perspective on material things and on time has changed and the first big point is that I'm currently doing some kind of therapy called magical cleansing, there's a podcast and a book about it and I'm really looking forward to learning from everyone or by complete. It is easy to separate many material things because I have already accumulated a lot and during the jungle tour I just realized that you are much happier with less things, so that's how it is for me, so let's go straight to the second point, that is, no only to classify material things, but also to deal with the value of time more fully, and also to classify certain people in your own life, I also noticed that what is around you is very important, and I would like to be more aware of my time and treat with him somehow people just say that they are not good for me and I don't want to deal with them anymore der d The first point is that my self-confidence has also been strengthened again, I mean Corona, that also left me with a footprint and it was also the motivation for this jungle ride to say, okay, I just have to do something for myself now.
krasser als 7 vs wild 10 tage im ber chtigtsten dschungel der welt die gro e ver nderung dan
I need a challenge just for me that will push me completely to my limits and somehow ignite this fire that has really been burning a little bit in the background for the last couple of years and my flame is very high right now because of that and I . I'm full of new energy and then we come to the fourth point, and I said okay, I say drugs, like alcohol and sometimes smoking, smoking shisha or something like that is not good for me, it inhibits my development so much that it makes me just lame and knocked out.
I'm already looking for two beers or something the next day and I just can't. I am so full of power to do what I want to do and that's why I said no, I don't feel like it right now, I don't want to use my strength for better things Point number 5 the relationship with jerry has changed, among other things, it was the first Once in our relationship that Jerry and I didn't have any contact for a certain amount of time because I didn't have a cell phone in the jungle and then I realized that nothing is a matter of course and the relationship and love for Jerry just want to cherish even more. and that's why it's had a very positive effect on our relationship Point number six that really applies to you you've already noticed somehow I make my stories my content Design a little differently that's easy because I realized that I don't enjoy it as much anymore, just filling my day somehow.
I didn't feel any of it, it doesn't do anything for my creativity, which means I somehow got courage through the jungle to try new things, it's good that I can develop more and that's why I would like to develop myself. myself more when it comes to my content, of course, and I do it there. I just have content that seems a little more creative to me, where you might have to listen and take a closer look and not just film something stupid, I just want to put in a little more work, a little more love, a little more creativity, that's why it's changed so much that I don't always just talk to the camera, even though I just don't feel like it. everything, that means i really just do a lot more what i love and i actually think that's a good thing and everyone should do that a lot more, so don't be mad at me if the content changes a bit. n has changed for me, it's much nicer, so we come to the seventh point.
I've noticed again how blatantly this nature is just good for me, how much power nature gives me and that I hardly need this city thing anymore and that's how the eighth point played out and that is that Jerry and I would definitely like to have a house here in germany we just found our dream house it's our turn we already received the verbal confirmation you know by then the notary goes and i have no idea what there is still a long way to go so i don't want to tell you everything too euphorically here , it's just a decision, but it's our dream house and it kind of developed because people said: hello, we love the dream house outside of Cologne, it's on the edge of the forest it's our little base our sacred place in nature here now outside our apartment out of town and there fr Let's get excited and now I'd say Jerry's coming, Jerry come come so now Jenny can tell you how she felt too Coming here, how did you perceive the change in general?
Yeah I think in some ways it was a pretty good process so no it really took me a few weeks first to get back to a level like that to find yourself I have full shadows on my face full sun on my face that's bad yeah boom it was really rude so it was a time like that where we felt so disconnected I don't think we've ever had that before but I'm not doing it in a negative way I just mean a lot of time for you yeah and most of all , you came from the jungle and I came from the tour and we both experienced so much controversy. things but I find that the appreciation for the respect of others has grown again, first of all the respect that I have for Eva with what she has always had and I was always very, very proud of that, but this respect has definitely taken a differently now that we've been on the road so independently of each other all year and you're a bit far away you could see what the other one was doing and I liked that a lotreally great so I could get this appreciation for him again , of course, in a completely different way and I realized that it is so evident that it is always the same point in relationships, you always get to this point where people ask themselves or where you also wonder what could be better and in fact it's always just this typical human being that you think something has to change but that's the way it's just absolute appreciation and just plain stupid that they work like that together that's the way it is so often for me yes you mean things that one wonders if there is someone else where everything is much better or the person always has this three percent usually already so naturally everything that we also have all our happiness in us is not like what we have to be reborn now to lead a happy life for the first time when you have my shitty phase we have ben had all of that in us and most of all already in society you just have to work on it yes completely and most of all give yourself the time for us to do things independently, but it seems stupid that they somehow experienced it together, it's true. we enjoyed our time together much more shamelessly, but how did you find out what I was like when I came from the jungle?
So in the first moment I found that you were so totally with yourself and you realized that you don't really even need anything for yourself. because you're so happy with yourself and you were here in this apartment for what seemed like two weeks and you just enjoyed it so yeah that's good when you've done something whereyou're proud of yourself when you're like this. Jungle has experienced what you are so fascinated by so you are so complex and you have this pure satisfaction in you that it was nothing else but I would say we are going to go a Answering the questions from the community is also super exciting and you might as well understand one or two things.
That means sometimes you have a mentor by your side, no we don't have a mentor, I don't know exactly what. that means we don't have anyone to help us now, we just try to read books in some way that help us on our way with our vision and our positivity, or we say we will come and watch the right documentaries that I find. in this world in the Now we are in this consumer society so you just have to be careful that you don't get all the crap consumption that comes your way, but really look for things that really inspire you and take you further, so I can definitely say about the phrase mentors that you do that she has and that is us and above all our best friends with whom of course you also have very intense conversations and where you just grow from the fact that you talk so intensely with your friends about things, the next question is how old am I, did you leave thought patterns, behavior patterns, beliefs, I have to say that this jungle has just brought.
Zeroed me out overall to be away from it all so now I can really focus on what I really want and what's good for me now, not what I used to be or what I believed in, what's good for me, what you just have to do because you have to but i was able to start from scratch so to speak and now just do what i 100% love i know i definitely mean that for me personally the thought has just gone away somehow way. You always think so much about the Plan of the day, but that you really take each day anew and see what gives you energy and that brings you deep or negative in the day and how you got there, I came to the jungle tour going through something negative and so something positive developed life is full of ups and downs and after all the positive comes something negative and just the other way around and that's why i think it's important when you're in a hole that you don't give up but try to keep going from some way and try new things because that's the only way change can happen.
You were afraid of changing through the jungle in a different direction than Jerry. he made like it was a fluke only so Jerry had a challenge for himself and that was his music tour so he was busy with himself and going on tour for the first time of course it's amazing too and then he had this sense. of achievement this wow this depth Satisfaction in itself and that's how we were able to meet again and say yes, that's exactly how I had it after the D jungle that I did after the tour and we could understand each other, but it's always important that the couple don't say oh now he's doing something like jungle and i think it's a bit stupid but ok cool yeah support and watch you. and like how Jerry now says, hey I'm still concentrating on mine, that they just grow together but all by themselves too because that's the only way they can get back together of course exactly and then the next question arises: how did you come to that statement in your relationship one will still be two, that's actually what I'm saying, that each one is still looking for himself and saying hey the person is going through a cheeky phase right now and so, but how can I, what can I do? for me right now and it is that everyone has to find happiness for themselves in the end and only then can you also share this happiness with others.
Transmitting the best recipes of our relationship is that from the beginning. Like I said, as soon as one starts to restrict the other and one can't do that anymore and doesn't want to move sooner, our relationship doesn't make sense in that sense anymore and I think that's the privilege that we gave each other from the beginning everyone has. they have to live their dreams and if they live them and if they can enjoy them then together they are strong and different they don't work differently jerry's opinion of a new yvonne my opinion would describe you as more carefree now and i would definitely also say you feel more comfortable changing is it really a or is it only short term, everything is a process and only if you go to the jungle and do this journey, you don't have to think that it will automatically change anything about you, so it's short term that I personally had, but for months and years certain traits i'd like to change i've always tried to work and like i said sometimes it's weird mt so just this point that can reset everything that can help you put everything in zero really trigger this boom for everything and for me that was the jungle run which can be a trigger for anything else but it's important if you want to change that sometimes you go somewhere that just challenges you and something that's brand new , it's particularly important when you're in such a high phase still included because I wanted to stay in this phase but I also wanted to stay in my ball wow it was so great and I'm so happy I didn't want to forget all of that now I also wanted to celebrate the feeling afterwards and savor it on as long as possible because this top thread also tries to stay there as long as possible because you've worked for it and the important thing is, as I was saying, keep working on it and take it with you because otherwise the property will just evaporate update the house of our dreams in which we can have many children yes we realized oh i think it's good if you have your own so I think that this normal process the normal level of yes, you grow up, have children, then you get married, my dog ​​has my house and then life ends again because you are already walking towards the grave again.
I find that somehow it is always very unpleasant. idea for me I think we also have other concepts and other feelings when it comes to this separate thing, which is not built in such a structured way, but comes as it comes, happens as it happens and we don't want to get any structure or after life and now there is only the next step left and then the steps arrive the next step arrives it finds its base exactly and then there is an option in for expansion and then we will continue to travel as you said not to somehow get into this normal routine we want to break with everyone, just do everything a little different to work.
I'm still working on it and another big Neverland dream is of course exactly waiting, but still on our Neverland island there will of course also be a small base, well that was nice too. We will share our impressions here. tell you all the timing reports so you even understand which galaxy we just wrote in with the glitter only in the galaxy you can see the big glitter shine all in your face you know yeah great so we're happy you stick with us and we'll keep you especially informed about the next Werder and we hope that everything goes well in the house.
It's hard to believe that it's starting all of a sudden, toi toi toi, good that you're here and see you next time