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Kristen Bell MELTS Sitting Next to Jason Momoa | Daily Pop | E! News

Aug 27, 2022

Kristen Bell MELTS Sitting Next to Jason Momoa | Daily Pop | E! News

Stars they're just like us watch



turn into a puddle when



was joined to her well I don't wanna do sit ups anymore he can say whatever he wants ok it does I'm sorry I'm in his web I'm like I'm here there's a lot of rhythm coming from here there's rhythm coming from here no but that's I'm not releasing rhythm. what kind of rhythm are you It's like a rhythm I don't even know she was either cute or she was cute. Oh I see she put it out there. Hi


, you know what it is, you know what it is, what it is, sometimes you meet someone and they make you shake, you know what I mean, how they are, you just get not that feeling down there and you're like me I don't know what it's about but right like it's like someone's getting freezing hot oh god I can't tell what that's like like I'm just pretending wanna lie just a little strength



does it for me when i saw him on game of thrones i cant he looks now he looked like my ex thats whats really crazy hey jay said he plays okay hey


no you see ok go on no i was on the kelly clarkson show and uh from the vampire diaries ian it's summer holder summer holder his eyes and and then he said you know i had a crush on you three back then i'm almost salivating even thinking about it i could barely look at your kind of video his eye n his eyes were so pretty i like the eyeliner he wore on game of thrones not that i wore the eyeliner but if some of it wasn't so pretty no you know what you saw in that episode
kristen bell melts sitting next to jason momoa daily pop e news
didn't you know what you saw in that episode got look at those eyebrows look at he do it for me but i wouldn't turn In a photo for him really why would you turn it into a puddle four oh that's easy jp morgan , oh wait, and if his cousin is chasing, come right through, bring him up, threw me down, he's crazy, yeah, I see, wait, who is that? that wells fargo hello wells yes you are nice mr fargo hunt over here i have a place for you yes bring kettle we have more pop


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