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lex & t-low - Junkies mit Cash (Official Video)

Sep 02, 2022

lex & t-low - Junkies mit Cash (Official Video)

welcome to one of the best devil wears his balls i would stop if i could but the two sides i have walker but the greens of doctor i smoke is no time i want connected and keep typing codeine as long as no new one i can't eat anymore without fear unintelligible everyone is everyone that's easy because my coffee has and no trier should which means that the teams will never take me again when i'm debt free i've shown patience i watch my baby grow he buys himself up and full of ice cream that showed me that even a dark time can bear fruit as long as the hunger remains please i will make it must the wound yes i shield codine it won't get dark sprite i will never share my money with dogs they feature like will be passed around the feature only be the breeze in the hell the devil wears designer i would stop if i could but the palms wagner i have walker also just put them down that ain't no Codeine I don't smoke tin I'm a junkie with


and king move what I want there would be no recipe I'm connected continue codeine as long as my body lets me when my body is empty show me otherwise I never learned but then checked shit life is a test I fail the test because of jokes of the recipe someday the time will come boys where all of us will stop until then we will drive the Grand Boys yes I want to make everything proud oh my neck 40k and gold plates are hanging on my wall look at my account and my life are im you coming newest if you never take the bus again i would stop if i could put my
lex t low   junkies mit cash official video
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