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Lingard schließt Traumkonter ab - Spurs sind raus: Nottingham - Tottenham 2:0 | Carabao Cup | DAZN

Nov 11, 2022

Lingard schließt Traumkonter ab - Spurs sind raus: Nottingham - Tottenham 2:0 | Carabao Cup | DAZN

so honestly it's time for the league cup in england, more precisely the


cup, if you want to take the main sponsor with you, the league cap, the ifl cup in england is definitely a competition that many clubs take seriously, the big triple is not. but he's got a huge heart and that thing is hot minute people good night Fraser Forster what kind of cucumber was that that's dangerous again Forster this time with a good reflex against School Perry chic oh darling he went ahead with rum and that's almost expensive nachos de Methodology since the defense of the forest was no longer well organized for the first time it is not half time applause applause from the fans of the forest for this very good fight performance the promoted host keeps up very well with the spirits of London and so Savage with his 1.90 did that very rarely and passage 1 left left too central but the wake up call for the second half wears red no idea 90% Bundesl iga rap i think Rena would have whistled the shit and the The city ground counts from the ball, Mangala wins, I limit myself, but then there was enough time for the Spirit to prepare for what is coming from the position, but Sánchez does everything there. ntery so there's no resistance at all probably didn't have it on the screen that Loti can also do quite well with the right right and very well and very well turned into the corner no chance for Fraser Forster and the outsider is up front that's better and that's the second chance for sam sorridge oh yeah 4 with the front right on the back and the gate 20 wow the town grounds the venerable town grounds is once again a witness exactly where i wanted to put it and i think that also applies to sorry only somehow blindly brought into the middle but also because zero against us from


0 and the next one comes running and is also fixed on his feet with his lap for the third time after a thigh problem another time He already left against Liverpool now again misunderstanding and scratched the thing on the line but back in front already in the striker totally determined normal so that nobody goes to the ca ma crying tonight there is premier league therefore there is champions league next year and there is yellow red for mongala and that makes the number here perhaps even more interesting in the finals yes you can hardly argue against the scissors, so the job is over on the road after the prominence against mangala, it's just a matter of closing the thing behind you, in front of Brennan Johnson, the only offense, there are white a little behind and the rest defending, but nothing Determined enough against chat spins and therefore can't be anything with a goal success, kudos to the woods, kudos to Steve Cooper and his team.
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