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MADAM TROUBLE 1&2 (New 2022 Movie) Mercy Johnson 2022 Movies Mercy Johnson Nigerian Latest FullMovie

Oct 26, 2022

MADAM TROUBLE 1&2 (New 2022 Movie) Mercy Johnson 2022 Movies Mercy Johnson Nigerian Latest FullMovie

so, honey, what are you talking about? you're saying shut up stop pretending what's wrong with you could you what are you saying it's all good so you're not acting like I don't know what I'm saying wait it's ok no problem here prove me wrong alice foreigner oh my god hey stop it agnes where are my kids so why are they interested and look at this wretch oh it was friday i have the last day for school it's friday and no one was scared i don't get what you mean no one cares what my kids wear never mind agnes are you angry no sir I'm asking you are you stupid no sir you know what I'm saying is that they asked if I'm crazy.
madam trouble 1 2 new 2022 movie mercy johnson 2022 movies mercy johnson nigerian latest fullmovie
I say no I'm not Chris but she was asked about hers so I say say Agnes what's wrong? It's okay? What happened to his second uniform? Agnes listen for me, take my kids inside, undress them and at least I own this uniform, do you understand me, see finish up, sir, I was washing, this bird was a spoiler, Agnes, I said, take my kids back, undress them, their uniform, can't they go to school looking at this? you miserable foreigner at first i thought it was a male fever not until the lab result confirmed i am pregnant so how do you handle the job now that you are pregnant?
madam trouble 1 2 new 2022 movie mercy johnson 2022 movies mercy johnson nigerian latest fullmovie
It's okay, they'll give me four months leave after I return it. Okay, so you go back to work with your baby. Do I have a better option when she is still four months old? everyone does so why not me why wasn't I aware then you mean you didn't know the kids didn't come to school yesterday they were getting ready when I left for work yesterday and came back late I thought they probably came back as usual they weren't there at school yesterday and they missed an English paper because their exam started yesterday and that worried me he is a super track record Fitness needs to tell me why he didn't take my kids to school yesterday she needs she needs to tell me that's because it's not something strange to me in my mind honey actually olivia came here earlier today the kids skipped school and missed a very important exam and i asked agnes she told me not to go to school why did i tell you no? go to school why would you do that?
madam trouble 1 2 new 2022 movie mercy johnson 2022 movies mercy johnson nigerian latest fullmovie
I just told Agnes to take them back to the house and dress them and to please iron their uniforms because the uniforms were so wrinkled. Come to think of it, why wouldn't Agnes drive my kids to school to the point where they had to skip exams, that's the last straw. I won't take it as, but I have to get her punished, but why is Agnes lying to me? another chance for them to rewrite the exams yes i did oh ok but then we talk about whatever tomorrow is ok i'm so tired uh good night good night foreigner ok what is it yes move move shoot because focus on what I give you need to get out, we are talking about our children here, i want this traditional, sorry, what is this result?
madam trouble 1 2 new 2022 movie mercy johnson 2022 movies mercy johnson nigerian latest fullmovie
His results failed his food classes. They filled almost everything. they used to be very bright what was going on what to have here stanley field in english look at basic science he failed everything no i won't take this you know what you're going to get me his teacher ok i want do a job well get me his teacher ASAP , that's what I'm talking about, thank you guys, all my destiny, only they sing, it's me and you don't buy foreign gold, I get one with I listen to the boss of my dreams. I got my broom balls I was cooking myself, yeah you made me foreign Sorry foreign foreign, that's why I was surprised.
madam trouble 1 2 new 2022 movie mercy johnson 2022 movies mercy johnson nigerian latest fullmovie
You were calling attention to insult me ​​and you got shot. They shot you. you were born. I was my father. you don't know how to burn me huh huh go give them food go give them food they don't work everywhere as you must not have power to talk to me because she was wearing this clothes now he thought you were Amma but you left once you left yes I am Robert came at night what were your dogs came once? you're gone huh get power back security man for this house you give me mega food to get me through this morning i need to make a chop my guest strength day for this door hey look is it over? a jump better start jumping it was good to snack at night but you know how to get that intention I know if you jump I know if you jump go give me to do a job I never fall I know yesterday to jump wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, wait, wait wait what I have done for you Mr.
madam trouble 1 2 new 2022 movie mercy johnson 2022 movies mercy johnson nigerian latest fullmovie
Admissions I have been waiting for the right time to tell you this but I am happy you both now have evidence that your children are among the worst pups in school. aspects in neatness punctuality regularity academically in everything your children are declining rapidly Mr. Charles, you better do it before it's too late, thank you very much. a lot even olivia thank you and one more thing your children don't come to school what do you mean my children don't come to school with lunch they don't eat at school I take me to prepare food for them before I go to work every morning you mean for telling me Agnes not to give my kids food food i bought with my own money this is unacceptable i can't stand this this is too mean mean oh dave how is my baby in your womb?
I can feel it? Of course, what's wrong with you? She just kicked my ear don't be silly oh my gosh oh honey I want to talk about something. i am doing if i quit my job because i have everything to take care of the family i have enough money so not enough because i will not stay at home. on your own from there you can hire people who can serve you it's better than that your job I don't love my job and I want to practice my profession I've had enough of this your stupidity my decision is better you should leave that job it doesn't make sense foreign traffic there was a lot of traffic there was a lot of traffic don't ask me where Who was your sister to get her into the basement every day?
She wasn't flexible, uh, foreigner, my job, hey, Chopper. Do you know how from anywhere before she brought the iron? Don't you blame me? Of course I am because if you've taken charge, it's fine, come on, of course. Mother, our children will be where they are today, so how is it my fault? father, what was he supposed to do? I'm a parent that I didn't do or that I'm not doing that a parent must do now it will be very difficult for our children to pick up because they will start from scratch from point A now listen young lady would you have a friend friend at your house do you understand me fix the garbage in your house you I warned I don't think I regret it very well I'm fine because I was driving I'm not playing that what I'm thankful of course you are now you're unemployed he's unemployed God will send me to Earth to say he went he didn't go under his house again for that you were born so why do you do it?
I had the intention that each crop that I was taking care of should also see what my eyes will see when I am small they must protest what my mouth was proof when I am small because I am so far away I am Nami I am so far away I am often I am so far away you have to leave get out of this revenge and live your life now that you still have a reason to see my assistant end for real huh i wasn't there you weren't worried about matana not caring what baffles me is the fact that George can't give you reasonable advice Yes, that's not called a judge, it's not called a judge, I don't want to, I don't want to tell you again, I wasn't understanding. intention to fight you don't call george biko no problem now time will surely tell time will tell you don't even fake us to see product judge i should call him brother like what he hasn't gotten into that now don't say george again sorry, I'm so sorry dear, it's all my fault, I should have asked questions before I recommend it to you, don't worry, it's not your fault, like we didn't know everything, come on, Steph, I felt so bad and guilty when I heard the news, everything is fine, but my problem now is my husband, what happened, let the young man do if he did not blame you, who will blame the titles? different baby I'm talking to you Give me a break What's wrong with you?
I've told you there's nothing you'd do to make me quit my job if you can't deal with the fact that I'm a working class lady then let's quit this marriage. i hear you say i quit did you hear me i want a divorce you want a divorce what's wrong with junior what's wrong with our unborn child that's your business so deal with it honey what happened to you nothing i love my job and i want to practice my profession love your work more than this marriage, let me ask you, Alice, will you stop your business because of this marriage, of course, you know that if I quit my business, this marriage will collapse? the first person to complain in the same way you will complain if i quit my job and depend on you sony for everything there you go again i made it clear i asked you to open a boutique or a supermarket and what did you say don't answer me what you said is obvious that you were sick and tired of this marriage Amanda I'm not creating my job but that's ok now Amanda Amanda Amanda you're going to preach that job you'll tell me maybe this house I'm happy they both finally figured out what happened saying it started foreign after the end of the last one they had a very bad result terrible all of a sudden it was nothing to write about I saw this coming and you all should know that your children are your greatest assets and they are all working hard for today if you don't train them be responsible they will grow up to be adults irresponsible foreigner your job is far away threatening your husband with divorce you were too good i said what i said and that's right now i mean it no you can divorce your husband i have a five year old son and an unborn baby what would people say?
You can't see that everyone has their lives to go and I've chosen to live the way I want that you can't I can't trade my happiness for nothing it's not possible that's being selfish and unreasonable at the same time also that it's better that your children your marriage should be your first source of happiness i really can't reduce myself to a housewife i can't bear the insult that comes from that i can't well what about the boutique or supermarket he promised to open for you, so you'll close it when we're in


, huh? I won't risk it.
I would not do it. I will not do it. Amanda, can you listen to me for once? with you you don't understand what I'm saying I can't quit my job what's wrong with all the foreigners I've realized my mistakes I don't know my family is my first priority well it's okay um it's a beautiful thing when one goes wrong and you you realize it's mistakes and now it's not better and you've realized your mistake it's forgiving thank you thank you one more thing it's ok it's ok tomorrow morning i'll be something it's amazing later in my office i really have observed that our children they deserve the best they have a price or a gift from God and now I'm ready to do anything to make them happy Italian come here it's ok just because it's welcome what are you doing in the kitchen great foreigner foreigner let's talk about it today foreigner on the show oh Google Agnes Get out if I'm hungry I'll let you know get out go go go go go go I mean he was so rude he doesn't like her oh my god you don't like that I don't like that he was shot get off get out I went to m i sue like this now watch me see finish I don't know now you say you still there no good day yes and take the invention to the left and draw attention to the left there no not yet not yet no you can't leave india without applying 17 and 18.
We need to apply wisdom now, not five and six, we will update now, one told me what was his intention for me 2009, calm down? Let me tell you what we will do and why any animal is wrong come on the questions are so many that should make you happy not sad why do you want me to start wanting her that's not what I'm saying here I'm not going towards that slide i mean he actually asked about her it's so obvious it can affect the way he treats his son i get your point but it's better so the other way around we didn't start treating her better by talking to her nice foreigner i couldn't uh i forgot i forgot why i called you back you know what's great when i remember i'll call you back it's ok foreigner leave it you found it you must not like it foreigner from the gates some information as i need the life is that she It may look innocent in your eyes, but it was I love you, darling.
They say it starts at home so please secure your house the way I need it. Why can't she get rid of George? Yes, so he intended not to control the army. I'm your wife. I'm your wife. You are not my wife. you are my friend and i can only give you the best of my advice so now he w how to instruct me to stop the demand that i am love huh left the man i am love if i was coming to school all your students were entering to a manager was making a mistake the truth is george is not impacting any positive thoughts on you your head your mind is surely the thought of revenge and he is just following the whole thing it was the fire it was the fire that caused the fuel hey you you you it was the fire that caused the fuel when they told me you left my house my house left who was the refusal so no I'm not my house for you I'm going ah Agnes you're leaving me I'm not Kim you're leaving you're leaving me working out hey you know you have to let me come into my house you will come get me no problem hey good beautiful girl ummove and smoke I'll ask you a question I'm always there you don't get married like that why do you ask uh you know how to see the team you say I know they like those married women because or something I added too much to you.
You want to toast me Wait if they try. oxic for you how much is your salary uh do you want to know my my salary thank you I will be my salary so I am a big boy thank you if you are surprised you choose that one you are surprised ah no I say you I will surprise you um I will surprise you again oh yes, okay, yes, I disagree. I'll be your girlfriend now like this, but with a calm face, well, come back next time, I'll go hug you, don't worry, don't worry. open the door first open the door first don't worry second next time everything will work here is fine everything will give you foreigner this my thank you how are you here you didn't hear your name go and make something for me to eat what i said i said you shouldn't say it from new uh don't hey every time I correct you I'll show you my name was Aggie but she wasn't too connected. the hardness of your shirt Agnes, no sir? treat my news if you know that today under my nails you don't feel like winning a breakfast prepared for you, huh?
Agnes, are you talking to me like that? er, you saw, I'm just correcting her, now look how my name is Aggie, they called me Agnes, Agnes, you're talking back to me, you're talking to me in two, okay, how big are you, how do you talk? back to my wife why don't I reply to them? she was ghosts she was ghosts please shut up what gave you the mind to give me such a rude answer uncensored you missed ok let's be lucky i don't understand grammar he was just talk now so i'm not going to answer i'm not going to answer what I don't understand it was good luck oh god there's nothing I don't see in this house she's chewing gum now listen to me I'm missing it well if you ever repeat what happened today you will see the other side of me now get out of my sight when you shut all this down cause it doesn't even go there how was i supposed to know she was going to be like this oh now you know dominance answering you foreigner what am i a hungry man i was drunk on cops but i am and what wasn't that I, he, was not blind, Sam gave you an envelope, I know it is an envelope, I mean the content, he did not open it with his hand and saw what was inside, strange, honey, I stayed, so that is what your instructions are good, you can go now AC kid what was she doing here I saw her come back so I asked her where did she come from here foreigner this Agnes what game are you playing?
Does that look like a bad head now? I don't know what you're talking about, what I do know is that I'm not the father of that thing you have in there, I was wondering, he told your wife and he was carrying a gift for my belly that you want. That was a discussion for another day, for now, if you can skip my brother oh he has a headache let me go and lie down he might look so into paracetamine don't take responsibility because he was dealing with Congo and he was so like for my belly and it was too cute to do I tell you that you don't see in every disappointment there is a blessing this is the perfect opportunity for us to catapult the poverty of this life I this is the opportunity it is not good at all that is why I am having intention and I was having before I met you now I was on your breath to my breath I was burning everywhere 17 and 18.
I'm a good plan. I was thinking that they intend to be a big house and they intend to get a lot of money, so tell him to always give me money. I tell my dad that. I was picked for my boom belly and your Junior got kicked out of my little belly leave it a lot a lot yeah that's why i used to call you back hello for this you deserve to drink will happen inside the bible when paul and and peter drink for church paul couldn't see Jesus can't hide the one drink Jesus is good for your tummy drinks more that's good I'm not ashamed he just drinks he doesn't like to drink too much what's up with this? time your price 10 million which is not too much let me know what my money he ain't no doctor he was cutting hammer a long kid cause it's ok i'll give you five million cash 5 million i mean he was so small tell me let him the doctor put everything in hand and hammer ain't like pickles don't kill your child hey let me know one more time ok you promised to abort the child yeah i had clear chances because you know and give you all the money. chair on tv for you to use the remaining money and i went to thailand and built it big and i wasn't in belgium before it was done five months i think it was done in five months a game i know we like you all when you talk huh , if you start distributing me through my mind here, God forbid us, but we tried to talk, you see, I did not see this thing that we had a woman do for us, now we moved to Grace, but I could not say that it is not necessary . to go to another landlord please the landlord could come and see who gets the bucket who commits the bucket who pours the water er let's just be a good friend yeah they go to the sites they build the house they end up so if you want to park inside that spot don't go and waste that money ok what a body thing we say these 10 minutes.
Girls, you know, the chair says, it will be all those things so that we can have that kind of thing, we need more money, let's go if you tell mom to give you about 500 million, I wasn't the 500 million, it wasn't the 500 Milli, yes it was those 500 million that were flying in the air was not the 500 million but I thought I was going home now and they told me that it was a good project and that I made money she was not giving me money I They told the lady that I was picking my belly. Why didn't she listen to the man?
If he doesn't get a good loan now. I'm usually my breakfast foreigner like nothing. Why did he call me here? I wasn't doing good shows, I shouldn't get part of the pretend, why don't those tell me no, if I stay with the king that was in my womb? ne, not too many miscarriages, Agnes, I'm right, he didn't shine? Congo, she had no fluids? The blackmailer was paying me, right? Do you want I'm confused hey do you like hello hello hello hello I must love him the stupid engineer I tell them say I take my my queen become hello where you then I tell you something now for you don't waste my time again I am waiting for you I was busy oh yes yes you see the floor let me tell you my plan no ordinary ties see yourself inside the glass thank you he calls me you don't look like usual my husband's business is sinking lawsuit he hasn't been to work lately why he said he has lost more out of 200 million there is ok yes 200 million how oh my god this is really bad i don't know i don't know what to do i don't know how to help you at least for the baby please ok calm down everything will be alright ok it's okay.
Oh Agnes, what do you want from me? I'm a problem. I'm not done with you yet. I was good. I'll finish him. Projection that gave me heart attacks, but I have given you approximately 100 million naira. if you don't want if you must do it you must do it he was very good yes but i need 50 million on my dead body i would give you such a lot of money i was angry i was an angry man anyway no problem if i was you didn't give me i stay but just know what am i telling you now you should get just two weeks to give me that money to give me that money unless it was in tower let me check my face i got a piss on my thumb you're holding one on that my only regret is that i didn't think on how to remove it sooner just photo address and name once payment is done you guys will work again we will remove the work how much is your payment now I tell you sometimes if I didn't sometimes it can't be like saying they work on my eye like you don't go understand how you think they know w money Matana Mata not only do you understand don't get bullied everywhere, that's how you understand it anyway.
Metabolism involved with that money to go, go, carry out anytime, anytime, when you wanna do anytime, anytime, aim, okay, this is this game, this, this guy, now, yeah, such a guy. I am instructing you to come here now wakan came here now foreigner and evidence what you want and gave you three days to give me the money or hey I am telling your wife about the belly and tell your wife I am the policeman about the applebee man you were sent to kill me won't tell me what to do won't tell me what to do so tell me that because your story is that she might look innocent in your foreign eyes i don't know what you think of this is me now you know what this is on her message so she could come now i'll catch her waiting she's coming now last time okay now our head will move now we move finally this i did before foreign foreign foreign foreign place foreign please sit ES honey please ok relax i have a chance to recover i have no money really what chance i need 15 million there for imports if i can have it then i am sure to recover with my ne Gocio, are you sure about that?
Yes, my regular client showed me that. Well, I already contacted my bank manager to ask what you want to use as a collector for the house. No, I'm not listening. I have about 40 millionaires in my account. I can give it to you. You have 40 million in your account if i do i gave you you have a job and you blew it sorry of course how did you find out? I am equally confused. I want you to give me my money back. Otherwise, you have to deal with me. What if I kill you here? the next day what gives you confidence because I'm in a call with someone but I'm sure that the person is recording this call one more surprised the person is in your house your crossing you are surprised you have 24 hours to reform my money take this thing off me the expensive furniture yes yes and that reminds me, um, here's the University of Houston newspaper, yes, I'll keep it, yes, that's why I brought it and that reminds me to go back to being like I cross the business now, you must start a business to be able to keep the house and everything and the car that was not receive money I take it is not almost crying forces you to use the house use until the town houseboro do it anywhere in Cabo we get money go pay ok then I tell him tomorrow again is full of liberties Alex you shouldn't talk about money I didn't see anything crazy don't let me see finish it was you you yelled I don't have money anymore I don't have anyone I'm bankrupt you've ruined me I don't have money I can't see you don't understand e res blind you are deaf I am asking you hello then b Because


e must come out now, he intended to swallow me, look at me, go, finish, look at me if she finished.
I borrowed and who told you I haven't been borrowing don't tell me who told you I haven't been bored I've been bored I've been bored I've gone I've gone I've gone I don't even know where to go if I hadn't told my wife before you. I'll tell him that you're the reason I'm broke. I'll tell him that you're the one who broke me. Trust my wife. She'll kill you and she's ready to go to jail hey that's right you got coal quantum sight end never see anything you never see anything like this you need to tell the Accra police she intended to murder me , miss, finish your I was a good brother to the wrong foreign man again you want to see the clothes, yes, I was wet, yes, lady with 40 TransitAgnes, where were you?
Let me know, hey, I give you the boss of my dreams. I told you George is not a nice guy. I do it to work hard and be nice. No, still your labels are in vain. outside Agnes is empty life you are crying happiness darling what is wrong with you why are you crying charity they say shut up I will be confusion for me foreigner I will accept it this is the prison oh my mommy even the one you give me I receive my empathy. They have killed me. My money. I give it to Agnes. year and last time wake me up before i come to you here what did you see careful it's ok what's my aggie doing here again george you gotta fool me she took my money i swear they took her close again corporate you know my mom now make a reason outside look at reason 101 . you and me listen so you know one on one i bring that deal maybe we'll hit you in the back all enjoy the glory come back here now they misbehave see person where you save now he wants your life again please i can pay please don't call me another call me Agnes you're still my money and you lied if I stay you will now kill me once my back is done no no please I was having dinner since I'm smoking I was taking a shower I will suffer too much I trusted you but you were betraying me this week I wasn't getting that I will forgive you we can start again please stop what about the pregnancy? me to collect money from because i had the intention that i should make up for this life huh and that's my plan i wasn't finished i should do it why can't you just forget about it? your revenge for something he had no intention of Forgetting that I never had any intention of forgiving because he didn't know what I'm going through so you mustn't know what I'm going through.
He was going so far to tell me how I'm supposed to know, okay I suffered too much and I'm Groot. I smoke a king. forward to one day when i'm playing with my meso friend no that's not what i do don't give me that look because you know what i'm talking about hey why you say you slapped me for class you understand me i just keep you shut up and don't do anything one day when you are going to slap me again I am going to hit you I am going to forget you idiotCome back here it's me you're talking to so you're angry it's me your friends shut up see you don't be my classmate but in the same class we know you're not ashamed to say in the same class as us but you know with my classmates I don't blame you bastard hey come here I want to say that you call the pastor yes wait you gave me my call I bastard what are you going to do you know fear of my face do not fear my face what are you going to do you can't call me a bastard you come I'm thinking why they cried yes and you did very well okay don't cry again I tell you what will happen look now one day I'm just going to look for firewood inside the bush it's a woman they cry and although we are shit that's why I couldn't define her everywhere as a Defender I couldn't see the woman what's going into labor makes you push push like god help us out pecking turned into a girl the only word with that woman open my tell me let me say take care of my picky eater you could die now so i couldn't so port how you come out again I decided to keep you as my choice take care of you without a face I won't tell you for so long I know what made people start insulting you or go see that made me walk away from you without pizza.
I know again this other bad intention. I beg you. You must be the one who bought me. Don't be me, boy, but you can know. bigger things bigger things foreign crap sorry sorry come on ah make sure you mark this whole house wash my clothes and don't touch any food until I get back. Am I clear? Yes, you tell me, say I'll go. I'm going to start school. This Yes. No, go start over. you try that nonsense again rubbish what are you doing? permit never loosens his money a guy gets me so that's reason enough for you to eat without my permission are you serious?
I thought I don't want you to eat until I get back oh you even took meat for my pots ok sorry what are you doing let's go to sleep don't leave those dirty dishes on the table as little as you are going to tell me how to burn down my whole house just 25 descend on you now move it's a movement we are sleeping hello stranger I see you send me a message the message I sent you about 10 hours ago are you serious? You know it's not just the way for the street like me talking when I'm talking it's not right who broke the children's mirror aunt not me Make no mistake so you reserved my children's mirror from Envy right?
The one who killed your parents is fine please leave my house I'm tired now foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign cry you see this place where you sleep you will bring money for the land if you are near me if you are near me if you were near me, Take me on the road just cause I'm Black Mirror, shut it down, then I went to this house, that house, those houses, they, house, this house, all the triplets, they were evil, they hit me, leave me alone, you hit my foreign daughter . but see it was hot i can't even read so i stop all the food i'm not cutting i'm little i've cut it now like Nani night turns to day they turn to night i still turn black i'm a ticket.
I plan and I should make one I'm not um every crop I change most of I suffer what I am I see when I'm little Mustafa and I get one more plant so what's your next plan stay with my next class my brother because I'm so far away you' Re here now I watch Missy finish yes I'll stay here hard time baking it wasn't that time. he was telling me to block the beginning he was giving me foreign money he was betraying me you betrayed me too because someone definitely has to stop you before you inflict this pain on the world i love you i promise you will come out stronger i beg you salt the changed person move it too move your head up move oh what's your leg now weird?