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MICHAIL GORBATSCHOW: Glasnost und Perestroika! Der letzte Staatschef der Sowjetunion ist tot

Aug 31, 2022

MICHAIL GORBATSCHOW: Glasnost und Perestroika! Der letzte Staatschef der Sowjetunion ist tot

Michael Gorbachev is dead the Nobel Peace Prize winner and last head of state of the Soviet Union died in Moscow after a long illness he was 91 years old Gorbachev had ended the Cold War between East and West and thus created the conditions for German reunification, but many Russians also blame him for the fall of the Soviet Union breaking news in the night on Russian state television Michael Gorbachev is dead three sentences before his death then continues in the program to this day he is considered by many in Russia to be the gravedigger of the Soviet Union Gorbachev was President of the USSR from 1985 to 1991 with his policy of




openness and transformation he wants to reform the Soviet Union he relies on relaxation with the best for the people in divided Germany at that time a hopeful name Gabi in the German lovingly when the wall fell on November 9, 1989 Gorbachev could have sent tanks but he doesn't the process is probably when it all started in east germany when people took to the streets demanding reunification as thousands tried to get to the west via hungary and czechoslovakia it was clear the division was not normal he sees himself as a man of reforms for his country for Europe for the world he will later say he was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990. a year later he returned as Soviet President free Europe paved a legacy we will never forget Britain's Prime Minister Johnson tweets in times of Putin's aggressions in Ukraine, his
michail gorbatschow glasnost und perestroika der letzte staatschef der sowjetunion ist tot
tireless commitment to opening up Soviet society is a role model for all of us because many high-ranking EU politicians are banned from entering Russia, it is unclear which ones international guests Earthings in Moscow will be the last many in the West will send a big thank you from afar our TV channel Welt will provide you with the latest news and background reports around the clock here we will illuminate the most important topics of the day and classify what is happening for you see you on TV you can find it easily by starting the channel search from your television you will find instructions linked above together with an explanation of how you can then receive us via kabelsatellite-streaming IPTV hello and a warm welcome here to the world did you like the report if you want more If you want news from our team then you have to click here if you are looking for exciting documentaries strong reports then go this way and if you want to subscribe to rediscover the world then click here