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Michelle Obama Weighs In On Meghan Markle’s Interview With Oprah | TODAY

Sep 04, 2022

Michelle Obama Weighs In On Meghan Markle’s Interview With Oprah | TODAY

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say what was on her mind. Public service is a bright, sharp focus and most people don't understand it and shouldn't. What I always keep in mind is that none of this is about us. public service is about the people we serve. I always try to turn the light off and focus on the people we are really here to serve, but what about when she spoke out about the fact that she experienced racism? I mean, I feel like it was heartbreaking to hear that he felt like he was in his own family, you know, his own family thought differently about his race, it's not a new construction in this world for people of color, so It wasn't a complete surprise to hear it. feelings and having them articulate I think what I hope and what I think is that this is first and foremost a family and I pray for forgiveness and healing for them so that they can use this as a teachable moment for all of us if we talk about much more but it was very interesting because you know Mrs


has spent a lot of time with the royal family as first lady and Harry and Megan reportedly called her um they know their way and America has actually taken on a lot of similarities to the


s , they both have netflix deals, they both have spotify deals, um, so it was really interesting to hear her take on all of this, yeah, and you've got a lot more, uh, coming soon. more of the conversation in the next hour ok we cover a lot of ground we cover a lot of ground we hear about the girls who moved on and even the boyfriend oh of course i did thanks hey thanks for watching our youtube channel find your favorite recipes


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michelle obama weighs in on meghan markle s interview with oprah today