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Mit 24 PS durch Dortmund! - Fiat 126 - Wir geben VOLLGAS!

Sep 13, 2022

Mit 24 PS durch Dortmund! - Fiat 126 - Wir geben VOLLGAS!

good morning welcome on a Monday morning with all the energy we start the new video today it goes to my car they didn't want to make a video about it I did a full-time test don't hide lala look here lublow let's not hesitate for long says no you came so you got something awesome so yeah definitely and i decided to say you know what's coming then i'll show you because we already had one in red can you remind me if not and now too? didn't take the video the kid really no why how long ago was that not long ago good we have all the car my red wanted to find out by july you didn't see blah blah blah and somehow a wonderful a couple came I think a team of doctors and a couple of doctors was that she told people she used to drive and sold lina and her good storyteller and something like that endwie was missing from my repertoire and they always wonder where they got it from again just as always ads ebay classifieds and I will tell you a little more about the car in which we would say get off, it already has a camera and a link Yes, you have read what people want, many are demanding, I think we can do it together, or not do that, or that we would like it too, i guess we both fit in there, now sometimes, i imagine so, but you just got here the same morning according to the sign we could see.
mit 24 ps durch dortmund   fiat 126   wir geben vollgas
Okay, here is such a car, but it seems very good to me. I wish it was sporty. It is also very clear that it is the right thing to do and for me it is important. , for example, that the car may have a perfect delay, moderately, it was painted in a garage here in the front, for example, you can already see the rust coming off, everything was believed five years ago. I made it a little longer than 50 from the saddle, but I got a lot of photos, as you can see now the car was on its side, how the car was carrying a number of sheets of metal, where the welding was done, where the car was painted . in the garage and she sincerely realized her car project and then she invested a lot of time in this car and her husband said it was a fast car at the same time I would also like to put a few others on it on a different chassis and the little one here is like this and i felt in the ebay classifieds so strongly addressed by the author real human being the violinist when i had to remember a red one you always wonder what you want now so i give space actually there is no one although there is always room for your car in halle always this car perfectly reflects the concept of halle 77 because it's not perfect it's perfect for us adults we don't have them perfect we don't have to be tame they should be tame that means not so much oil but not perfect but rather tell a story they may have rust they can be bad too because i always get it you can see that orange peel clearly it's very hard to get it probably I don't think it's so bad if the price suits the vehicle I think it's absolutely fair and I realize time and time again when we offer cars for sale that people say they are too expensive I have to use your courage to think friends what's up I'm getting in trouble for this corrado the tires are porous that's it the paint is bad in greenfield the ashtray or the corrado is missing a cover there's a big shit storm on facebook how would I be ashamed 10,000 euros for something like that to take a car which is the truth here and then people know that when these dealers do it they can on the embankment a dice to each other I wrote below I am sorry that I am selling it so I say but we did not want to leave the tires outside that despite the role model blah blah blah the end of the song was for me that was the turning point where i said ok now we are offering a woman comes up for sale and still sells a lot of cars bought volkschor x3 this story was so heartbreaking said gabor great looks great selling i because he wrote the son who followed the video series said my dad had the exact same color and then somehow emailed so he barely missed it try again and then attached a photo of his father had exactly this car 25 years ago phone number with him what did i do at 8? o'clock at night, I often call with him.
mit 24 ps durch dortmund   fiat 126   wir geben vollgas
I talked a lot about the blind bought car, he says that I saw it in the videos, so everything is possible, but you have to understand how much his car is worth and what is the condition. I was offered cars as the best example this morning, another ford escort 1600 rs. today that is far away even if we offered the cars for 20 then it would mean you are crazy yes and I explain how to find the right height or the right price for a car and it was right for me I was on the internet because we have classified ads for 5600 euros first 59 then for 56 I went there I said and to make it long and short I think the car is cool but it has signs of use here and there I would offer you 4000 euros I'm talking about numbers and I have it I said I could and I wish you that, but someone give you these 6,000 euros or five thousand five hundred euros and I ended up in good hands, I think it didn't even take 48 hours and he called us and says he knows what people are waiting for new cars, are you willing to do it? there will be an offer but otherwise i have a strong hiroshima from the car and sven if you are honest now it is 4000 euros i am pretty sure without you in yours well i know i know who in private also knows a little bit yes now no pay 4000 euros for it honestly I wouldn't have 4000 euros yes you also say it's great I would have 4000 euros yes and it's not another car and then I probably don't want if now he has a tighter euro and maybe he already has two cars and he still has a lot more and still got a garage space so i think but i could imagine driving it every day we should find out right now by sitting down we show what's not so nice anyway for example the car originally had a light bulb let's see let's do something red and the bodywork was completely detached i got it the first time for me he also did everything himself the whole car was painted silver silver welded he took off the engine himself he really did everything himself or and therefore he made some mistakes what about the engine compartment that you have open or you see that it is black you can also paint it white 2 it is the water cooler no it is air cooled it says at least use it on the rear window because it is very convenient what do you say about this little abbreviation here?
mit 24 ps durch dortmund   fiat 126   wir geben vollgas
I don't think it's bad, actually it's about a lot of people that doesn't belong there I think it's as perfect as you say here I still have when daniel is here or if he was there I have for example this closed soldier decoy here I don't even know what is normal I think there is a decorative strip on top we will write you a letter about it I think the letters on a porsche carrera even remind me on the side and hang that you already know in porsche with these letters maybe write no carrera on it but barilla I have no idea there is also a copy looking but it has to be the glossy black let's say in the car i think it's just black and white contrast daniel was quicker to stick the horse on what he was after editing the video i want to show you the result directly because there is still Negative things only for two years, it has been quiet now and I still accept it, by the way, the guy has a lot of spare parts that I deliberately did not do.
mit 24 ps durch dortmund   fiat 126   wir geben vollgas
Don't take it with me because I don't know where mine are anymore. The guys ripped my legs off and we should still have that doesn't work well in Italy. Take the car before, just like he threw it today through the hood before turning around and would. they have been bleached away from you once and sealed here because the rust comes from the inside out but i know somewhere we also have an engine that still has doors on it because it still has all the spare parts in there ern would i need something again call me if we agreed with certainty on ebay the car had the part by the way offers and there for example I always wonder the car was that on the net I know how we used the video it was from the car name I would have bought it too so I always wonder why no one has exactly why not exactly and the opel manta many many cars of yours really many cars were on the net the percentage because many would rather say you'll get it will be like now.
mit 24 ps durch dortmund   fiat 126   wir geben vollgas
I realized too quickly that a lot of cars are offered to us at witz. No whatsapp business. I buy cars from the little ones I'd say it's 10% in the 90's I'm offered thousands of cars I admit but that's a whole other thing because you're in the car where I say yes the price fits the car I often just say politely which is fine Not for us either but I also see things on there that I've mentioned many times where I think the prices where they come from but sometimes that's how you trade I would say if we've been putting some plates on the car for a long time time then let's sit down and he'll hold the camera we'll both sit there or where we have one right there we should have a second camera from under the house some perspectives plus the author a picture here for sure so come on we have more i think the cameras are the time of the cars so I don't even know how many got up I need the school for something against the crazy calm sit down okay too of course we have very good space here or not so good space l or first i wonder is the sky thinking siri i don't think then it's very good it's tuned in any case make the starry sky clean again what's there now i know i already foresaw it the power on is clear corrected what do you do another button or what not before between us you see two levers yes, I think that what is happening now is completely normal for me. we liked the red so much we said he had to have that way back for the museum.
mit 24 ps durch dortmund   fiat 126   wir geben vollgas
Again, I haven't planned anything. He's making a video about it and now we're making a video of a really nice couple. I hope our camera. I'll bring some great shots. I am also very excited. I bought this car without a test drive which sounds like a lot of pain. There is a rope in the valley and the db ml bottle is quieter. Thought if you do that you can Don't talk about the mother anymore at least guilty by the way if my perspective is like that it wobbles a bit but the car is really hard find the money here so if that excuses so I don't know neither the air-cooled nor do I know. so say no hot water so no water yes and of course it shouldn't show a temperature accordingly I'm finding my way around a bit so I say to myself I'm sitting in the middle of it I find myself yes now they really don't want to and I said that we can take two more people with us that he still has room for two there are also people who spent their holidays here driving for a long time and since then I think many of them say of their youth relaxation they grew up with their parents in the car these cars are of course in italy known as cuatro bambino and in poland these are cars you want air i think my name is da so i cant tell you 100 percent anymore if this quotes once lukas or if its an italian according to the number Of chassis, this became an Italian vehicle after me, although I don't think these cars really make much of a difference if they were made in Poland or Italy. but I know that there is not the right circle for that, I could say that the community and what it is for politically there are golf meetings or delorean people there are also people for these 426 people that I would really like, I am quite good I have read what we think when someone build a tower i will tell you i have seen an engine like this christian for a small euro and i would like to talk to the raft if we can buy low -budget project know-how mannheim engine impossible here wet meadows Reduce then build because you don't break the engine , it just uses small turbochargers to push very sweet particles and 0.5 bar through the carburettor and if you then get more hold 24 bits we look up our deadliest roads


recommends if you don't fall off Also before I say that I drove here especially when it gets deal with it If it falls now at least I can pick it up ln y on the b1 it would be over and i think the camera would take a look and i decided but e I hope that they will deliver at least some forms, but do you feel now and where is it now that the camera is always a bit like that?
I have to argue that I can still go all the way because of course there isn't much room here that's true I would suggest we were a little different now and we can talk better I'm not driving it yet yes we will first the camera is in the back and you can let camera run we'll go out now and take your camera off together and then immediately put it aside. The ok wind is a bit off not really if it's better to approve the project a little bit objectively and stand your ground and convince you that you still do it because we were doing it now messenger then you can reset who basically yes basically when we loosen up or something like that only with this lever cologne the rooms to run a little whatever they just hung the camera hand while it rains possible there we go lever a little back do come back right now go aha where now you can focus a little better on the beautiful let's go ,window down,feel its made for your arms,the sound,one misfire than gas,its a bit like a sprint to low guard and fuel relative to starting a bit later,ordid you turn it on then it's in the house in the outlet exactly from the drive because like red checkers you'll find right next to it ok the see is not good many say people cost 8 to spec and i would for example bilster berg we had time we would have had time to drive to bilster berg the days of the event where i swear i would have this car i would have this we have thousands of cars from place but each with many of the women's tournaments in the distance because that is something different for me I think there was a lot of porsche, a lot of mercedes, a lot of what you know, I put golf cars, gti's and whatever, and we also do Audi with kilometers or ponte or whatever, something exclusive, scarce, but I won't tell you a But really no one can 126 with the lowest one here right now it's got a pair of sport wheels I think I think it can be very fast on the track 26 hp 24 I'm prepping the 1 oh now about 550 the next beings speed levels inserted online Customers, how can they go full throttle for ten seconds without having to know that he shined? coal also runs properly when idling nice think about it it's the twin cylinder we should be here now we'd have to let it move who with the plane would shoot me how was this traffic violator attitude necessary i'd say i got a lot going for me it's really cool it's pretty normal for me and I would say it fits some experiences with some cars but I don't understand why it's definitely not because of that and I'll answer you here in a beautiful park maybe I have a couple of beautiful appearances because the body again in 7 yes it definitely is that's why stefan now shows the car in all its splendor he raises the camera so you can sleep better super nice photos we have now and it's so far now that when the wind picks up from the side then it fits better shouting don't look inside and you already have it was Grab the camera, by the way, it seems that the whole house is made for that, so a summer car has spent a while, come down the Mother, a metallic sound can be heard.
I'd like to see what's got that metallic sound. It's not even like driving a car. Well I didn't have much to do here, and by a way, I mean wide region a docking is very adventurous I guess who thinks now that you're only 22 at some point space samba even if you have to give me an egg n a little more with gasoline, she is as good as there is no one there, that's with


, by the way, so you don't see that now you have two levers, a link home, high beam and they are somehow directly on top of each other. totally shut down legit and we removed the turn signals ok now we drive to the left and there sometimes it can speed up to the b1 and then i stop you cant do it while driving ok they are running where i ask for out of sync now first you can let us know if the speedometer is ok at first really trips were too slow i know when my husband drives here i actually said i drive 30 but it feels faster finds when you sit there you feel good about it too months often a question about 4000 euro the only car not that is with them would have driven 15,000 kilometers that day that was the day we will definitely leave the Zeilinger and watch the part-time course go through the cold already saying for the people who of course take the dyno do you think the 11th take power and I don't think we have to eliminate the structure of the judiciary, for example, because of course the speed is fast Cr i see people are considerate of me if you drive slower but i want to make sure they write to each other regularly they are also relatively we follow a form here in sequence now we need another lane to the end of the paddock more lingen we dont have so i think you can with the pigeons 20 927 the ones on the left should already put that you can adjust everything in the world I know that everything is new by laila for this going down find tires through the through the 10 the wave saw the fall of course be geometry of the ax moderately everything is even worse but I think with farid you are moderate we know better how to drive these cars than maybe you can sleep times quite important the sewer covers the violin or is it a pity that this car is extremely strange for many people I would say the black sky the tachometer did not exist, you have to remember that when putting the tires, then it was repainted, it is simply not standard and your car is for someone every day ace I don't think it's the best so explain holding the car is what is quasi knowledge with cars we don't need to talk to today's luxury I think even every Ford Fiesta photo is alone and he is very difficult and how to be a man and that's why I made a blast because next to the museum there is a lot of space and I'm sure you will be happy with this vehicle over and over again that everyone is standing on.
I even want now we have quite a few recordings, we show a little bit of what drove the car, the best it would have. and if there have already been several modifications that could have raised the question would be who fits 126 him from the edge to the dyno yes but she is available from the red as the smart singer has already achieved a lot yes that is the judgment I have I've already encountered these things in life, we easily ripped them too because if we want a full cubic sound of 650 two-cylinder with no damping, it was urgent to see how we perform with and without maybe going back 15 20 to 60 I We'll have to box for ourselves so much time we would have much more time to get the engine out of the second engine call flux flux make us man turbo we build and manifold that way just test carb no country cooler not many fans 0.304 bar i say you stand here immediately 50 60 ps deals sure would now you want to go in first and you want some sound from the outside and to be introduced to the boat for a whole different perspective and i take you for his put on the starter motor it shows here it was like wanting to suffer with it now it goes from here first on the rim follow third gear the yahoo in third already done more than 90 km h paulis I think I'll go there a little more how to say specifically what that I everything is correct more than 1000 watts each one it is believed that I turned on here in the roll everything is not professional we go directly here we will do it five times before so 37 the guests from where the 18 as now were all have that is not bad I could say dollar comes a fence and then here the second measure will be correct here a little if a little happens before by the way we left the flap open there he pretends it's you that only the cooler air changes he likes that and that although the brand actually I would say better or yes well that's okay that the disassembly is a little smaller here it should be noted somehow it has a second barrel without between the lancer and I'll make it readable again for eight years because if that's sop no that means r that if then the capsule lights up in the excursion with tips I imagine that perhaps the lamp will come we have to see if we can fix someone's flame they are heating up again, first gear, two fingers, well, it will be fun, or the one where it's Rome looking for more power I can't imagine that would make much of a difference with a naturally aspirated engine that was around 600,000 I've seen it stand up to Franke but it runs and I'm telling you moderately much better it has to stay that way you gotta let it be right on the fence almost up to that it's funny too i can't even describe it i could i won't do it for you do it and don't share it but we show it must be good at some point too it's only on 426 for me that is what is really cool and I see that it is definitely correct, what do you have in l?
The performance was remarkable and the success of Sven Kramer Yes, a perfect flame Yes, that pleases the two-cylinder engine of such a bottle. I'm curious what kind of performance, if there will be some horsepower or so, you don't see. never mind but we've got a clean result we've got two meters of distance and a little more power in the mid speed range but we're looking for the 24hp and if you're interested in the project then say 'marco man you might be trying to build a turbo engine for him with the help of björn thalers narrow don't let him know because then you will only see the second part of the car if we use a motorboat for it you are curious if we will I will write it in the comments but now, in advance, an amazing video.
I like it and now I take it to the museum.