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N*DES von FANS, Knossi bei 7 vs. WILD, UPDATE zum Burgerladen? 🤔 MontanaBlack Highlights

Aug 21, 2022

N*DES von FANS, Knossi bei 7 vs. WILD, UPDATE zum Burgerladen? 🤔 MontanaBlack Highlights

It goes on like this because the question my best pro actually wanted to be happy says in and of itself don't expose yes definitely I have some more gear planned out concrete ideas what have I tattooed now where I haven't yet both are I would definitely like to attack again. I also want to get a full tattoo, so from the pain factor seen, it was so christoph that everything under the chest was extremely painful. I see at this moment that yes, the camera. It is also true that the spirit level is used for what it really is for the interior morning.
n des von fans knossi bei 7 vs wild update zum burgerladen montanablack highlights
It definitely satisfies my question a bit more, what does it look like when you listen to girls' girlfriends in general so they have a lot of inquiries on social media? the media understand that they are very lewd and maybe they don't belong there now i would like to know how it is with known men d This news moderately or any questions about it if you are looking for active news or ask active news and war victims I take it at reverse and get these inquiries ok you can definitely work as a woman but women can always get it without you wanting them but as a man in friends with a wide reach you can get too much news.
n des von fans knossi bei 7 vs wild update zum burgerladen montanablack highlights
Yes, of course, that's fine. so it seems that's how it was that there i will ask a question now would you feel harassed as a man assuming that you are now known on the internet and you are single? send it honestly we don't need to go any further i think there is definitely a difference between man and woman i don't want to say that women don't do that it should be the opposite but i think if a woman receives news sent or requested by a man it's much worse and rightly so that if a man is requested by women and now, what is that?
n des von fans knossi bei 7 vs wild update zum burgerladen montanablack highlights
I think for us as men, for the most part, it's not that much of a problem if you receive unsolicited nude photos of a woman. Yes, I agree with you, that's correct. and buxtehude still has parts as it's always a matter of planning or if it was my idea in the long run you'd like to apply for a job or building means cook vegetables maybe in the meantime we have some things some issues to do some things i'm sorry, I must be a bit difficult because the name is more significant, so in the meantime I have n some things have changed for me richemont is no longer bourgeois meat conclusion also means that ben a family member who opens a restaurant would not open a restaurant where they would sell me meat in that moment the bourgeois shop would advise not then or the old veggie burger would advise right now at this time also in relation to you because they are also vegetarian now it is no longer a trend at the moment but it is currently so current and desired and that's just the case in big cities I don't know we also have in buxtehude is if that is really represented then practically If you wouldn't put something new back that doesn't exist yet, let me tell you, you might live off of all this salad, so I talked to someone about such a situation a week or so ago.
n des von fans knossi bei 7 vs wild update zum burgerladen montanablack highlights
So I would still like to open a shop, also because of the situation where I no longer eat meat. i would sell that would not stop me from doing it but i would do it for myself personally first because first of all i am investing money and also my name in such a restaurant and would like to wait and see what happens with corona. Let's say in the colder season because what does that mean to me of course planning and then I'll just open the shop three months from now as that's me who had planned but hey I'll get there. and in three months he will have to close the store because I will return anyone can get vinco sin mona let's say so I would like the high food ingredients and even if somehow I have no idea ten days with sauces that then runs out in the end, he has all the losses and theft only comes.
n des von fans knossi bei 7 vs wild update zum burgerladen montanablack highlights
So the rental was definitely not a crazy idea, it was really because I really thought it would be something that I could 100 percent imagine only afterwards. eibt where, but their farmer's store windows going bankrupt or at the end of the day it's not that this store should live off my


who go out to eat there, but that such a store should also survive off the people that in the book school where I'd rather not bring him into town on the child benefit. I would never open a store with the intention of not depending on their usual offers that reach the heart of the store and would do some things I would invite a box or open for the buxtehude when in corona time the store must be closed completely or somehow with distancing and mouth guard and only every other table so not open location at all worth your business and really know about time to switch to delivery services but that's it again something like that fails but i don't want to open a delivery service i want a restaurant expense was indicates sit have fun if you open as a delivery service i think a delivery service only tastes good if the food is designed to taste good even 20 minutes after it's ready in a box storage I also have something with the delivery service ordered or in the corona period also got more for the first time from restaurants that normally do not deliver where the food and everything avia tasted good but noted that this food should be served fresh on the plate not like this for example really everyone sits but for example a doner kebab if i ate a fresh doner kebab on the spot then i felt that everything tastes better fresh the bread noticeably and it doesn't matter if it was wrapped in foil for ten minutes 20 minutes four hours when i unpacked the thing was a face the program muddy it's like potato chips when the grass isn't fresh but really mealy sticky disgusting just not you want to eat the food has to be very fresh on the plate yes with good service good atmosphere preferably with the beautiful view if you are in straight areas pressure study now on the river for example a nice atmosphere nice and quiet that is more pleasant definitely but this corona time something like that for certain people too insecure and my question comes at an inconvenient time but i wanted to ask i mean myself as v i have only seen three or four other women or in chat since there is this match?
n des von fans knossi bei 7 vs wild update zum burgerladen montanablack highlights
I wanted to ask you if you would kick the other 20 people out until sometime mcta shows up. I know the situation is a bit tense between you guys but you would because if I was honest I definitely would. to be one of the first reporters who deserved to have this patch who is interested in department stores what does it mean if a major association does that's exactly why I say the situation is tense right now you might have considered it but I have to want to explain the theme, everything is clear, that was also a pilgrim from says you can write down and laura size thank you means nothing more than founders page, so the first service and people have this sign, but if they are inactive, you can take the cutlery and then the one behind him would get the match but not the standing bed that means him and marcel mauss only so if you have a moment as short as that you are just bloated field of women like the first few weeks were when home was from detox therapy i just heard you relapsed briefly is yes and but everything in buxtehude got rid of the woods what was the best diversion for you, the initial period after the d It was definitely exhausting because everyone has something of a forest of work, his work there I have relative also quickly became addicted to alcohol but that was a whole new phase of life in terms of his circle of friends and something similar then happened somewhat, he voluntarily kept his distance because he was afraid it would end at first I have definitely avoided the circle of friends a bit not because I thought it would cause me to relapse but because I just wanted to come into contact with drugs and yes I feel the same way because I did the he consciously asks because it was a constant theme. for eight or nine years I tried various attempts to get out you're already tired before you can't always take as an argument that you want to do it for your girlfriend or family or something similar what were the first wolves with me I often thought about going to therapy or detox because too i listened to the audiobook i read the book sometimes i stopped at some point because ird and i have to tell you honestly you are a huge motivation for me for almost six years yes on the whole thing and i have tried two other three had not succeeded if now on the fourth try i haven't done it all with detox or therapy i'm home every year when you're with family and this time since i'm back since 2006 and i'm clean now and like you said before i feel like a new person that's why magath have to do something for them i have to do it myself After a few weeks i went back to my guys and told them we can connect more like this but that is very individual everyone is different Before and always sure you could, you theoretically present yourself with an addiction and even if you don't feel completely stable, you'll never be 100 percent certain that we're going to the oldies and the oldies.
I felt that you are not there and once again you cannot resist the temptation and then you start drinking or consider taking electricity or an addiction is a disease and this disease is permanent I am after ten years of abstinence from alcohol, cannabis and coke. I am still addicted to it but am currently cured. His success. stay sober Stay judged. Time flies. This means that for you you should always keep in mind that the lights are being said with absolute harshness. I've been like this for two months and you're thinking about it today. Let's analyze that right now.
You're thinking about buying again right now and what changes is you've been sober for two months when I would have this I'll do it today eu


e and driver's license but if you get over this inhibition threshold not today and tonight a cast that it is 100 percent so true that I am sitting here tomorrow night at the same time you will have the same conflict of conscience with her and you will not consider the church or the cage and its value is much easier to overcome this inhibition because you have it a maybe it's already broken and you're going to dump again tomorrow night my question would be if you'll drop the topic so far what's coming soon and wieck took his chances are or what do you reckon but you can reckon so I'll definitely stick with it if I'm not to go on now so I think he will achieve more than most people think because he is ambitious he has already achieved a lot in life with sweat and ambition and I think if he has the potential that he has already come out of himself in a lot s other areas Even with servers that are far away, the weather obviously has a significantly worse chance than someone who is technically very, very advanced. is but I think it will demolish much more than many just trust that people underestimate a fighting heart and ambition and these two factors combined in a body or in people can move mountains even though this person is not active in the sports I greet my manager from South Brandenburg you know and yes look you have fun after already 13 pages I'm going to sleep I think so I am the day regatta winter landscape frame my question and I have to sit with you Or can I also tell you that I'm glad to know that yes? ok you believe in the parallel worlds thing and you think there might be some problem of yours on the other earth that has been successful or what example youtube has decided not to do since it started in 2009 than doing something otherwise you think something like that It is possible, or rather not, well, I do believe in certain things Supernatural things yes, a parallel universe where people are worried or a person like me, I would say that I don't believe it now, but I do believe that there are certain things too supernatural that we cannot choose.
Another topic, but I was already there, so if there are people and creatures like us, it cannot be ruled out that there are also other creatures or other types of people or life, yes, I would if he says yes, well then, thanks for the answer. I thought I could do two more things now and then i thank you for not welcoming what i do parallel universe wars i greet my best friend heiko what do you say he has really helped me many times in life and then the community can look around my youtube channel winter landscape and also the Christian party because I try to help the underprivileged it is still special because I am very good and I know how bad experiences are and so on yes and I would be happy maybe we should also spontaneously or something like that but it is just a question but as I said I will help them and you will go, ost I wish you much success, so always thank you with respect, ok, you got it, it was the balls and we talked in the chat and we mentioned No, things like that, it's fine, but that's always making little rolls about a performance check in the first place.
You are so relaxed because with me in dortmund, that is a young man surrounded by policemen and he was only shot with five coals. and today on twitter there was a discussion about whether or not that law ended or not only all the people who always condemn the police and write acab and it was unjustified that he was not there but one thing I can tell you if I don't care if in a group of five or ten men like a policeman who is surrounded and who attacks me with a knife then I would also defend my life with a weapon that people who say they don't have suchsituation at the moment that is very clear and you will be the last to risk your life so disarm someone ok and if an armed person attacks you in any way with a stabbing weapon with a machete whatever then give n it doesn't matter if are you talking numbers with five people since then or with ten people if pepper spray stun gun pc doesn't do anything then you wouldn't risk saying come on here we are in the majority on the internet talking big that and doing blabla is a thing, but you yourself experience the situation and react for a split second, we can't even imagine that very few or none of you will be able to be in a situation where you are standing in front of a person with a gun and they have a knife in their hand. hand on you is therefore also because no bagels and the Twitter community no offense meant such a discussion anyway always an absolute disaster everyone is I hope police everyone is they will do better, everyone can do it differently, but people can't.
Don't even leave your deportee overwhelmed by their lives but shut up, well, the tree is coming, simonazzi, the desk isn't bothered either. in a staged shooting it is done as i said we are in the situation that she has the guy is running to the rapid she could do a 1 1 kick while left a message from the server she can have shooting training as she likes on fixed targets if one person in the approved cooking comes maybe still jumps to the left moves to the right but then it's always easy to say a knee shot but first of all be yourself in the installation in a dangerous situation where someone with a machete with a knife could run at you turns after that easy to write on the internet one shot is done of course it would be the ideal case amazing if a police officer shoots a person no matter if he is defending himself or not he probably would have preferred shoot that person in the arms or in the leg but i can't think of roth either i'm in the situation but i think we're going to do that a lot It's easier to imagine ar how it is in theory than in practice when a person runs up to me and obviously wants to seriously injure or kill me. like this person can't hurt me anymore I don't know I'm not in a situation I don't want to get into that situation but I can only say one thing I've also had in the past time and time again I've had cops over them excited and like in every profession since So there are people who don't behave well with the police or who treat us with disrespect, but that can also be with Baker Becker, a specialist who somehow shot badly with each roll in his hand, rude and disrespectful. it's what you get in every job mind people disrespect you like s the state without police would be if you want that then go ahead just be moderate sure there is police violence in germany too which is completely inappropriate but to lump it all together i am not a friend at all just introduce yourself and we will take is an example of course we hope this is not the case a person who is sacred to all of us our mother your mother is worth l grief threatened by a man the police are nearby and this man is being dragged through your mother with a knife and the policeman could just shoot him in the Poor thing and the right shot has no effect at all the guy grabs your mother unharmed his work the first thoughts shot resisting why only a shot instinct you understand that we have to look at a different situation from the other side, you have had a lot of changes lately.
I will say that you have made a tear now more often, what sunbed can you now with dei? I completely changed my diet and then my question only arose because it was time or it had to do with a separation that in the hole there were a lot of people thinking of you, so the food also formally separated my teeth. I did it. just in the separation phase, but the date to do the scene was set much earlier and the food thing was very late, so the three euros all the points you just listed have nothing to do with my separation and now in berlin the new apartment is maybe because of a new girlfriend or is it too private is it a business everything else is private of course i would say more but i became cautious and there is nothing more to say yes ok then i wish you good night and when is it finally It comes to say good night I am only 15 years old and today important wisdom photo of a woman ung is the beginning and the end of everything find out what you know how to do best because in the end it is likely that you will have a lifetime as a professional mast fuck what others are doing around you try yourself to focus on you and that is in any case ideally of course you develop school professionally or just later thank you for yes it helped here too but the legal techies thanks in any case for working in the background it was right good talk round off the ceiling with citric acid let my board settle in iraq what really sometimes the sessions are really bottomless cinema