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Niederlande – Katar Highlights | FIFA WM 2022 | sportstudio

Dec 01, 2022

Niederlande – Katar Highlights | FIFA WM 2022 | sportstudio

Keeping an overview and advancing to the round of 16, the mission of the Oranje team today against the hosts who can no longer progress after two defeats, but still approach the game offensively. Captain Hassan alheidos checks on goalkeeper andres early in the game. blind, but Catastrophe's goalkeeper Messer is also wide awake and shortens the angle well. Oranje tries to ensure clear conditions from the start. the first stages jokingly but not much goes hand in hand also Kata with opportunities and the captain Virgil von Dyke tried with a strong call from distance and 26 minutes of play Cody kackbo is heard until one of the best of his team in this World Cup prevails 1:0 for the big favorites as fast as the arrow PSW Eindhoven forward the entire defense of the hosts Kaktus leaves standing Third goal in the third game of the World Cup They want to do more before the break Gacco returns to be in a good shooting position This time goal celebrations won't work A narrow lead remains at halftime Félix Sánchez His team is playing well, at least in this game, but again Holland crosses Danny Clasen Memphis de pay reaches the ball and in the middle stands Frankie der Junge gold correctly 2: 0 in the 49th minute Mohammed unintentionally put the ball in front of the children and in the middle young man Franky has the right nose Holan da now on the way to the round of 16 Cutter would like to say an honorable farewell to the World Cup at home they have a lot of ball possession and there are also some attacks in the second half but it just doesn't become really dangerous pedro correra's cross can't find receivers in the center the fans still celebrate their team the dutch let's take it easy now let's change but the joy of playing remains kako good pass b erghus that seems easy from substitute vincent jansen scores until the supposed 3:0 but referee Gasse am checks the goal and takes it back because KODi was on the ball with his arm a little later, the Netherlands Denzel cushions and is dangerous again Abdelkarim Hassan deflects the ball Goalkeeper Barsche plays it safe with good reflexes the final phase Kata takes the ball again rhythm it is clear that they will turn it off but then at least a strong cross with his head held high but Andris Norbert saves from the bullet ready mundari today Probably nothing with n the first point in this World Cup for Félix Sánchez and his team, the Netherlands scores a third goal, injury time runs Steven Bergholz is very close to a remarkable movement of 16 meters from the Ajax Amsterdam striker with the three to nil but it will be no more then it's over in alcor the netherlands reach the eighteenth final With a 2-0 win against Qatar so far, it wasn't the exciting football that Louis's fans had come to expect from Karl and his team, but they haven't been challenged yet in this World Cup if you don't want to. miss more football


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