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Nikis krasseste Niederlage! 🔥😈 Diese Wölfe im Schafspelz haben es in sich! 😲😎 | GRIP

Aug 22, 2022

Nikis krasseste Niederlage! 🔥😈 Diese Wölfe im Schafspelz haben es in sich! 😲😎 | GRIP

the 1000 hp tuning battle with nike and both cars fell over 1400 he is the fastest golf in the world against the strongest audi in germany that means we are talking about a wolf in sheep's clothing that's crass increased the skin towards that's how people are doing today with flu again in terms of tuning really on the twelve it's about this cup the 1000 hp tuning battle I've organized two of Germany's most blatant cars for you because it runs two of the world's fastest golf on the half mile what this audi Germany's most powerful audi both cars have more than 1400 hp and we want to clarify today which car deserves this trophy which car wins the 1000 hp june with but of course i can't do it alone i need the right co-pilot manufacturer will do it we're going with a flat flounder from today not at all show up philips services 1000ps tuning battle you be there i have a standard super sports car for both of us well know l we need the reference author lamborghini miura came spyder high-performance 640 hp 2.9 seconds from zero to one hundred 8.9 seconds to 200 the two should be very strange is actually still paying karbach i'm pretty sure the two are almost at 300 when you work forums has arrived 640 horses even the lamborghini against the extremely powerful tuning rockets, each with well over 1000 hp almost underpowered in the fight for the cup, a first victory against the sports car is actually a duty for both tuners and the purpose of this challenge is of course not too see which car is faster we just want to see how much faster such a tuned car is than a really 100 percent one oh my god who should do something like that location hello a device the audi from basti over 1200 hp i have 640 but they always work lamborghini or cars further high-performance sports car this rifle 2.9 seconds from zero to one hundred 8.9 seconds to 2 and then he has to do that first l master so there is finally action here the first race is imminent whoever is first to the finish line has logically won so right here and now it's a really higher drag race at 50 km/h 400 meters with the intention of 50 so that's the whole thing a little material is already there and so that the whole thing also remains the same chances that's why both roles equal to the line and then it starts the lambo will now of course performance scene the eyes will kick because he can that the launch control is coordinated the all-wheel drive act then really into each other the gears are really smoothed out that the thing only has performance so it goes forward without end the audi already has performance but whether it is tuned like that you want to have spin whether the whole thing works maybe he even has one or the other error somehow still in there so really deliver now otherwise he has no chance against him what de what is the situation so from me we have a super sports car en the fan what then you have to mean yes that he can do something okay we will rowling dates 50 in the evening germs off was also the driver who was the first to accelerate parallel to basti and nikki to 50 km/h before at the starting line the gas pedal was fully depressed I'm really excited I'm really excited make you 175 states we are happy close or not the audi japan won very close yes it was very close so from the finish line I saw about one and a half lengths so it wasn't more at all case but I think our cheating priest who reveals all the cards everything is bad I'll put it like that if I had only done it at 80 now I wouldn't have had a chance the problem would simply be the 50 km h in second gear from the speed doesn't see it at all would have to spend first take but then failed right away in the second year, that's exactly what it brings, yes then it's nothing because it was for me, so I was able to celebrate a bit that I'm actually at the front now and then we don't have it that way either when and next to me use a car first then of course it's over looks in any case extremely will look like if sony so flat performant flies past so really great respect to me what you the thing goes like the fire brigade so you have me now really nice to see that she has done his duty next also danny wants to prove in golf that niki in the italian super athlete uraca performante is not a real opponent for him the good chances because drive my small step first that should have been banned for a long time and can still follow with the big step the same rules apply danny drives in the golf against nicky in the lamborghini starts from 50 km h whoever has completed the 400 meters first wins the race me I'm curious because she's supposed to like the company's little bed, say 1000ps, an old braggart, but that I wasn't there for a note at the time nn the box runs properly then he will deliver something like that I think the lambo you no sun at all I'm standing here with a lamb bow a lamborghini or came spyder performant we'll take golf 2 and it's supposed to get me off the songs already in the optics an unequal duel calls you back then we'll make it i'm curious what makes the difference oh my god it was only 400 meters i would say 100 meters difference that's really awesome what did you oversleep at the start that was that was striking it's kassel that's it then for me it's the color of paper that demands the loud step in seat and it goes away is unbelievable but then this monster comes and hard past you the word solve is football and that means yes i already asked if a start up and away it was definitely 100 meters so because of the formula really in front of me today is a jump so it's 640 hp and top performance of the pulls but then you sit that in a completely different light both for dosed the whole thing with the tuning cars were faster than the lamborghini huracan high-performance time for


tuning expert philip to check the cars let's go with pastis audi exactly one of the last that was built either way that facelift version in the original is also the 265 world music after now rebuilt 3 yes these big ones are the 30 last year that means we would have had a fivefold increase here the audi s4 has been in bastis's possession for over 20 years he gave the power combi the ceramic brake system of the r8 donated in order to be able to slow down the performance, which has grown over time, now well over 1000 hp, so go now that we step on the gas a bit what you have you take over completely what you like again in the second reserves of 1 where come the bearings about was switched at 4 20 ma here greet music doesn't really clip like a norm ale car i always say that regardless of the know-how counts for tuning just as much will ambition and diligence fire something always happens at that moment you have to intervene and heal again which of course is important sometimes also good people behind you do they also support the whole thing so now of course I'm not the one who breaks something here because I really want to see if that might not slow down a bit on a check yes again so that's why I'm right here super awesome of the car well what's the matter says everything is fine so it helps the thing just drives here gives the next prank next nothing comes out the heating ventilation go everything works and what is the very last thing about this car you don't expect it at all with the station wagon until four and a half is even nothing going on so he really needs to 49 then the two loaders come then rape is also represented next in philipps check the worldwide p s strongest golf 2 by danny really toys for big boys that means because the we can just get in is trained by over a round so you have to be really curious how the value what that i just feel tuning expert philip in the anything but standard golf 2 explain so-called shifter that means we no longer shift but all six gears in complicated countries simply backwards yes and then we all have to get on a motorcycle again unfortunately again completely done more than 210 research he 32 turbo six-cylinder I think with Germany’s almost largest everything this engine was designed and built by danny himself a good 50,000 euros only for parts did the 41-year-old vogtländer put into his extremely doped golf even guests 15 years ago thought that at some point dennis would end up with 1500 hp tuned over golf once driving himself like that what even high-performing philipp doesn't experience every day the technology is really right matured that means how this turbocharger works on the engine how the engine runs the whole thing with almost 1500 hp it can really be seen that you simply notice it because it is simply one with this engine and and simply knows every weak point of the engine is the machine warmed up found came through loading it's natural yes that he's mentally ill I'm happy that only two might or so it's actually really easy to drive because the car really drives haslinger next ten spectators had to report I pulled the lever and there it is but I'm really breaking out in a sweat so I'm having a hard time that you're so relaxed next to yourself but of course for you that's not acceleration but I think it's ok I'll say honestly I know we're slowly working our way out and for me he's definitely like that enough i would have been long ago if we had the big power level i also sometimes i sit and you prefer that you all s go fast everything seems better better if you do that so I would suggest like heiko two animals or smart grids that was the smallest performance low ever only against one they were really still small yes yes there were 50 summer festivals to do logically because here was really bored on no you can't imagine how blatantly you have to pull that lever really hard and then that's really how it works the next time it just goes on like this runs under load as blatantly as the big room and I do now I'm possible even on the passenger seat computer better and that's guaranteed because Danny is now on the road with an open strip that means everything that games starts now because each know straight away simply great dennis look speaks volumes instead of ps madness there is an official technical defect something very satisfied it doesn't look so cool no matter how well built such a car is, unfortunately there is always a problem even if you improve this weak point, the weak point comes and somewhere else is physically seen the limits now we unfortunately had bad luck here that accelerated the first time with the large power level through these rubber edges here on the floor maybe saw us too the whole car starts to bang and vibrate and unfortunately the the the angle drive so the transmission torn backwards the subscription game operation and my nature has to pull and force change the gearbox that will have to change the gearbox around this angle motor and gearbox you come home theoretically take it from below and have to get out everything has to come out yes there is no space is like it has to come i have to motor that we won’t be able to do it sounds sporty or what do you think is possible i know the vogtländer guys if we do found that they all nailed their heads i trust him to surprise us give up is fu r tuner danny and his crew not an option the golf should be running again by the next day the mammoth task is tackled immediately the boys are all motivated and mix up fixed angle gearbox now thomas fix motor remove the gearbox and then the other edge is a new me I've also experienced a lot, but that someone really pulls the engine in the hangar during a thunderstorm so that you arrive as a gearbox, the differential is exchanged, then everything is reinstalled, my fullest respect, in Berlin, the next morning, here it goes for the two extreme devices on the dynamometer at the tuning specialist dennis golf is actually back at the start now it will be seen whether he is fully operational again extreme tuning is of course such a number you have to say how long you have to stay on the dynamometer but when you push it so hard i'm not excited test of strength it is always the most emotional measurements for the tuner as there is l you can finally stand by while this engine really makes full power the thing really puffs up and in the end you also have to decide what is possible when it comes out the stocks can usually all go up to 330 km h you usually always take a fourth one or fifth and then you really drive from low speed to the end once the gear completely yesterday faus number overhauled small things changed and I hope that everything runs perfectly again and we would have to push 13 15 hp back on here I hope that collector's item nothing removed now but have the bumper for a moment so that this giant is just perfect on the table in the blood from the air I'm really curious if it won't happen but the sound spectacle there's really something on your ears Danny when the vw golf 2 is ready for the measurement does it really crack the 1400 hp for me the performance measurement on the test bench was something completely new so but that and he lives forgiven what from then on the sound then so through dortmund then just automatically on the screen as we have but we have but you feel 3000 eat so that's how it is it feels crazy at times the sound to that you notice this power you developed worked out does the monster golf ever have but how much power
nikis krasseste niederlage diese w lfe im schafspelz haben es in sich grip