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Nithya Menen Speech | Thiruchitrambalam Audio Launch | Dhanush | Sun TV

Aug 23, 2022

Nithya Menen Speech | Thiruchitrambalam Audio Launch | Dhanush | Sun TV

so i want the actors and all to be like that now so i love to dub pandava the part of the movie and i love the movie and i loved shobhana and i told


you know shobana is what it is because it is written like that and he i said he thank you so much for giving me show banana she is such a beautiful character yeah ke pakambada very factually i really love her i love anger relationship and movie everything so yeah i love it beautiful , we are waiting to see it. who are so talented insanely talented how was that experience they all came together um it's normal this is how it should be so uh comfort zone thank god it's ok everyone is a wonderful effort of anger until you don't have to make an effort um, in terms of acting emotionally, it's not necessary, it's just fun, it's a happy alarm, everyone knows what we should do and, uh, it's an ideal environment, beautiful, also my favorite, I really didn't think that would be possible, I have to act with him. in the dialogues throughout keita it's like you know um movie relationship remember close so that's the relationship with him and even in real life you know um it was just uh brilliant i really love him and he loves me too and uh tai manga he gives uh compliments you know it's so nice to hear from the legend you know something like that um so he's a sweetheart i love him so good so you're so versatile you're a foreign line so on the talking tom i have to give it to someone thank you so much you
nithya menen speech thiruchitrambalam audio launch dhanush sun tv