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Privates 7 vs Wild Training mit @SurvivalMattin 😱 Knossi-Stories

Aug 24, 2022

Privates 7 vs Wild Training mit @SurvivalMattin 😱 Knossi-Stories

so greetings from the woods i slept outside it even rained on me it was bad but i went to see you later relatively naturally unite the devil you know jack perfect so let's go all day one love in the woods i slept because again yesterday i was out all day with doubts Martin best regards sal that was a cheeky day what I built they had their own forest with point systems with which we also have videos there device for example Martin I can only say that I can only say that mine picked up seven objects this morning and burnt all decisions are made alone then i slept outside again i thought i should do that i should maybe do that if it's not said don't be irritated by the


you've seen or something like that the seven objects are in a sack and walk and by the forest that also the islands in the jungle rhine for everything you describe and on the way that this jungle does not camp not with if the fourth fights in the diocese and then I say that I can only be right if the best chance is right and the most shameless is the real things only on an island you 50 even 7 against put nothing to eat nothing to drink that's a real thought the best chance is the most successful show there is also this and I'm simple and I knew at that time that there were not many people in the world and that is why of course there have been so many thoughts in the last few weeks there are things to tell about the treasury and that the jungle camp rtl has to wait
privates 7 vs wild training mit survivalmattin knossi stories