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Queen Elizabeth II's Doctors are "Concerned" for Her Health | Daily Pop | E! News

Sep 10, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II's Doctors are "Concerned" for Her Health | Daily Pop | E! News

welcome to the


pop, we start today with breaking


from the uk. There is great concern for



after Buckingham Palace released a statement saying that following further assessment this morning, the






about Her Majesty's


and have recommended that she remain under medical supervision. . she said to make herself comfortable we also learn the


's immediate family is rushing to her side a spokesperson confirms prince charles camilla prince william and prince harry and meghan will be traveling to be with her as are their other children not the other children last time we saw her majesty was on tuesday greeting the new prime minister in belmoral this was the first time for the


traditionally doing this at buckingham palace this sounds very serious ok , yeah, I mean, for a lot of people, this is the only monarch they know she's been in government for 70 years 70 70 years and she's done a magnificent job and no matter what you may think of the royal to the family regardless of whatever you can think of what's going on with all the scandals, this woman here has been the epitome of a woman who believes in valuing family, valuing respect for her country and serving her country and she's done well, for what it is It's a very emotional time for you and an emotional time for the whole of the UK and for us I mean I felt I mean even hearing that you weren't feeling well or in this condition I should say this morning was a brake on me it's horrible I feel like all you said i definitely echo i feel like she intends to run a country yeah for 70 years go through all those prime ministers i want to be respected and people love the


especially in the uk , this is like your reference point. so it's horrible and i feel like even looking at that picture she had i feel like we've been looking at her for the past year and she's always been older for a while but this picture to me is like oh i didn't realize that. yeah i didn't i hadn't realized my grandma others are around her age and she's not even like that but even in this you know she's doing her homework because you know um you know making sure that she appoints the new prime minister of the uk this just tells you her dedication to the tradition of service you know exactly i mean this woman sat down with winston churchill and went through things yeah you know what i mean she has seen something, she has seen something, I just don't want her to suffer and I think that's everyone's concern, we don't want her. suffer and you know how when people when they have illnesses and things like this it brings the family together, I hope people can start to gather their things because it's going to be another rain and we just wish that God save the


, yes, save the


and the boys will keep you posted as this story unfolds lonnie did you have an update on this yet? story in the comments below, be sure to hit the like button and subscribe
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