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REALLIFE ELIGELLA CUP VLOG!⚽️🔥 Fußball, Aftershow Party, Club & mehr👀 VLOG #104

Sep 13, 2022

REALLIFE ELIGELLA CUP VLOG!⚽️🔥 Fußball, Aftershow Party, Club & mehr👀 VLOG #104

good morning to the new


it's 9 a.m. or something like that I'm meeting Eli and Co now and then we're going to Munich for the illegal cappu we need the money there, please subscribe, have fun with the video, by the way, update because Lippe I believe that Things down here that will stay like this I'll stop slowly and then I'll know if I'll get my color back slowly Hauptbahnhof one tip the most important thing for a four hour train ride or 5 hours I wanted to eat and drink for the trip I took it with me never ending something to eat and I hope I can't sleep in anymore when you read a book from the net I saw a page we're finally there people the block you'll see many faces all of Switch Germany or Germany is here I think it's really funny tomorrow I'll take the training with you and of course also after fight videos but I'm also happy ey you have the goal dude text me all the time where I'm in it o I am and what's going to happen boy slips the asshole I'm also inconspicuous here mine doesn't recognize me so well and with a hood so it's broken so you don't recognize it so well curry evening drive captain captain I hope I don't have a long time this time put on jerseys Flo also look here how world history is right and now goosebumps goosebumps hey it's getting loud now that i'm already talking and we have the unique like it doesn't matter immediately i swear it to you exactly the whole time folks yes I don't toast no how you how my legs are shaking right now that I'm not going on the pitch and playing you can't play because the line was just drawn I'm so angry no matter what's going on here a few more things to settle and so where do we get out hello Help but you have plans or if the right one comes up in here or please drink what you ordered you can't lie down the food half is still in there they are 10 00 subscribers still the baby people Marcel the hand is broken your hand is broken and we have a playful birthday boy afterwards hello I put my gloves on I behavior all at once that knocks digger evidence at once it was just got the roof damage or something bro blow one okay now you say a word and then I have to respond to the word okay flashlight bathroom I'm sitting in the front of the car medio and new you in the back I said we drove for two minutes not why around the corner it doesn't matter another 2 minutes 56 minutes later come back so brother ok now sleep tomorrow man look no you can't haha ​​I hope something healthy a banana fresh bread rose the cabin I've changed I'm already I'll walk around the toy cart we'll warm up yes you need it first of all oh yes and here we are in the cauldron yes Timo there you are look at you are already getting warm and fat he oh my god good good for five six years across from us too no i have to poop no rot made six tom latte over there show me melina everything okay tell me a number make 7 done yes age is the same as good no oh my god wave just have I just have to test my teams doesn't look so good slowly later I hope the videos should all be short Micky so 3:00 p.m. it starts now Pokémon Monte clear your lungs clear your lungs all good friends the second lilligentag hello and welcome and then i would say jellyfish poisonous the game is entered from left to right until each of the now how intense it is how hard it is to find love right decision and eli is there intention out good to the end only last mercedes yes quite nice Netflix thing is supposed to be a bit better is over we lost six two six two but I'm happy with my team we did a good job but I'm the main thing we have fun and group phase out then next game against trymacs or mar i don't know is going to be really difficult again what's feasible i'll honestly say there might be some wind we're here now i'm robin we're coming now and the school is the hall hear us that brings you a bit of mood nothing to the left really on the world it's not then have a nice evening attention because it's also very tasty the idea okay in some Thomas stay vacation for the first day and everywhere if you have no idea to defend or do you have an animal that's really still reasonably good that I swear it's that then totally something like that will continue if we win and went for long legs in the evening is the hottest I almost didn't we were safe out Mark laughed at me you're out yeah Sydney has to win against Amar I'll tell you 50 that thing wins the power 54 won so they're going through the how cool and we have against the new ones three won what's off are on and we're coming to the next game final from the stands looking nice to say it got better players and better Germany's nice very good but difficult for me it's just the illegal coffee hey much better game I voted but not even again you sign that again briefly running was fun anyway on everything okay thank you thank you super thank you very much for me too the player of death deserves on and off the report a legend of the word way the beardless man that's so cool always with all together everything is running again ah number six the hall is empty again people Leipzig so to speak no boy that was gone horny more often we shouldn't film that anymore you can calm down you're happy warmed up I kept a nice present boy what's that Hug and Lightning against opponents who lost me well at 40-2 today who answers yes yes my first back on the pitch yes I'm so in the mood for a Greek Sches program no no that's so hungry air chamber home Get off now oh because I'm feeling just got here but do I still come home or do I have to book myself okay where are you participating we kissed each other and then he kissed the girl cool 6:45 a.m. you can’t tell anyone with us in any case I hope you had a nice day good shots here again really thank you very much for the crass event thanks drive at the start thanks maybe pronounce then go that everything went so crass Ramona of course also helped organize no matter what it gets darker and darker in the end even better player gotten bigger how ever with last place i had no idea so two three came back a bit then suddenly played me into the hearts of the fans i of course played also on a lot of other players of course also drive well at the start and would also have earned but also shit who is in the end wins something like that hope you all have fun we are looking forward to next year I think the older ones were at the start they know exactly I think they will also want to be at the start next year because it was really cool to be there in Halle all the spectators we were there know what I'm talking about what he my like there or I hope it was still good and of course still Digger I hope I get my color back no and a spoonful of comma we don't know how the ticket in the mouth so oh God leave the like there but to the next video when it says you want 18 again when the thing can oh my god people touched the room yesterday by the way and old people just lay in bed and line but nothing happened i want to start given and it went so far that we that pulled his trousers and still he couldn't manage it
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