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Rugby Moments That Will Never Be Forgotten!

Aug 20, 2022

Rugby Moments That Will Never Be Forgotten!

Look at this opportunity they have for Colby now all about his superb footwork and a nice pass to go with it and here it goes man to man it's one of their statements against current Cullen making mincemeat of him here could oh it's that simple with such brilliance don't stop watching him I said to the cops you gotta do it gosh here they have a freebie they're going to blow up beautiful wonderful oh especially finn russell maybe not liam


iams look around where is that support now it came from jonathan davis show those wheels in to davis in and out he gotta finish davis right down the field towards george ford back england farrell artie wins that a taylor leaves it behind you have to crawl it's there for the whole area the return pass in the hands of dear landy it's the razzle blend we


expected from the spring box ab he there it is what a try for the blocker hands he runs like an outsider turned out the man who doesn't know where it's from