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RUSSLAND: Gorbatschow ist tot! Kommt es jetzt zu einem brisanten Treffen mit Putin?

Aug 31, 2022

RUSSLAND: Gorbatschow ist tot! Kommt es jetzt zu einem brisanten Treffen mit Putin?

christoph now gorbachev's death comes at a time when the relationship between russia and the west is as bad as it hasn't been since the cold war how must we also western politicians deal with it now, for example when we then think about gorbachev's funeral it's not easy that you can now travel to russia and take part there or i think a solution will surely be found if there is also the will from western top politicians to come to gorbachev's funeral that's just a question of how reached an agreement with the kremlin i think it's quite possible the other question i can say again whether that's what you want or whether you say you definitely don't want to meet vladimir


here at such an event and that's why it's anyway for western politicians it's not an issue at all i think that's still a bis today schen too early gorbachev he only died in the night so i think it will take a few more hours to actually sort things like this and to find a solution we will illuminate the most important topics of the day and classify what happened for you how you can find us on tv simply by starting the channel search on your tv you will find instructions linked above together with an explanation of how you can then receive us via cable satellite streaming ip tv hello and a very warm welcome to the world i like the report if you want me news from our team then you have to click here if you are looking for exciting documentaries strong reports then go this way and if you want to subscribe to
russland gorbatschow ist tot kommt es jetzt zu einem brisanten treffen mit putin
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