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RUSSLAND: Michael Gorbatschow ist tot! "Für viele Russen ist er der Totengräber der Sowjetunion"

Aug 31, 2022

RUSSLAND: Michael Gorbatschow ist tot! "Für viele Russen ist er der Totengräber der Sowjetunion"

we look to moscow to christoph wanner good morning from berlin to moscow christoph the people gorbachev in russia how is the actually seen is also thought here after his death of course


gorbachev also has followers in russia but the relationship to the former general secretary and only president of the the soviet union is a bit complicated here, at least for a large part of the russian population if he is seen in germany and in the west as someone who also paved the way for german reunification, someone who engineered perestroika, i.e. the conversion and also glasnost, something like transparency public brought here to russia to the soviet union for many russians he is actually the gravedigger of the soviet union so if you want to describe the whole percentage i would say 70 percent of the russian population are extremely critical of gorbachev and i think e even vladimir putin and the kremlin team don’t think much of the former general secretary of the kp the su we all know the imperialist thinking of the kremlin chief and that actually contradicts what gorbachev did and his actions and also his economic policy in the end we led to the collapse of the soviet union in 1991 and of course the kremlin hasn't forgotten that and putin he once said that the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century was the collapse of the soviet union so that's the mindset of the kremlin boss and usually is it's so common in russia that you either don't talk about the dead
russland michael gorbatschow ist tot f r viele russen ist er der totengr ber der sowjetunion
at all or only say something good, so the little boss also held back with criticism but checked and will also send a telegram of condolence to gorbachev's family, but there are some who do don't stick to this rule like for example an e former separatist leader gherkin alias trehkopf a man who was very important, especially in 2014 and today still very active via telegram who insulted gorbachev as a judas as a traitor via telegram this messenger channel and that is what is actually absolutely unusual in russia it is actually a no-go to speak badly about the dead our tv station welt provides you with the latest news and background reports around the clock we highlight the most important topics of the day and classify the events for you how you can easily find us on tv by starting the channel search on your tv you will find instructions linked above together with an explanation of how you can then receive us via cable satellite streaming ip tv hello and a warm welcome here to the world i liked the report if you sent me news If you want to join our team then you have to click here if you are looking e since after exciting documentaries strong reports then follow this way and if you want to subscribe to the world rediscover volt then click here