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The 2022 Secret Billionaire Club (Zubby Michael & Aki & Paw Paw) - Nigerian Movie

Sep 07, 2022

The 2022 Secret Billionaire Club (Zubby Michael & Aki & Paw Paw) - Nigerian Movie

thank you USA, yes foreign. I told them that they said that they will not pay any City for a couple of lists because they are the children of this land, okay, they are the children of this land when we use this account no, tell me now that there are results at home you know seven times you don't sleep you know going through those dimensions everything is different now someone bought this land I want to develop without putting youth I don't have time here we go who is that is that person this is what has been happening in this community those guys are very brutal and unless Be it so, I suggest you pay them if you want to proceed with the building, but the police are very solidly after them.
the 2022 secret billionaire club zubby michael aki paw paw   nigerian movie
I do not care. you owe sorry sir that would be an accent to my debt um i suggest you go and meet them he is the boy's boss he would not allow them to rest would he allow the work to continue until the money is paid yes nice i did not deserve to please the rebellious I mean what places then what I kne w is far beyond comprehension it's just me no more to find I'm just uninterested than watching naughty apps it was wild all the pics rubbed our lips I won't give it oh yeah, so you have to go and rest, come back. to decide tomorrow it's ok you have to continue that work it's ok it's ok no problem no problem rubbish i know it will never say never and it won't rest if all the time it's nonsense for you to start praying to god for something you know you can do You will do it yourself, you pray to God that you put on your clothes correctly, if you attend, I said my peace, I said my peace, foreigner, we are losing, okay, you'll really insult yourself, we're leaving. , now you'll see I'm going, um, my daughter, just thank God for you, just thank God for me, let me know I had some.
the 2022 secret billionaire club zubby michael aki paw paw   nigerian movie
That's my Boy. He would have really cost me. yeah he would have touched me with his time williams is scaring people smart or something. i will go to church williams where they are mad without registering with the pressure of williams everywhere is oh my god you don't know what's going on so in god mary let's go back if you think switzerland come back we'll talk about it abroad ok, no problem hello my friends don't make me hungry your anger can't have effect on me because you can't develop this place without pain development outside if um stop that's listening to me see me foreign i can't see you're full of yourself i see no Worry but you'll never stop us from building you understand so yeah I don't like your face Baba I don't care about your face you mark my face the place Iowa alright guys omg he's so confident. and the guy has a lot of potential, so we have to find a way to woo him, you know, have him come to us in Austria, honestly, my bad honesty. of potentials but let me ask if you would have shot the guy decides because i saw the way you put your fingers almost in primary yeah i dont know why you know he had to be dead like that if you did that you would have wasted it , it will be potential and active, the perfect gift.
the 2022 secret billionaire club zubby michael aki paw paw   nigerian movie
Look, I know you don't like him because of his God, but not because of his personality. Look at that boy. I like the God of him. You know you can't tell anyone. He doesn't care who you are. your status quo he can stand in front of you and say what he wants you get it that's why i like him that's the perfect gift he's perfect he has so many potentials so we need him to find a way one day to bring him closer let's walk with confidence yo, you'll be glad you did, don't forget those who are so bad don't bite that guy, they just back off and then we hang out, what are they mad at? very foreign, can you imagine?
the 2022 secret billionaire club zubby michael aki paw paw   nigerian movie
Then you can come and start building abroad. I'm not saying they should fight people with God but at least they don't run like chickens and challenge them like men now so because they have vision of God now they run away listen to nothing they won't shoot even if they want to shoot how many people will you kill? ah baby you can never say most men with guns mean to shoot yeah some may want to threaten you While others end up pulling the trigger so to be safe you better not even have anything to do with your DIY This life has no duplicate they will shoot because they rob a bank they will not shoot because I eat napkins which is normal thanks like a great man you don't die like a chicken no I don't hate this song you want to insult me ​​ask me to dance what the chicken is doing in this conversation don't tell me What is the chicken doing in this conversation?
the 2022 secret billionaire club zubby michael aki paw paw   nigerian movie
Thank you, baby, baby, now I don't like the idea of ​​you and God is a threat to come to God, that boy is very stubborn and the idea you put in did it. Don't make me want to take that money by force. of course she's not going to get it, that's the truth, okay, I like it, I mean, for her courage, let me tell you the truth, mother has a strong wind, she can never break a bent tree, come on s, both of the youth left the village to go abroad to allow Stop Dancing in the socket used to be concerned about the sure money of many songs and others of this great community that have general reasons to develop this this this which is what I you're saying a reason how much we're talking about this money it's so slotted you're more than this money my phone this guy took her can i embarrass you i don't want to embarrass you for this woman because this one is not paid ok can we talk about something else?
the 2022 secret billionaire club zubby michael aki paw paw   nigerian movie
I forgot about this lousy loss maker and that causes him sugar. I don't want to embarrass you. convince him that you know to follow us to Austria in I will be very happy to convince the native campaign to follow us so that he also has to walk at what price so that Amanda is rooted with peanuts to call him from the village Land development madam what are you speaking more work everything has a price only pay the right amount the fastest and even the most urgent follower believer that you are not his master or if you say his master I follow you that is the truth nobody looks at an attack with that suspicion that you have to give to get what you deserve that's what it is I mean the cocoa of this thing that's the only way you can get it or you can do what we need boy let's do this speed is fun when you remember that we're on the watch list for um I mean we are on the watch list of efcc ICPC CIA the entire FBI yes between dirty games you can see us jumping from one post a train station one plane to another I don't trust I know andy doesn't expect me I was here to trust him but let's try if we can offer me this let's try it I agree so first of all let's try let's get closer just hope you're not making a mistake I mean which is fraught with risk so let's risk it don't do it sooner thats boy i dont trust him again foreigner very good idea and this everywhere these guys are ready for one not because the way i see them when the last guy is right those men have set up a government for all sides, we do not force. to fight the willit guns with Cutlass we need to get stronger and we don't have all those things means we can't fight them a man happened one two three get out of my house let's go papaya the only five star general not at all you win please foreigner thank you everything you did is not good at all you shouldn't have asked your friends to leave your house so who are you to tell me how to handle my friends across the border come and be nice you are asking me to leave our house You are deaf?
Your time is over. I hate repeating myself. Get out of my house. yes I'm cooking inside you are cooking go I don't know why he avoids this place also foreign um cool you missed the drama you can see what happened they immediately came to your son's work they saw your children With the arms I shot at. all of them oh no no let them stay because can you imagine someone is trying to bring investments back home and they are trying to interrupt professional knowledge doubts? i need something it's a video trying to work hello projects the drama was so fun foreigner do you guys lose this guys you better forget about that foreigner as a man who has nine lives see if he likes to let him go and fight those guys if you succeed let him he eat all the money just as for me no nothing will make me go and fight those guys i don't know how they made their money nothing will make me one day he must apologize for this insult no he will be doing this a man way yes a mama Ent but Joker be friends with a boy man who is always thinking when we decide now only we were all good don't they have something to do with their lives?
You guys are talking about you guys if you don't know him very well he always seeks perfection in everything he does yeah why must it be that way because they call it talk he is now the toku the only two of us that have this and that's really perfect person anything other than that is completely premises is a waste of time even that would be the illegal way they say saying wise they demand us Perfection a wise in his perfect um I need it Amara I really don't understand what you keep doing this guy is a monster and no he has no respect for anyone on the few occasions I have met him, he has never shown any sign of being a gentleman.
I think you should quit for the sake of your life several times. I have tried live but it is not working. I love him. I can't leave Williams, hey, yeah. You can't Amara, you can't leave him. I know you have. Alright, the only reason you're still with this guy is because of his money. I didn't think this guy was broke. He would no longer be. That is not true. I love him. I can't believe it out of his mommy. Love you. oh no, bad girl, you're in love with him, you're not obedient, make love, Teddy, and make love 'til it takes you to your early grave, love, in love with that guy, will kill me, hey, girl, this is orange so you have fun abroad. development levels devices what are you guys doing here you have come to give me my right or anyone if you don't pay my development fee you won't develop that when you finish building you will establish that place your background should pay our development fee the people have been watching over the land before that you bought it a girl you know I like your books your confidence you know you have this amazing spirit not wanting to know who that man is you are not afraid of anyone and that is one thing he does I already love you but I don't think I just want you to give us a good audience so we can discuss something something very important discuss what you hear nothing good will come out of your dream nothing good will come out of you anytime soon so you have nothing to discuss all i want to hear is that we are an answer where is my money we will not take you to israel my brother you will take to the promised land something that will interest you yes as i said little people have nothing to offer recer i need my money let me see how my development fee is this level of assistance development if the problem um you know you have a lot of potentials you don't even know huh and that's why you know my brother's image is one of Salzburg and now I wanted to do it with one more I want to change I'm making a better person so we do it well listen spare listen listen again if you don't have my money don't insult me ​​I can be very dangerous when I'm angry I'm hungry and angry give me my development in fact leave me and home to Foreign Exchange but listen, looking at you, I'm seeing money, oh yeah, I always wondered trust, bye, but get out of my house, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, get out of my house, get out of my house, but I use muscle to make money. good looking Air Burger oh my tiger what kind of process is this huh what's going on what the hell was that wake up stop shut up go go go know yourself let's go back to this area yo yo I really don't care I'm an hour going like this area of disappointments I must stay in Detroit and it's a very big attack on my face and my personality you shouldn't do a demon was talking to me what I miss everyone no style just tear it down you know I know I know what you can do I know what you are able to do, you know that's why God made you a good one of those books. you forget potassium is crap that boy doesn't have it we ll uh I'm pretty sure I'll break it oh yeah I'll break it and move it to our side oh yeah I'll figure out the way I want it Moody so listen it's very hard to control a man who thinks he knows that boy better than anyone huh I'm pretty sure I'm going to break that guy that he's not moving towards us I mean he's very easy ok look i'm still going through the water for us um hi amara i'm what i've been telling you this guy is your master yes this guy is a monster he doesn't deserve your own heartbeat you're right i better not come back with he will never again that guy is crazy indeed with the way he will leave soon he will put himself in serious danger imagine williams who insulted the two richest guys in the Obosa Kingdom I thought your boy William is the richest in this Kingdom you mean you don't know about asugo AKA pictures and his brother arizona one of his suspicious um trying to insult them actually confronting them threatening them anyway the good thing here is you come to your senses and you've decided to leave it stay home with Die Young we can go and put hot water on if I see them here again that now and he says he wants to help imagine how can anything get out of Israel.
Look, you've got half the people who said they won't help me. what kind of thisI knew so my brother what I'm telling you now is better for you let's go with this money David I get your point but if we die this morning those Half Men will come for us the consequences will let me go five million euros please let me sleep on it let me think about things let me think about it ok sleep on it tomorrow morning just tell me what i told you mine yes foreigner you see me in nigeria please help me find out how much more poor people charge for our security yeah yeah let's figure it out and get back to work right there bro one last time are you sure we're on the right track are you sure we won't regret what they're about to regret they'll thank me later , in the meantime I have given your location to the police of course I want them busy running for the police while we are busy spending their money Dave my mind has gone foreign yes my Mind I s Made we will run together with thi In one we will reach Nigeria, we will be alone with my balls.
I'll take it all together firmly behind you. Yeah, let the doctors get up every morning so they can't do anything with their money. I can name most of our children. from their money you get immunity the doctors we get everything we just turn ourselves in they can't conclude without their money so im gay do you know what happened? I'm firmly behind you okay, let me think, let me think, ah, what are you thinking? about harry don't tell me what you're thinking it's not obvious that sugar and david have run away with our money look let me tell you if these guys if it's true that they run away with our money my brother I will feel sorry for them I will give them up until the end of this world it is true this is true we sent them to her husband they have not returned yet and the plant has confirmed that the transaction was written it is ok no no no no no I will not kill you I will not do that, that is oh, you refuse, for Of course, you have to live.
Right here my source told me his location was leaked and compromised and as we spoke he was sent to dispatch to come get you two it's ok for the dog we're very friendly here what do you want me to do? For you, we just want to stay here for a while with you. They want to stay at my house for a while. Yes, yes, are you sure of the facts? the boys are going to stay here all day look let me let me let me let me tell you something no one comes into my house without proper arrangements a whole new idea and finally now we have a few months if you should stay in my house , you must leave something, how much, how much, please, uh, I hope, unless I forget, how many days are we talking about, let us know the amount first, okay, you guys will give me 200 for each person, like for three of them, now at 200. um you know why now it's just the two of us staying here but as for the duration baby another foreigner you won't get it and i will never have it now let me advise you to stay away from me you heard what i said stay away from me because good girl good girl that's what you're looking for it's okay because you won't understand, which is what I don't like.
I don't like the way you handled me. Although I do not like. I don't know if you know about that. why some girls, especially the ones who come from a very poor background, and once when they even wash their pants, we never see it because they get their thong back, you know, I wonder why the day is so rude like you. I, okay, I know your family and all your family and everyone in your family doesn't know how to make money, I get better, you can't breathe again. of all his life income it's not even up to the annual income than my brothers so stay away and from me because you're poor ask him you were born did you see that you said that um come on how was your night fantastic hot coffee it's very hot coffee yes you know how you know our weather here now very cool you're welcome foreigner.
I am arranging how to smuggle them out of the city, but now they must learn to love. the bus stations there are police everywhere it's ok I need to run to the street and I have something to fix before the day is over yes it's ok take care it's ok when you finish drinking you can leave the badge for me in the diamond no problem it's fine foreign physical foreign man foreign man answering names according to his money is like 100 million understandable yes a billion everywhere you know two billion euros that means I'm WWE working well that's my real name it's already you know working to the left that money you see is a very large amount of money that's why we can't even place it if you try to put it here this won't break and i'm telling you the money is too much we made a very much money what we want you to be able to see you can keep looking for us I don't give a damn since Europe is worried the police all the police will be looking for you and they can't get away with it, I tell you it's not those uh those uh half women half men now what am I going to call them no half man there is no one plus one is it true but in your case half plus half is one all half men one minute yeah yeah come on foreign foreign thank you are you saying that too guys not a rich man who has a lot of money throwing into the streets like ordinary paper?
I'm still flabbergasted at what I saw yesterday when you see the way these guys were throwing money and if I go and if I could do it every morning, everywhere, all the people we're electing, boy, that guy didn't make it up, the dude did well these guys dealt up to 5 million which is 5 million i collected 80 000 you can spend no less than 2 billion i know about Diego 15 millionaire even i collected yes you Palmer hey yes don't neglect anyone yes you I hate Carl um I don't like your spots now he's a man you're a boy eat the very broken one why don't you go in again okay darling is it right next to a midsole stash?
Forgive me, our little idea, how do I do it. I need to celebrate this. I'm lovin 'it. I told myself that I love you, baby. Yes, I know. Facebook video. I need your access stories but I know you ain't finished I'll give you a safe problem for us oh by the time I mean you met our guy to come prove you're going to make that one remember to post something , I will go back to the defaults as I said. yes let me tell you foreigner foreigner is it true that both of you came back instead of going back home you went straight to kidnap tuka on her way to a special form?
I thought we hadn't kidnapped him and that's a foreigner yes he paid for you two plus two five million euros from us 500 million euros from us both more than five million euros but I said 5 million naira ok he wants me to leave him the money is not only possible we can't talk money is too much but no one will believe you that he is coming here no one will believe that he took a stroller an amount of money because children all what if but we are liars don't believe what you can say um no no don't go I didn't say Liars School, no problem, I've wasted this moment, I can't do anything. thing like that but nobody can believe you here foreigner everywhere with this 86 Known Farms I will put god to some of my friends and nobody knows where he is those men are not police I have seen them with ezuko and his brother arizen serve as his bodyguard bodyguard bodyguard so that means two guys are going to die are you saying they're going to kill my real car? hey hey hey hey hey tell me what we gonna do now foreigner just forget it cause we ain't gonna do that any other way. you send the truth you will never see in our hearts to destroy it and we will destroy it this is only guilty we take for you we will pick you up from here we just said it i took it to us to make it a better person i couldn't do it was star wars and it came back here members family we'll take care of that oh yeah wait I never really said what he did was right he did the wrong but what I want you to know is because acceptance of what happened is the first step of overcoming the Doom that will block the corner that's why I'm talking to you with my children.
It may surprise me that you are saying this Baba, do you know what 5 million euros will do for you? let me remind you not to worry about but through us you have bad money baba you are one of the most respected man in this Kingdom just because we have cash oh my god the money if you start leaving money for everyone will you be where you are today? no, don't overlook it money and everyone doesn't kiss it even I understand all this boss, the one who studies Revenge, keeps his own mood for Green, okay, for what is foreign foreign this must be fruit s these friends friends I think I know where they hide what moms we're sitting under a tree I saw one of the bodyguards come out of the warehouse and I know that's the place they already occupied are you sure what you're saying fake news foreign foreigner it's amazing dude i must confess i appreciate what you did because friendship is about sacrificing ce and we sacrifice a lot to make sure that once again foreigner again i hope your message is clear i believe in your voltage at this time tomorrow i will tell everyone big five stars anything where they hear that we take it for you foreign Blood Diamond yes you have to fight give me more because even the bible made it clear that we do not fight against meat so we have to fortify ourselves foreigners and what are we doing here I'll stay here for now because I dream and days ago I've defeated more than them I can chew, so it's time for war.
I used to be. I look like a thief. They kicked me out, bro, so I made money like any other young man. I returned to Germany. rumor yes let's go it's very very dangerous to stay close to Chuka it may cause your death hmm enugu I'm not going anywhere I can't go now that you need me more yes good but there is time for everything you are for war and There's time for love, it's time for war and everyone comes with casualties, you want to put your life in danger, I don't care, I don't care. It doesn't matter maybe I'm ready to face this battle with you if you're going down then I'm going down with you baby in the face but I'll disappear again foreigner I'll be back actually they came for both of us the soul intends to kill it's not just their faces they were ready to shoot anyone they saw this compound wise man i'm smiling because war is a girl played with mine foreign foreign foreign all around gods eyes part of you sending you to the god of war you stand there for two nights if you make it alive and nothing i mean nothing without you in this life oh lord go go go foreigner hahaha foreigner hahaha my children is happening to you hahaha today what is happening thank God you' here I've been thinking how to communicate with you honestly i have been coming here every minute to see how you are since that day your traditional marriage broke off what is going on where are you going to follow me i will tell you everything i gave heh where is foreigner foreigner peace it's fine you don't tell me I didn't actually send you and I know but I won't do a good job you know the story I got where you didn't get where I got where the name is and if you leave these two people why they don't like us you don't understand you know give me a reason why i should trust you my brother we know they talk about trust here because i know you love yourself normal life and you don't love me too but we don't know how they talk about this if these two half men men no one just walked into this women's show arena come take over a white boss we'll hit again you know go kill us now um foreign foreign foreign me who got money somebody fired i'm not gonna agree to this i'm not gonna argue tell me we get foreign money move first give up one thing I don't quite understand me are you sure you can use half a morning ritual and unfortunately for him someone cutting the acts you both care what you are saying before these two months of yours get in trouble one day Center your mouth now they are talking about the same problem okay wait ma'am how are you? explain sugar sudden wealth and the death of his girlfriend how do you explain that i don't know i can't explain it's not even any of my business hey look everything is so clear the earth is so clear what's good if not the pictures wouldn't have gone around the world people, what do you think you're right? that person this software is possible and if I were that person I wouldn't go down, beware of both before you get in trouble.
I don't know what to say just shut up police let them come you have been invited to the station for questions about the death of an amarache sermon and Nancy YouTube correction point my name is my name is second I have no reason to kill the woman I wanted to know are you here to add salt to my angel? What station? Thanks, foreigner. What are you saying? That's the Intel I just got weekly. Place both directions for surveillance. That's the only way to find out which party is responsible for this. So now you're blocking our way William so you're finally disarming him that's great but make sure our group doesn't cross paths because it might not be nice ok this is zanga now say Angry Mobs scavengers and Avengers. you have men they killed my girlfriend and they filmed on the death bio i will come for you and you know what it means what they still wanted don't forget that when aboy dance i'm watching your west's sweet move and smile happily you should never forget it and you should also remember that old town somewhere in the village square with the western friend who's not in time with the music was once a better swift that you, oh, you know what girl, you see this community. and you see this Friend belongs to us more than you let me tell you i want to play a war never fight with words with party i never trusted you i never believed in you cause i know you have spoken a blueberry i dont know foreign foreign listening let me tell you foreign guys i invited you i have a very important task for you guys because by history you are the only one I know who can find this Civil War brewing in this Kingdom, ok sir can I see a case fan where you can know who we are up against?
Yes, I will ask them to send it to you as quickly as possible. Right, sir, I trust you. message what was it, can you hear yourself? Well we went again, do you see them or did you catch them? I mean, who would have been dead? I lost one of my children, I'm sorry, but I promise to find those people behind this person, yes. Buddhism so I think I found this reason from Uganda among the


mafia in Austra, yeah yeah Okay sir, foreign murder and hard drug smuggling. anything you say or do will be used against you in the cup of blood please prove it thank you location are you sure yes? lawyer who doesn't have a government could provide you with one now move on do you realize you are talking to the true god AKA working fine the Inspector General of Police is my best friend Steve George my member of the party


whatever you see or do PM who is against you in the court of law now move it so i will advise you not to do anything stupid cookies you will get a call and as usual say sorry you are foreign