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UNSER HITZIGSTES SPIEL BIS JETZT!😱🤬 Rote Karte, Fouls & mehr🔥 Delay Sports Highlights + VLO

Aug 30, 2022

UNSER HITZIGSTES SPIEL BIS JETZT!😱🤬 Rote Karte, Fouls & mehr🔥 Delay Sports Highlights + VLO

We're guessing he's still really, really cool it's called the track then some of them talked to him but I want him to be too cool he wasn't that cool and I imagine my players did you can guess who they told two years of nothing. you can get hurt and that's a dream of those who break because they get hurt and then they play it like it's much worse than a rude insult and we kick something it's also fine in the district league it's part of that but then his coach and the person in charge run to us and write to me only hot air only hot air that also bothered me a lot a situation our player was left on the ground very unhappy something that needs to be replaced was carried later in the cabin almost violently because he did not know what was happening and had pain and stuff like that the video game coach continued last week for example it wasn't too bad the boys were also very motivated but the wolf on the wall he and great the coach was great they were happy with the material but they were more like friends today our second the league game it's the


it's 12 o'clock tomorrow you're going to the bahamas you can come soon the word will come first tonight we have to eat something too everything is resolved but i knew it with names small point service help that shows i really have to think about it It was very nice and today by the way that many fans should not let the action be should not come with safety precautions That shouldn't take the step should so many visitors offered but then it didn't matter that was fine because he is a travel footballer he took a big win back then never yes but in the process he has done it right away , yes, he says he has done it up to euro 1, no, do you want me to have a prof but no, Rheine, nose first, yahoo, all once, yes, it's so complicated that he fell off, but this is disgusting , wing euro the boy returns well or holds the ball no yes there and he can be there an october i understand everything how it is but i stay but it is really very specific like a negative respect to all opponents it works here it has just been told here about why I want to be here on the side, that's why on the other side it doesn't seem right to me that they wanted a relic of one of those who said let's play step by step, he became very young with nonsense I say it publicly not to do something like that, but that's nonsense and kicker küchenmeister added ten minutes of eight films that one sees and sees paul arguing and arguing yes mark three points first d ass I don't know I couldn't anymore this time they are half-time interviews that I wasn't at the beginning because most need and little movie now decide for that but we must stadium moviegoers i have no idea how look what we are doing i will ask what now allows what kind of change and i think we can play again discussed the whole team is here now they have their eyes on you all anyway I already have that I already delivered the last farewell dinner before I go on vacation 1 still smells so the food is coming gave me a go pro with important submarine for war with pleasure p For underwater recordings what it costs, why organize things like this and that's why I say look now people I hope you can endure everything because the next ones have it if you don't
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