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Warum Einweg Vapes SOFORT verboten werden müssen.

Aug 26, 2022

Warum Einweg Vapes SOFORT verboten werden müssen.

I came back from my little summer vacation and was actually completely rested and relaxed until i saw this tomato links video on my projects channel it was all about a form of e-cigarettes and i actually thought this video would say it all then I did it. but then i found out much scarier stuff and realized that the girl thing is worth a very own video on this channel here because it affects all of us, even those who have never smoked anything in their lives and never did. they will. Why tell me that I will? I'll tell you later that it all started one beautiful day when I was leafing through the register of the German patent and trademark office and I came across a new trademark registration from July 2022, I set out on my way to a new brand that could sell products in electronic cigarettes. and the kind of scents, among other things and already has its own logo and the first fans of youtube and twitter are ringing the bell probably already one of the biggest german streamers montana black has its own brand that is one level is located near hamburg and he liked to smoke in a web way at least you can often see them prominently placed in his streams so it's very obvious he will.
warum einweg vapes sofort verboten werden m ssen
Probably in the future, the ski shop is also trying to come up with its own e-cigarettes. I know what influence and scope it can have when a well-known person from pop culture takes responsibility for your own product. Examples of success are, for example, Kapital Brother Schwiering Davis with his Ice Ts palettes with his books or Babys Beauty Palace with their bathrooms. These products sell thousands of times, mostly because their well-known testimonials give them a publicity stunt to get started on the brand they offer and for many fans it's almost simply a must to try their products at least once and that too can be fun and it is not prohibited.
warum einweg vapes sofort verboten werden m ssen
However, in this special case I would like to jump ahead a bit and first explain to you what uncondemn is. all before you simply order them to test your streamer idol and by the way, before we discuss the study situation and addiction potential of e-cigarettes, we'll talk briefly about the cushion in today's video, especially when buying Online purchase is offered and young people or people with little financial education are likely to make these installment payments, especially when social media also advertises many great products you want, the temptation is to use big vendors, buy now pay later which many don't. know, however, that the principle of buying in installments can be really expensive if you are not careful, many providers require very high s The standard interest rates are usually around 15 percent, but even the famous zero percent financing eventually became It can be found in your credit bureau and can help you if the installments have completed purchases on the Internet and are having difficulties paying them because they are intended to attract people. get out of these loans as quickly as possible in the long run by creating better terms for your old installment payments in just a few steps and after that you should ideally never relapse and never complete them again the concept is simple download the app take a photo of your credit or payments in installments and anything will verify if a better offer can be made your open invoice will be paid and you will find a client in enni pay less interest and I hope to be free of debt sooner and with my code alicia you will save 20 euros additional getting back to the topic of what pups mean to life from the beginning to coiling let's first understand how these parts work and what actually is pups or vaping It all started about 15 years ago when the first smokers switched to evaporative refills their own liquid but they can use it for years, so just to understand how everything works you fill a liquid, the so-called liquid. liquid which usually also contains nicotine and flavorings in a device here the liquid gets so hot it vaporizes and this is breathed in as a vapor exactly how the heating works varies from device to device some things are called shisha it's an electronic cigarette these words are often used synonymously but it doesn't really matter for this video here just remember that the liquid is vaporized and the vapor is inhaled, unlike classic cigarettes n the tobacco is burned here and the smoke is inhaled, so that the word e-cigarette is a bit misleading, but now you know what it means, around 2016 to 2018, e-cigarettes in Germany experienced an absolute hype in terms of sales, vaping Back then everyone was talking about this pun and modern youngsters were also saying the English word so puppy before we jump right into the novelty disposable waits let's talk about l first he health aspects of steam, contrary to what you might immediately suspect when you look. in the colorful devices and artificial flavorings, vaping is generally considered to be significantly healthier than smoking and classic cigarettes, this is shown by some studies and it is also visually evident that the br once did a vivid experiment in this regard and smoked a cigarette of an appliance, there will be liquid waiting and what you see waiting is also about what mon arrives ge that looks much worse with cigarettes than vaping a large scale study from britain even suggests that the web it can be 95 percent less dangerous than classic weeks but that's not all there are e-cigarettes still long-term studies on the evaporation of the other ingredients, apart from nicotine, almost all weg witz contain glycerin and propylene glycol flavorings, for example, the problem with charcoal is actually contained in all e-cigarettes, which we know that if you swallow it, you actually ity there is no danger at all if nebulized is vaporized then at least sometimes it leads to irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, the mucous membrane of the nose, the mucous membrane of the mouth and also the mucous membrane of the brutal mucous membrane . during vaporization, much more formaldehyde is produced at high power, that is, at high heat, significantly more formaldehyde than with classic cigarettes.
warum einweg vapes sofort verboten werden m ssen
In leads the more heat you use the more formaldehyde field and formaldehyde is actually a carcinogen and then there are the hundreds of flavorings that are suitable for consumption but it is often not clear if they are so suitable for vaping they are harmless that it just hasn't been vetted enough yet, so even if you consume wales without nicotine and there are still health risks, here's a small example of horror in the US where there are still lax laws for the world. not pneumonia because no virus or pathogenic bacteria were found, rather this disease would later be known as wally thc and the oily vitamin e axis made the fluid added in the lungs and oxygen intake disabled.
warum einweg vapes sofort verboten werden m ssen
Yes, now you are probably as confused as before when it comes to the health aspects, so I will summarize it again in good German in a kind of recommendation. not a doctor who This is just my opinion, which I formed from my intense research and which is also represented by many doctors and scientists It is best by far not to smoke and not to vape at all if you smoke cigarettes and want to stay away from it, first you should try no substitutes maybe even nicotine patches gum etc just to slowly wean yourself off nicotine and also train yourself to break this smoking habit but if that doesn't work at all and you just need this lifestyle , then it is a good alternative to completely switch to e-cigarettes and really one m to get accurate advice from specialist retailers and if you are a non-smoker then by no means blindly start using vips for fun, not even the ones without nicotine because that's unnecessary and can get you addicted like cigarettes so only now we know.
warum einweg vapes sofort verboten werden m ssen
The most important thing about smoking and vaping is probably clear to all of us, these vaping devices are more for smokers or experienced vapers, ie young adults sneaking a cigarette at a friend's party or maybe even going on a party to chaos, they go and buy a package. I probably wouldn't invest in inselteil, although there are now devices from 17 euros that are very narrow and therefore vaping can be significantly cheaper overall than smoking classic cigarettes. Go find tips to buy something reusable and then take it with you. it is simply too high for many, but where there is a gap in the market there is a marketing idea, which is why the first disposable e-cigarettes that have a certain number of puffs and are then disposed of by evaporation came on the market some time ago.
warum einweg vapes sofort verboten werden m ssen
The principle of these disposable girls is that just like reusable e-cigarettes you have a joke and why they vape just like reusable e-cigarettes they also contain batteries or accumulators just like reusable e-cigarettes and cost per puff . as much as reusable e-cigarettes right now times in principle there are more e-cigarettes away the only difference is you can't screw them in to recharge them because they're stuck and it looks like you just throw them away after use yeah you heard me right so in principle i could make even more by buying e-cigarettes and then throwing them away instead of refilling when i first heard it was really cool because somehow it will never happen communicated like this i mean people who smoke one way nets are stupid , no, I think they just didn't know better than me until recently or they did know and they show the environment a very thick middle finger in a very demonstrative and decadent way and here we are already at the core problem with the issue of unidirectional waves , which affects us all, the environment is suffering massively massively so or kicking has had a p oco waste of packaging if you don't buy the sc let's take a closer look on the internet there are some videos of people disassembling these disposable waves the market leader among disposable girls is currently 11th and this product was cleverly dismantled by youtuber dampfwolke on the one hand there is the packaging waste, but in this scenario they would be insignificant, so the eleven consists of a piece of plastic with the mouthpiece, a metal tube and a so-called vaporization unit, a kind of cotton with the liquid getränkt and so that everything can be heated, a complete technology is installed and a rechargeable battery or a battery according to most store operators, the eleven was a 550 milliamp hour rechargeable battery that cannot be disposed of in the house as garbage because I have read and heard about vaporizers that most people have a way of doing it themselves, so there are built in batteries that they can actually be loaded, but they are built in and thrown away after use.
I could use several hundred. times and at the end of the still it should normally be 95 percent full and you pick it up and charge it once and then throw it away which is totally incomprehensible why a battery can be charged when you throw it away you can't find anything on why that is , so if any of you have an idea please delete it I just imagine it would be logistically easier to install batteries because they can be better kept charged, better transported or cheaper to buy in certain circumstances a full battery is thrown away and that from several points of view, first of all, batteries and batteries contain so-called rare earths breve excursus for all of you who don't know what that is, rare earths are actually rare soft metals that can absorb an unusually large amount of electrons and are found in rare minerals different substances how exactly this works is not so important for our purposes now so it is important to know that these substances are required in many industries and also ensure their functionality in accumulators and batteries now you may have heard that one also the environment should not continue to buy new mobile phones for the sake of it because rare earths too they are handled in their batteries and rare earths are called that because their degradation is very difficult not necessarily because they are so rare but their series tend to be enormously complicated and extremely harmful to the environment we are talking about acid wash toxic waste toxic sludge broken areas and because they even release radioactivity during the extraction of rare earths, so they have a very high price and if they are installed then it would be important that they be recycled in any case, but that is also very complex and difficult, which is why they were approved by the European Union and classified as critical raw materials by the department energy development of the united states in a united nations agenda with the wonderful title transformation of our world the agenda 20.30 for states of sustainable development, among other things, that the current generation of waste in the world will be reduced through prevention ,recycling and reuse by 2030 needs to be reduced and of course that also goes for electronic scrap which even contains rare earths and now i just have to shout it out to the world in psycho andreas words or are you blind in both eyes or just plain stupid because what is currently with disposables.
In my opinion, what happened to the waves is a crime against the environment and against all subsequent generations, and I really wonder why nothing has been done about it yet. impact and you have to imagine these things are sold millions of times in this country millions of times a month how many 11 sold out somewhere a month 30 pieces at the moment a month public the office of investigative journalism together with telegraph and sky news that in the uk alone every second two of them are thrown away in a year that would be enough lithium to make 1200 electric car batteries in the uk alone now it would be nice if they were gone at least forever they would be recycled but you power think that not everyone does that for sure but most of the time it ends up in the household waste in the park bin or directly on the ground according to the british research less than 50 per cent of people dispose of these waves professionally that means that more than 50 percent of the applications are no longer recycled and the rare earths that are used in the battery cannot be used again and if I imagine that currently Before we have a 25 cent deposit on bottles but this way it wouldn't even be found let alone a ban we really came bio christians another very clear example for everyone who hasn't understood this up to this point imagine Apple releasing iPhones without a charging feature and you just have to buy a new one every week because you can't charge them that's metaphorically the principle of one way vips.
I could tell you a lot more problems with unidirectionals besides the environment. just to mention three very briefly, first of all the one way web is super appealing to teens and young adults and i want to get some varieties so horny that even i as a non chain smoker will have the urge to try the mouse. and of course there is the fear that in the next few years a huge wave of new young smokers will be created, all of which will put pressure on our community healthcare system 2 , many of these disposables produced at very low cost.
The nets, which might actually be older from China, contain nicotine salts and other substances that can trigger allergies and irritate mucous membranes and these substances are often not included in the premium quality after expiration, but if you have to install a full battery every time, then you have to save elsewhere so that you remain so cheap that you beat the reusable competition with their disposable products, some youtubers and loose tics speak meanwhile already openly lich of disgusting cough and heat that you it gives waves through a way that you don't have with classic steam devices but curiously, for example I have severe headaches with certain liquid with too much laundry I have also increased the mucus in the patio with some jokes from the finished league I have noticed salt nicotine or the mucous membranes in my nose swell and I sneeze with some nicotine salts disposable e-cigarettes have a very high proportion of aroma and they are more refreshing than commercially available liquid due to this overdose I can already see the reason for side effects such as sore throat, headache and nose irritation Thirdly there are many many many fakes in the market that can barely be distinguished from the originals of course they are made even cheaper than the originals and not serviced at all which means a battery like this can explode or burn in your mouth or whatever and you can through the inhaler.
Its substances for even more blatant damage to the respiratory tract are now legions of speculations, but there are cases like this too, so keep your hands off if you can't 100% verify that it's not original, but there are everywhere that these three dots and the other negative is that you can also get information from other places on the internet. Now, the question is what is the solution to the problem. Some might see the solution in the tobacco tax that went into effect last month on vaping. Yes, you heard it just before. since July only value added tax has been imposed on it, liquid has also been subject to tobacco tax, however, in my opinion, this measure is also a complete shot in the oven because we learned at the beginning of this video that vaping may offer a truly healthier alternative to smoking for many heavy smokers and worst case scenario this tobacco tax could even fuel the black market, i personally would be in your shoes n just tax smoking devices very low reusable


because you may realize that this may discourage people from smoking, but one way would be to ban it altogether.
It's also a total hassle to recycle these rare earths again, it would probably be the lesser evil, but someone has to deal with this crap and in the end I'd like to use a grinder again. Make Montana black. You have an incredible influence on your young part. target group just use this privilege and claire people also like me even bring multiple vips and explain this can be an alternative to chain smoking but really let the one way shit sooner or later totally do it too. blow your mind in terms of reputation Egen hasn't gotten to y'all yet what the exact dirty crap these products are but I'll tell you one way yourself it will be casino streams 2.0.
I have hereby brought it to the class. declared as officially ended fine but what you knew about this problem is exactly how you described it to me in the comments but be rational subscribe to this channel and then we'll see each other again next time.