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Was Passiert, Wenn Man Cola ins Blut einer Person Schüttet?

Aug 24, 2022

Was Passiert, Wenn Man Cola ins Blut einer Person Schüttet?

he's been here for almost an hour he's been thinking about what to drink coconut water or coke like original arnie arnold crucis earth on like a magnet that looks really bad you need to go to the hospital right away you won't make it to the hospital your heart might stop beating you need an emergency blood transfusion to keep the pressure in your circulatory system during the vietnam war coconut infusions were used to treat the wounded amazingly coconut water is very similar to human blood plasma so what do we have coke ok let's go but first we need to get rid of all the gas if the gas in the drink gets into your blood vessels it will literally rip it from the inside out coke contains sugar glucose this is a perfect source of quick energy and really makes you feel energized it seems to be working the coke has settled into your body but so has your appearance change a little your buddy even your hair is a different color but on the other hand you are a welcome guest at every children’s party then now the caffeine in the


flows through your veins you only have to sleep every three days now you have a lot more time than normal people even pro athletes drink coke for a quick dose of energy and you can always get more at the nearest supermarket no stop you kamikaze player even a single mentor can turn into a surface to air missile don't worry it won't spoil the whole day here coke even helps against mild depression but to be honest arnold coke in your blood is actually
was passiert wenn man cola ins blut einer person sch ttet
deadly my eyes kidneys nerves and heart dressing everything looks like chilling isn't an option what do you say let's try pepsi last time