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Wegen Cristiano Ronaldo: Nagelsmann bringt alle zum Lachen | FC Bayern

Aug 20, 2022

Wegen Cristiano Ronaldo: Nagelsmann bringt alle zum Lachen | FC Bayern

I think that you get ten percent of



's annual salary, which you can already have when making calls with the flat rate, there is always something left over, so believe that his work as a pineapple is no less, even if it is his job where he made the phone calls a lot. i saw the report for the first time it fell on the phone but also your work by the way also ten percent i think you will i think it's basically good that my consultant not only has them in the photos but also something to work with and i always think that these are the successes of Méndez he sees what players he has and how diligently he obviously works so I think that it is part of that that he tries it I come I will also have it at the club I would like to have it or I will yes I think they are also capable of paying no I think the Aprilia guy has problems and then he's not the youngest anymore, he speaks at least he has a lot of capital, it's just that it's an economic question, so I think we'd like to have many clubs, but now I don't know, 15 clubs bes of the bundesliga it will be a tight just with the annual salary so I don't think I say it so relaxed I do it for 500,000 a year I have no idea about the clarinet I know he is a very good player and he knows that he can also score many goals that if you tab him i think a lot depends on that too of course patrick sells himself but there are also some people standing everywhere holding the camera and like i said he certainly has a monetary claim to his new working paper
wegen cristiano ronaldo nagelsmann bringt alle zum lachen fc bayern