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🎙️ "Wegen größerer Effizienz gewonnen" | Pressekonferenz mit Nagelsmann | FC Bayern - FC Barc

Sep 15, 2022

🎙️ "Wegen größerer Effizienz gewonnen" | Pressekonferenz mit Nagelsmann | FC Bayern - FC Barc

yes good evening it's the Champions League night FC


wins 2-0 against FC


elona welcome to the late press conference with our head coach Julian


the colleague before was already there the Spaniards are already on the way home and we'll take each other Time for all questions please the first show of hands there is my Christel left for the kicker yes Julian yes maybe lucky us to win anyway to get started how is it going with Benji and in the end also with Luki yes I don’t know everything about both of them right now or not so much Bench was a bit dizzy because of the action they we changed there but no information yet and Luki feels that something has torn an adductor area but of course it's not yet we have to take a picture but that's the sequence of movements I don't know about the result in the cabin but I don't know 100% exactly what I can't say yet thanks e nice then the next request to speak please and take the microphone yes Christian Kunz for the dpa how do you compare the two halves how satisfied were you today with your central defense yes we didn't always have the newspaper open in the first half I think a bit too much found the right triggers, but actually had three or four Superball wins, I think the third minute with Jamal, where he didn't even realize how freer he actually is when he then appeared on the inside, but Basel had a bit better chances because we had a bit of a final Ball are already filtered 45 really good counterattack
wegen gr erer effizienz gewonnen pressekonferenz mit nagelsmann fc bayern   fc barc
situations, but we can still rely on Manu in the individual situation held two balls very well and then we watched a few scenes and now we were defending much better and much more aggressively more pace started because I was really very satisfied natürlic h made an important standard goal quickly added a second then with me self-confidence of course from a lower position but fits that is just very fanned out is not that easy to defend a lot of good footballers on the second think I used to be better I was probably a bit better in the first In the end we had the efficiency today that we might have lacked against Stuttgart or Gladbach and that's why we won in the end because of the greater efficiency straight to him yes that's all I say to him I don't say to him medially yes played a new position again today and you of course didn't play that much at Liverpool last year but the years before that is quite normal is the new signing of course still have to get into certain processes that are a bit different than at Liverpoo l I already said during the week that I still wish he would attract more certain things, maybe my ball or teammates are looking for a little less, but just trying to be a little more self-confident, but we are very happy that we have him and him will leave his mark on our game Marcel Sabitzer stayed in the dressing room at the break then came leon also had a good chance was the change also due to the fact that Sabi was related before or can you explain it,
wegen gr erer effizienz gewonnen pressekonferenz mit nagelsmann fc bayern   fc barc
well that was because of the yellow card not a performance reason, we just had he always had the big space for the two sixes because of the high approach where they had to run a lot and if you have a yellow card and you have to do one and tactically it's a bit dangerous against these agile midfielders so early in the game and that's why we reacted learning more did great had good ball wins gu te moments forward from that, the change was also good, I think the right decisions were made in the end if you get a yellow-red card then it will be a relatively long way to the triple point and I think that was the decision from there, even if it was it was a pity from Sabi but it was still important and right Christian art again we explain that the efficiency of the Champions League is better than the last ones in the Bundesliga there are moments when you make a chance and there are moments when you don't make it that is you can always explain in the individual situation why you didn't take the chance but that's tedious now if I explain the eighth chance against Gladbach why we didn't score there then you're still sitting here on Saturday 15 30 I can't okay then the kicker again yes if you are at unused chances the question must be asked how did you experience Lewis Rücker today did a good game fi I'm clear because I didn't score a goal because I'm basically happy about it for him personally but from our point of view still more just the first half so we saw that he was dangerous a
wegen gr erer effizienz gewonnen pressekonferenz mit nagelsmann fc bayern   fc barc
dead man have a good grip the two defended very well against yes me I saw him shortly after the game but I'm playing for the other club now and I have a lot of players and I have to take care of myself. I think I've answered 65 questions about life this week and we'll have to at some point ask again a shabi because he is no longer my player and probably not everything will be answered no more questions okay then thank you very much good home away until next time servus ciao