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Whoopi Goldberg Tries to Wrap The View 20 Minutes EARLY | Daily Pop | E! News

Sep 14, 2022

Whoopi Goldberg Tries to Wrap The View 20 Minutes EARLY | Daily Pop | E! News

next story feels appropriate for today let's go back to that



just made the last mistake and i feel like you see what happened at the hearing yesterday with 20


left on the show i'm drinking all my champagne next i mean what you all have been a great audience we love that you are watching we want you all to have a great day take some no no what would i say we have more show we are not done we have no shows ok whatever i love women this is literally like me when i drink it's like you got five seconds and i think we got 45 seconds like i still can't get the timing right when we have to rap it's impossible it's so hard it's so hard i don't think people realize how hard it is for you guys to present a live show for all of us five six years what about the last three weeks with you when none of us was here that was oh my god when is he coming back is a lot but you're like say anything just help me right now say anything turns out something is just something you can say turtle five times but give me something the random tangent you're like let's talk about it where are you it's not like you have a guest house it's like yes yes yes and then I say yes and then they say why are you tired I say because I had to complete their words but that's the beauty of what you two want to say you made it so easy for me to come here and just talk and it's like you guys do it every day for what you do what you do 360 yeah at least no breaks no real breaks that's who I am that's awesome and being able to talk and do it so well you've done it that's why we're celebrating youtube we had to level up because we heard you were coming for everyone's checks and you like to steal jobs so we left here we didn't want you to just cross the border and take these tracks easy ity so we need to step it up thanks for watching pop on e



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whoopi goldberg tries to wrap the view 20 minutes early daily pop e news